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August 31, 2005

The Center of the World: "Stern had arrived with what he thought was a surefire deal: free programming for China’s state-run television monopoly that would help the NBA gain a foothold in the world’s biggest market. In other countries, Stern was given the red-carpet treatment. But as the most powerful man in American sports strode into the marble lobby of China Central Television’s headquarters, nobody was there to greet him; indeed, nobody even knew who he was. Snubbed by one TV executive, Stern was made to wait for hours to meet a low-level apparatchik who lectured him on the importance of ennobling, rather than entertaining, the masses."

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Spurs win the Finley sweepstakes.:'s Marc Stein reports that Michael Finley has rejected offers by the Suns and Heat and chosen to move straight south down I-35 to San Antonio. I think I just died a little bit inside.

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Has Katrina ended the Saints season before it started?: There is a reason why they use the phrase, "home field advantage?" The Saints have already had to move practices, and possibly, they will have to play some or all of their home games at another facility. Add to that the fact that, the majority of their home town fan base has been displaced by the loss of their homes. Will these factors negatively effect the Saints on the field? Will this hurt the franchise? (lost revenue, etc.)

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Pass the plate for Peerless?: The Atlanta Falcons have decided they can do without wide receiver Peerless Price, a player the Falcons gave up a first-round pick for just two years ago. Price had the guts to ask if he was getting axed in order to try and latch on somewhere else, and head coach Jim Mora had the guts to tell him the truth.

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OLN Could Be Seeking To Add MLB And Pro Lacrosse: Wow , someone better have deep pockets to wrestle MLB away from ESPN. Getting the NHL was easy seeing how ESPN wasn't too interested . They better hope they don't overextend themselves too fast , this would be expensive.

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No big surprises : in the first day of the WNBA 2005 playoffs, as second-seeded Seattle defeated third-seeded Houston 75-67 to take the first game of their western conference semifinal, while the East's #2 Indiana turned it on late to defeat #3 New York 63-51. The two other semifinal matchups, between LA and Sacramento in the west and Connecticut and Detroit in the east, get underway tonight. TV schedule here.

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August 30, 2005

3 sets, 3 tiebreakers: and Roddick is out to the 22 year old Luxembourg native Gilles Muller who doesn't even warrant a profile pic on CBS's website.

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Pedro vs. Curt and who got their $ worth?: The RedSox though that paying Martinez over $50 Mill was too much, instead, they went on and set him free and paid Curt a good load, despite his ailment. Only this year, Pedro has earned his share well off, and if we compare what he has done for the Mets as Opposed to Curt for the Red Sox, the Mets got a real bargain. I love the Red Sox, but this one they really screwed up. Stats: In the long run, things may change, but it looks like for the worse.

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Who Do You Want to Draft When You Grow Up?: McSweeney's darling Neal Pollack takes on America's love of fantasy sports and voracious appetite for stats at a time when ESPN is working to merge fantasy and reality. [via]

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Saints skip town.: With Hurricane Katrina bearing down, players were given time to help their families evacuate on Sunday. Then, the New Orleans Saints took the last chartered flight out of town. From California, where they are borrowing the San Jose State Spartans' field, they watched their own stadium's roof sustain significant damage while some ten thousand people sought refuge inside. Three deaths have been reported from within the Louisiana Superdome, the last of which a probable suicide. It is unclear yet if the stadium will be ready for the home opener against the Giants on September 18. Let's hope the Saints and other sports teams will host fundraisers to help the area during its long road to recovery.

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Buehrlie think that Texas may be "stealing" signs: He says that the use of a scoreboard light may be responisble for the Rangers hitting better at home. I thiink that were are starting to hear excuses from a Team that may be starting to doubt themselves!

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Michael Owen signs up with Newcastle.: Following up on a past post, the deal was done for an undisclosed Newcastle "club record" fee that puts the deal at over GBP15m paid for Alan Shearer, Owen's new strike partner. The BBC suggests that Liverpool may hijack the deal at the eleventh hour and there are numerous contract "out-clauses" based on team performance that may release Owen from his four-year commitment. If Liverpool doesn't steal Owen (as they did taking Sissoko from Everton), it'll be strange and scary to see him line up against his home club.

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Assistant Nugget Coach has cancer: Doug Moe will have surgury next month to treat newly found prostate Cancer. George Karl had just been treated for the same thing. The prognosis for both is good. Wanted to post this to make people aware that many cancers are curable even though there are a bunch that are not. Prostate cancer is indeed one that if caught early enough, can be beat. Be aware of your bodies dont think that cancer "wont happen to me" " I am too young to get cancer". Sometimes beating cancer comes right down to attitude.

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August 29, 2005

Wells Suspended for six games: David wells made contact with two umpires, and was suspended, he says he did not do it. So he appealed it and LOST, now he is out for 6 games and has plenty to say about that!

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Performance fads.: A brief summary of some legal performance enhancing techniques. Porridge is in, titanium is out. So are nasal strips and those long compression socks. No reason then, to look stupid if you're a serious athlete seeking an edge.

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Martinez Wins AL player of the week.: He may fly under the radar, but martinez has regained his form from last season. This is a guy who was batting in the .210-.220 range before the all-star break, now he's got his average up to .295.....So its no wonder he has the highest batting average since the break of any player in the majors.

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Clarett will be released by Broncos: Does anyone else see Maurice Clarett turning into a Lawrence Phillips down the road?

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U.S.A. soccer fans (and anyone else who's interested) unite!: ESPN has deemed the WCQ game on Saturday, September 3, between the U.S. and Mexico unworthy of LIVE coverage. It's college football's opening weekend, which understandably knocks us off ESPN or ESPN2, but this game should at least be shown LIVE on The Classic...the winner earns guaranteed qualification to Germany '06.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eleven: At the halfway point of the season, everyone's still in contention. Even dano. Make your picks for the Labour Day weekend inside.

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You've got your grass, you've got your clay, : but the US Open is the title to win, according to Sports Illustrated's John Wertheim. Wertheim will maintain his Tennis Mailbag column throughout the Open, which starts today.

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August 28, 2005

Mahalo Bitches: Hawaii wins little league world series championship. Down 6-3 in the last inning, Hawaii ties it then goes deep in extras to beat the defending champs from Curacao. Andrew Jones weeps.

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No balls? 2 strikes.: In the notoriously homophobic world of sports, can Baseball Prospectus writer Chris Kahrl survive as a sportswriter now that he has come out about the sex change that made Chris a Christina??

Baseball geeks can be anything from a roofer to, well, a transsexual.

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Zanardi wins first race since losing legs: Alex has as bright an outlook on life now as he did before he lost his legs. Congrats Alex.

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New Harris Poll news: Already withdrawls? Do you think the panel of voters watch enough college football to even form an informed opinion?

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Seattle's Top Tier Secondary: Seattle has the best secondary in football. Sportsfilter member redsoxthrowdown tells you why.

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August 27, 2005

USGA changes rule to allow Wie and other amatuers to accept expense money: Do yo think the tournament sponsors and the PGA had any influence on the USGA? LOL. Very sad.

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McNabb and T O: The two of them hook up for a touchdown on their first play together, AGAIN. At least this year it was olny 64 yards not 81. Not too bad for two teammates who won't even share the same bench!!

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August 26, 2005

Is That an Intrusive Post-9/11 Security Measure or Are You Just Happy to See Me?: The St. Petersburg Times notes a change that greeted me at the first Jaguars home game this preseason in Jacksonville: Everyone attending an NFL game will now receive a complimentary pat-down.

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Dave Bliss get a second chance: The Dakota Wizards of the CBA has hired Bliss for their nw head coach. Its shaking things up amongst us laid back folk of the Mid-west.

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The NBA's CBA is up.: Here are some highlights:
The Karl Malone provision.
The Qyntel Woods rule.
The Manute Bol rule.
Oh, and no-trade clauses no longer exist. Players get "trade bonuses" now instead.

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Seattle's Top Tier Secondary: Seattle has the best secondary in football

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Legendary Latino Sluggers Left Out: Ted Williams and Reggie Jackson miss MLB's Latino Legends ballot. Half isn't enough?

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EPL FFL Update...: in about an hour...

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The Spofi NHL Pool is filling up quickly!: I knew I said was going to post this later, but -- if you want in on SpoFi's rotisserie pool, there are only a few spots left!

Thrilling details and a request for more input inside!

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August 25, 2005

here comes the phillies: The Phillies I believe will come in second in the wild-card to the Houston Astros. It will be extremely close. The Phillies lead the NL with the highest OBP. They have an extremely middle of the lineup with Abreu, Burrell, Utley, and now Ryan Howard. The poor man's Yankees(very poor comparatively) has an average starting rotation but like the Yankees a great bullpen with Wagner, Urbina, and Madson. I believe that if they get 5-6 innings out of their starters every game they could win the wild-card. Thats a big "if". What do you think will the Phillies make the playoffs?

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You're not wearing that shirt in this house! : Boston Red Sox are "strongly urging" fans to not display the infamous "Yankees Suck" t-shirt in the ballpark.

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The bloody sock, however, is not for sale. : Curt Schilling (aka the pitcher from Boston) auctioned off the subpoena he received to testify before Congress in March. The proceeds will be donated to charity.

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Will The Phoenix Suns Be Any Good?: Quentin Richardson and Joe Johnson were both traded in the offseason. With Quentin they lost his three-point ability, and with Johnson they lost a great defender and reserve off the bench. Even though they gained Kurt Thomas, an average defender at best because of his age, the Phoenix will not succeed because again San Antonio Spurs will once again stand in their way. What does everybody else think?

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Griffey is back! Should he be traded?: Interesting link that fuels the never ending Griffey to the White Sox stories. I personally tink theat JR will wind up in Pinstripes(yankees) before all is said and done. This will happen, in my opinion. during the off season not now.

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Harris Poll / Does anyone really care?: It is shaping up to be yet another season filled with much discussion about the college football rankings. I dont' understand why they use two polls. Does anyone really care or are you getting annoyed with the system like I am?

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Will the NHL succeed?: The NHL stopped its lock out a couple of months ago. Dany Heatley, a player involved in a car accident with a teammate that was killed, was traded to Ottawa for Martin Hossa. With characters like Dany Heatley and Todd Bertuzzi, will the NHL be able to succeed?

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Franco defying the aging process: Julio Franco says his goal is to play baseball until he is 50 years old, which seems ridiculous. But with the way he's going now, it's entirely possible. Happy 47th birthday, Julio!

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August 24, 2005

Milk it does a body...: good? Ok everyone...have fun with this one. I don't even know what to say.

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Will Tiger Woods Beat Snead's Record: Sam Snead has the most tour wins ever on the PGA tour. Most think that Tiger Woods is just aiming to break the majors record, which he many, but in fact he is also aiming to break Snead's seemingly unreachable record. Tiger Woods won at the WGC-NEC invitational bringing his career PGA wins to 45. I believe that soon the rest of the field will catch Tiger in driving distance as he begins to age, but knowing Tiger Woods one can never count him out. What do you guys think?

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Terms of Gates' new deal not disclosed: It seems to me they could have done the deal before they MADE him sign a $380,000 contract. Is San Diego that messed up or are they trying to fix the problem they created?

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Newcastle agree 15M+ GBP for Micheal Owen: Now they have to convince Mikey to make the move permanent. Does this put Newcastle back in the running for a Champions League spot? With Spurs, Citeh and Charlton already showing improvement over last season, the top half of the table could turn out to be very interesting.

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Robinson:Erase stats after failed drug tests!: Frank says you should erase all of Raffi's stats now that he faill the drug test! He thinks that this should be done to anybody that fails the tests.

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August 23, 2005

Bradley accuses Jeff Kent of Racism: Milton Bradley, a malcontent, again had a problem with a teammate. He said that Jeff Kent doesn't know how to deal with African American players. Bradley might just be spewing after Kent called him out after he failed to score from 1st on a double. I think that Milton Bradley should be dumped, he han't played up to his potential and he is a heinous teammate. What do you think?

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Huggins Given Ultimatum: Resign or be fired!

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Discrimination?: She was accused of sexual assault following a party at her Marina del Rey condo.

Less than a month later, a similar allegation would be leveled against Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant by a Colorado hotel worker. The athletes shared more in common than the specter of a criminal trial. They also worked for the same corporate family, an L.A. institution that would treat the two ballplayers—one famous and the other relatively obscure—very differently.

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Hossa for Heatley: Mr. Pay Me (+Dman) swapped for Dany Lead Foot. I never woulda thunk it.

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Florida State threatened to sue over postseason ban: Amazing what a lawsuit can do to change some peoples mind.

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Dwight Gooden is wanted by the police!: Here we go again with another ex-athlete in trouble!

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Premiership FFL Update: Update coming...trying to get a table that looks better...

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Lance Armstrong Denies Report that he took EPO: A French newspaper says Lance Armstrong used performance enhancing drugs to help win his 1st tour in 1999. He says its just another witch hunt. What do you guys think, you believe him or not?

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School Teams: Not sure exactly where this writer is going with this but it appears to me they are highlighting something that is pretty cut and dry. Your kid sucks, he's cut....

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God Cheated in the 1986 World Cup: On his television show, Diego Maradona proudly defended scoring the infamous "Hand of God" goal with his fist, claiming it as payback for the Falklands War. In the quarterfinal match, Argentina defeated England 2-1, going on to win the World Cup. For years Maradona credited God with the handball.

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August 22, 2005

Baros to Villa for GBP6.5m.: Does this open the door for favorite son Michael Owen to return from Real Madrid? Would it be a good move for the club? (Given that we've scored only 1 goal -- via midfielder Alonso -- against 10-man teams in the last two EPL matches after using all the strikers ... yes.) Or will Norberto Solano make the reverse trip from Villa to fill the gap on Liverpool's right-wing? (Maybe.) btw, Baros was really keen to make this move in order to avoid going to Lyon and joining up with former Liverpool boss Houllier. Ha.

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The Mother's Day Massacre: An excerpt from a new book about Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King describes the battle before the battle--Riggs' defeat of world #1 Margaret Court Smith--which led King to finally accept Riggs' challenge. A fascinating snapshot of a moment in sports history, and of the forgotten star who still holds the record for Grand Slam singles titles, male or female. (NYTimes registration may be required.)

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Paul Shirley is back!: Previously mentioned here, Paul Shirley was the 12th man for my boys, the Suns, for most of last season. he's since been released, but he checked in with Sports Guy and answers some more fan mail.

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Back in November of last year, St. Louis alt-weekly The Riverfront Times published an article about Prince Joe Henry, a Negro-League veteran who was seeking his pension (which I posted to SpoFi here). Now, they've added Prince Joe to their staff, giving him his own weekly column entitled "Ask a Negro-Leaguer" where you can e-mail your own questions to him. Here are weeks 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Ten: Not much downtime this week, as Toronto's game has been moved up to Wednesday to make way for the Changing of the FieldTurf, so get your picks in soon(ish). Also, debate on the handling of the spread point inside.

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Former NFL Star Wanted By Police: Lawrence Phillips wanted by the police for attempted murder , what a surprise . I just wonder with his long history of crime (he started in college) why he isn't already in prison .

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August 21, 2005

WNBA Pick'em, anyone? : Regular season's winding down; anyone want to try something kind of like what NoMich did for the NFL playoffs? I have a few ideas, not sure if I can run the whole thing though (got vacation coming up).

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How long is nine years: "An awfully long time. But I've been striving, praying and hoping I'd get the major league opportunity again. I never put my head down. I held true to my dream. I wanted to go up. If I couldn't, I was going to be the best man I could be at Triple-A."

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49ers Lineman Dies After Game: Thomas Herrion, 23, an offensive lineman for the San Francisco 49ers, collapsed and died after last night's preseason game in Denver against the Broncos. The 310-pound lineman played the 14-play, 91-yard drive that ended the game. Herrion was a standout in NFL Europe struggling to make an NFL roster who was nicknamed "Thunder" for his loud mouth on the field.

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The Real NHL ....fantasy hockey league : Anyone wanna join my unique fantasy hockey league go to yahoo fantasy hockey ... the ID# is 8815 and the Password is icing. Enter a real NHL hockey team name and i will draft your team for you . We use just the players who play on the team you choose .

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California kid strikes out 18: If only the Rangers had him in the rotation.

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Tiger's Big Gamble: Tiger took a chance; but how big a gamble was it, exactly? Sportsfilter's own Amateur breaks it down.

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August 20, 2005

Cricket almost derails a wedding.: A good read about suddenly and inexplicably falling in love with the game. Even the video of Harold Reynolds breaking down the differences between cricket and baseball swings is entertaining. What's up with the Ashes again?

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The Hockey Fight Site.: Pics, Vids, Stats, etc. (via telescreen)

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August 19, 2005

Stiking Out With My Son: Here'a a great article written by Frank Gannon about a father who wants to turn his son on to the Great National Past Time. Nothing sensational here, just a nice "feel good" story about baseball. Note: some of us younger people read old folks magazines too.

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The LA Kings newly signed goaltending prospect: could become the first Japanese player to play in the NHL... but his presence in the Yahoo most emailed photos queue must have less to do with his talent and a little more to do with the name on his jersey - Fukufuji.

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Tiger's Big Gamble: Tiger took a chance; but how big a gamble was it, exactly?

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Twins to have a weekend celebration of the 1965 World Series Team: It will be a bittersweet 40th Reunion as some of the more popular member of the team have passed. Earl Battey and Bobby Allison are among those who will be missed. It was a great series agfainst the Dodgers. One that went 7 games. If today's media coverage were around back then, this series would have gone down as one of the all time best. Allison's game saving catch and Koufax pithcing game 7 on 2 days rest, are just two of the highlights.

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Chargers threaten to suspend Gates if holdout continues: How far can management go when it comes to holdouts?

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Yahoo's taking sign-ups for hockey leagues.: Anybody want to volunteer to be the commish? Please, oh, please, oh please?

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Reds show true color...: We seem to have so many negative things to discuss. Here is another positive story of athletes, people really, showing up and helping out in a time of need.

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August 18, 2005

League, union haven't talked about issue recently: If Bud is so excited by the idea that baseball can solve the steroid problem, the question is, "Why don't they?"

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The Unofficial NFL All-Criminal Team : Here's a list of the NFL's all-time top criminals . See if your favorites made the cut .

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Football fans are idiots : Football is pricier, more uncompetitive and less atmospheric than ever. So why do supporters still lap it up, asks a bemused Sean Ingle

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MOSS Admits to smoking weed.: This really is not news.Who didnt know that Moss takes bong rips.

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ESPN reports NHL to be broadcast on Comcast/OLN: Any chance of ESPN running a FHL this season? To be honest, I didn't think ESPN would even pick up the story.

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Host of new rules for the 2005 NFL Season: It continues to amaze me how part time NFL officials can remember all the complicated rules which frequently change and be expected to accurately spot and call violations in blazing real time action.

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Sam says that the T-wolves will miss him!: Cassel says that he is going to have a monster year and the T-wolves will be "at the bottom". Says that he was the reason why the T-wolves made the huge play-off run and why KG was the MVP. Surely no lack of ego in this man. So were Cassel and Spree scapegoats for a season gone bad?

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A league of Snoop's own: Snoop Dog has started a youth football league that competes with the league that he was involved with in the past [reg. required].

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August 17, 2005

How about those not quite as lovable, not quite as legendary, longtime losers - the White Sox?: "The team's futility has no romance, glamour, or meaning. And when they lose, they still can't win—the White Sox aren't even the losingest losers in the Second City."

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They were made an offer they couldn't refuse: The NCAA purchased the rights to the preseason and postseason NIT, effectively ending the litigation between the two organizations. Seems like everyone got what they wanted.

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Too Much Time - Too Much Beer -: just wondering if I would get the same press for the same crime?

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What's that you say?: You want even more fantasy pigskin? Well the, why not join my beta phpffl league? Come have fun while sticking it the (ESPN|Yahoo|Sportsline) man.

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The Quarterback Has Strong Hands and a Quick Release: In the new issue of GQ Magazine, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady confesses that he surfs the Internet for porn and poses with a goat. "It just sounds worse when you explain it so I won't explain it," he's quoted as saying. "It is what it is.''

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A peak at baseball scouting in the information age.: Barry Zito might want to know that of 1277 pitches thrown to Derek Lee (pdf) 61% of the pitches he takes for strikes are curveballs, but he's very strong (batting 0.523) given fastballs early in the count and batting only 0.133 on pitches high and inside. On the other hand, Derek Bell might want to know that Barry Zito (pdf) throws a fastball 68% of the time when he is behind in the count and misses the strike zone with 44% of his curve balls. You know, should the Cubs play the Athletics at some point.

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Hernandez Balks at Fan's Asking Price for Glove: A brief little reminder that greed extends beyond athletes. Enjoy your glove, moron!

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2 UCONN Basketball Players Arrested For Theft : Nice way to get your college career started . Getting caught stealing laptop computers . I'll bet they will be back in time for the basketball season to begin though . I'd think the Universities would want to players with better character instead of bringing in punks and thugs . They must know sooner or later something bad would happen .

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August 16, 2005

First Mascot Hall of Fame inductees: I'm not sure if this a good thing or just silly but it is better than what is going on with the NCAA.

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"I'm a firm believer in second chances..." : Todd Bertuzzi is ready to move on.

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Pill to monitor body temp in NFL tests.: "The Vikings, Jacksonville Jaguars and Philadelphia Eagles are using the device to gauge the effect of suffocating heat on huge athletes going through intense August workouts in pads and a helmet." In other news (also from Wired), nanotubes may someday help fix broken or brittle bones. Nice ways for elite sports teams to protect their investments, and hopefully accessible to the rest of us as a result. More tech for superhuman efforts.

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August 15, 2005

Home from the War with One Goal in Mind: When Army Cpl. Bobby Rosendahl was hit by an IED in Iraq, the 24-year-old suffered devastating injuries that required the amputation of his left leg. "He's not willing to give up his right leg," said his mother Sema Olson. "He's hoping to save it. All he wants to do is golf again."

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"Bring out your dead!": The NBA's Amnesty waiver deadline is midnight tonight. Interestingly the "Allan Houston rule" was not used on Allan Houston.

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You can learn a lot about a man by the way he handles a basketball.:

The court is a stage of never-ending surprise, a space that defies expectations and is always testing our perceptions. Players invariably get sized up physically -- too short, too fat, too gray, too white to be any good. Wrong. You can go to the court and see someone who's built like Hercules, only to discover that, basketball-speaking, he's a bum. We all scout one another while warming up, examining sneakers, shorts, how one dribbles, the release and arc of one's shot. And yet the clues never tell us what we need to know -- only the game does that.
Also, a nice online chat with the author.

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This kid is like the [example of really young guy that is good at stuff] of football media types.: The kid? 19-year-old Boise resident and recent high school graduate Andy Benoit. He may not not be a football player and has never attended an NFL game but he has put out the lauded Touchdown 2005 : Everything You Need to Know About the NFL This Year... and that's his NINTH volume in the series.

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Hand it to the Mean Green: USA Today is running a cover story on Patrick Cobbs and Jamario Thomas of the University of North Texas Mean Green, the NCAA-leading rushers in 2003 and 2004. They'll become the first season leaders to ever share the same backfield when my alma mater loses by several touchdowns to LSU on Sept. 3.

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Eagles inform Owens in writing of behavior issues: The Eagles are playing hard ball with T.O.

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Tyson fined , being investigated: The fine may not be as interesting as the nugget found in the last paragraph .

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Australia hang on for the draw,: keeping the Ashes level at one match apiece with two still to be played. Heroes were captain Ricky Ponting (consuming almost half of the day's balls in a 150+ stand) and last pairing Lee/McGrath, who survived the final 3½ overs 9-down.

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The Road from Bristol: A March Madness style bracket to determine which ESPN broadcasting personality is the most totally loathsome. Voting for the Egregious Eight takes place this week.

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Mickelson birdies last for PGA Championship: If only I'd been comfy watching on my couch for this. How'd they let this roll over into Monday?

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Just when you thought it was safe to homogenize sports mascots: This article from four and a half years ago pops up. Conservative Indian David Yeagley chimes in with "The 'communist' NCAA committee rules against the Indian warrior. No images of strength allowed." Be sure to read the first link first in order to have a reference for the second.

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High completion percentages key to modern QB: Jim Plunkett won a Heisman in 1970. But in today's game, he'd likely warm a bench.

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August 14, 2005

To be like Dean.: Funny article by a local writer whose daughter goes to school with the daughter of Dean Karnazes, ultramarathoner. I'm wondering if I can snag an interview with Mr. Karnazes.

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Unknown fan, pays outstanding gas bill, saves Rodman's Butt: You think he would grow up after he retired

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Stewart wins for fifth time in last seven races: Tony is on a serious roll right now.

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Head of Marlin racing clan dies at 73: One of the greats.

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August 13, 2005

Chelsea v Wigan: The numbers have it.: This BBC article has a match preview that includes a comparison of transfer fees for two teams that will be meeting in just a few hours: Chelsea (EPL defending champions who won by a mile last season) and Wigan (EPL new boys, who took only 26 years to go from bottom league to their first-ever top level match). I may turn into a Wigan fan, especially if they win tomorrow. Chelsea first team's transfer fees: GBP133.7m. Wigan's: GBP9.2m. Wigan win tomorrow: Priceless.

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EPL 2005-06 begins. How'd everyone do today?: I know we have tomorrow's matches to play, but thought I'd get the jibbajabba going.

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Rush Limbaugh: Group Therapist.: Rush has offered to mediate a peace accord between Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Nine: Early Vacation Edition: I'm out of town (with no 'net access) for a week, so I'm going to post the nearly-complete results now, as well as the previews for next week. Make your picks as usual, and I'll get caught up next Sunday.

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Hall of Famer denies holding racist views on players: Hall of Famer Bob Feller said "I'm anything but a racist," in an interview with the Des Moines Register . Lets see what you think ..."A lot of these players coming from the Caribbean, they don't even know the rules." 'Well, they don't know the ground rules and they don't know some of the fundamentals, but they're learning them.' I've been hearing this guy all my life sounding off like he was THE best pitcher ever and everyone else is subservient to him. Great yes , best ever ? Debatable but unlikely .

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OJ unplugged by 18 year old.: Here’s an interesting print and video interview of OJ. What’s interesting about it is not OJ’s answers so much as it is the interviewer, Graham Bensinger who is host of "The Graham Bensinger Show" on 1380 ESPN in St. Louis and Sportsradio 620. He’s only 18 years old! Hell, he’s not even old enough to drink!

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August 12, 2005

RIP, Double Duty Radcliffe. : The oldest living professional baseball player, Negro League veteran Ted Radcliffe died yesterday at the age of 103. Radcliffe earned his nickname in a doubleheader in the 1932 Negro League World Series, in which he caught the first game and pitched a shutout in the second game. Following the victory, Damon Runyan said of Radcliffe, "Double Duty was worth the price of two admissions."

A great one has passed.

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Tree Limb Falls at Baltusrol: Shortly after Tiger Woods played the hole, a giant tree limb fell on several people near the tee box on Baltusrol's fourth hole during the second round of the PGA Championship, injuring a spectator and a member of the TNT Sports crew.

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: NHL free agent frenzy -- week in review:

Thibault goes to the Penguins, Lindros' million-dollar talent and plate-glass head comes home, and things are starting to solidify a little bit.

Skimming the Eastern and Western Conference roster lists, Calgary looks to have done a fine job setting themselves up, and Philly looks pretty much set (though I'd be concerned about Esche in the net, everything else looks promising for them). Am I missing something?

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Did Air Cause a Fire?: Investigators in Santa Barbara, Calif., would like to talk to Michael Jordan about a 40-acre brush fire near the Rancho San Marcos golf course Saturday. They suspect that one of the people golfing with Jordan, a cigar aficionado, might have accidentally started it.

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Schools consider appeals to NCAA: Even PETA is involved. This is turning out to be a huge mess.

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Outfielders Collide Diving for Catch: Mets outfielders Carlos Beltran and Mike Cameron collided face-to-face while diving for a ball last night, breaking Cameron's nose and fracturing his cheekbones. MLB.Com offers the cringe-inducing video on the game page, which left Cameron motionless for minutes and other players visible in anguish.

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August 11, 2005

Owens needs an audience for his show: I listened to T.O. over and over last night. T.O. is innocent and everyone else is at fault. At least that is what he says. He's worse than a spoiled child. After the tantrum T.O. has put on so far, no NFL team with any sense would take him. Who in their right mind would chance taking T.O.? The Eagles can't keep him and they won't be able to trade him either.

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D'oh!: Two out, bottom of the ninth and Angels closer K-Rod (maybe now that is E-Rod?) flubs the catch on a throw back from his catcher... allowing the Athletics to score the winning run and gain sole possession of top spot in the AL West for the first time this season.

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The Commish hath Spoken.: Commissioner David Stern is siding with Billy Knight and the Hawks majority owners against their NBA governor, Steve Belkin.

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He Hate Them: Randy Hill lists his 10 most despised NFL franchises.

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Canseco Says The Sequel Is Coming: Just in case you havn't had enough steroid talk or having MLB's image tarnished , Jose has a second helping coming up . With promises that " it will be more revealing and informative than the original. "

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A venerable baseball tradition continues: No, it's not the All-Star game, nor the pennant races, nor the annual raising of the beer prices. It's the ol' hidden ball trick, executed successfully twice in two seasons now by Mike Lowell.

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There's Bias in Most Sports Reporting: Michael Lev, OC Register Sports Analyst, says that FSN did the right thing in reassigning Carolyn Hughes who allegedly had a personal relationship with Dodger pitcher Derek Lowe because it could have tainted her objectivity as a reporter. Give me a break! So called "sports news" is full of opinions and bias. That may not be totally repugnant, but let’s be honest about it.

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Tempered Bid: Jack Morris says he is working to gain votes to the Hall of Fame but wouldn't seek induction if a steroid user is elected. "They're all cheaters in my opinion," Morris said. (reg. reqd:, pw:

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August 10, 2005

First the Olympics, then the NFL. : At least that's the hope for multitalented Jeremy Bloom, a moguls skier on the US Ski Team and 2002 Olympian. Last season's World Cup winner, Bloom gained wider fame (or notoriety) when the NCAA refused to allow him to play football for CU while he was accepting endorsement money related to his skiing. Bloom opted to give up his career with the Buffs, where he was a special-teams standout as a kick returner -- but he hasn't given up football forever. If the NCAA won't let him play, he figures he can always try the NFL.

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Dan Rosenbaum is an economics professor at UNC-Greensboro. He's also (apparently) a big basketball fan (according to his C.V., he was a consultant to the NBAPA in 2003). His new(ish) blog takes a hard statistical look at the NBA, and if his post on how the new NBA collective bargaining agreement and new luxury tax rules will affect the free agent market is any indication, it's going to be worth reading.

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Owens leaves after verbal spat with Reid: BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens exchanged words with head coach Andy Reid at a team meeting Wednesday and was asked to leave, according to news reports. Owens then got his belongings and cleared out of Eagles training camp at Lehigh University, according to two television reports. He was expected to return to his home in New Jersey, ESPN's Sal Paolantonio reports. Earlier Wednesday, he had missed practice for the fifth time in six days because of a left groin injury. Owens worked out with the team's assistant trainer for about 20 minutes on a separate playing field from his teammates, catching balls from a machine and doing some light running. He did not speak to reporters or acknowledge the fans who chanted his name. The All-Pro receiver sat out practices last Friday and Saturday. He returned Sunday for both the morning and afternoon sessions, but hasn't practiced since. Owens is unhappy the Eagles have refused to redo his contract as he enters the second season of a seven-year, $48.97 million deal. Last season, Owens had 77 receptions for 1,200 yards and a franchise-record 14 touchdowns receptions before severely injuring his ankle late in the season. He missed the final two regular-season games and the first two playoff games before returning for the Super Bowl, in which he had nine receptions for 122 yards. When asked about Owens leaving camp, his agent Drew Rosenhaus said it was a matter between Owens and Reid. Rosenhaus declined to talk about it further.

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Woods Lacking Aura of Invincibility : After winning 2 of 3 majors this year, Tour players still say that Tiger isn't the Tiger of 2000. Agree?

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Our cheerleaders are younger: The inaugural season of SpoFi college fantasy (American) football !!!NEEDS THREE MORE TEAMS!!! in order to meet the league minimum of 8. Also, only two spots left in the old-school NFL game.

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Yard Work,: a baseball blog by famous people, has entries by everybody from Condi Rice to Michael Moore. [via MSN's Sports Blog]

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Ripken admits to "shock" about Palmeiro: Cal admits to cheating at cards when he was young! Interesting article.

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Ah, Yankees fans...: they're so cute when they're this age.

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Scott Podsednik is No Gary Sheffield: Sure they may both play the outfield for good teams and come up in MVP discussions, but Scott has no idea how to take a punch.

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Krueger is fired: Bye-bye to Giants announcer.

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August 09, 2005

From Start to Finish: , you need to hurdle, play soccer, swim, dribble a basketball, and keep your motorcycle going as fast as possible. Crap gameplay, but beautiful graphics. Some sort of prize is available, but only to those of you who live in the UK.

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REJECTED: Nets president Rod Thorn pulls the rug (and 6 year sign & trade deal) out from under Shareef Abdur-Rahim. This on the heels of the Hawks ownership trying to oust managing partner Steve Belkin over the logistics of the Joe Johnson trade.

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AJ Foyt Survives Bee Attack.: He'd have been stung fewer times, but he slowed down on the backstretch.

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Kenny Rogers is free to pitch again.: An Arbitrator today ruled that Bud Selig over steped his authority. I am sure ESPN will have fun with this one!

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All war planning, all the time: "while Homeland Security is important, it really can't compete with America's fourth most popular spectator sport."

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Ricky Williams: 'I Never Really Was Away: OK , Red flag here NFL hierarchy ..... ``It doesn't seem like I was gone, not even a week,'' the former NFL rushing king said. ``Everywhere I go, I hear 'Welcome back.' But everywhere I have been, I have always been with myself. I'm with myself now more than ever. ``It's funny people say 'Welcome back' when I haven't gone anywhere.'' Ricky ,you were gone . Check the record books , ask your teammates you stabbed in the back if you were gone . Sounds like Ricky needs a drug test already .

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Extreme weather bother Hurricanes: Interesting about the Miami Hurricanes practicing in the extreme heat of south Florida. Its amazing the things that they do to "beat the heat"

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Cheering on the SuperJews: Wonder what it would be like if a sports team used a Jewish mascot? For years, fans of Ajax Amsterdam, Holland's most popular football team, have called themselves super-Joden (super Jews), wearing Star of David tattoos and flying Israeli flags at matches, but not because of their religion -- the team's home pitch is near Amsterdam's Jewish neighborhood. Says one Holocaust survivor: "When other teams' supporters chant 'Hamas, Hamas, the Jews to the gas', the Ajax fans are not hurt, because they're not real Jews. But my family was murdered in the gas chambers, so I am very insulted.'"

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Move over fishes and bulls, : there's a new sport in town. The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that cable TV giant Comcast has made a two-year bid in excess of $100 million for the cable rights to NHL games. They would air two games a week on their Outdoor Life Network, which is also available in Canadaland. After the contract is finalized, the NHL will have to forward it to ESPN so they can match it or let it go. If ESPN doesn't match it, will they get compensatory draft picks? (link login: / d0ntbugme)

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A message from God: to athletes, footballers, golfers tennis players and anyone else that ever thanked Him in a victory speech.

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Gene Mauch,: journeyman big-league manager for 26 years, died Monday at 79. Few suffered through more on-field misery for so long than Mauch, who is best known for presiding over the Donnie Moore game in '86. He also had the honor of managing the expansion Expos for seven years. But in spite of the awful teams he skippered, Mauch cobbled together a respectable 1,902-2,037 record and is lauded by two generations of players as one of the game's preeminent strategists and teachers.

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August 08, 2005

Sports Betting Show: Finally, a decent sports betting show. Helpful and entertaining. These guys are batting a ridiculously high .700

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The beginning of the end, my friends: Like a lot of Americans, I grew up with ABC's Monday Night Football as a part of my life during the NFL season. Tonight, the Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio, will be the first telecast of MNF's last season.

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Who am I?: "I am the starting first baseman on a first-place team. I am super slow with limited defensive abilities. I have hit four home runs this season, none away from my home park."

Determining how much a slow first baseman with a so-so glove and a .288 slugging percentage hurts your team is a calculation that pushes the envelope of sabermetrics.

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Bertuzzi's back: after he forfeited a total of $501,926.39 in salary as a result of his suspension.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Eight: Four pretty even match-ups had a lot of us hoping for upsets. Instead, we got blowouts. Details and next week's pickings inside.

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Coyotes Appear Set To Name Gretzky New Coach: As someone who's always liked Wayne Gretzky, why do I just get the feeling this will end up bad?

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August 07, 2005

Millions of people saw Justin Gatlin claim the title of 'world's fastest man' in the blue riband 100m at this week's world athletics championships in Helsinki. Americans also claimed gold in the men's shot put. What, you didn't know? You must be American, where coverage is primarily online via PPV streams, with a grand total of eight tape-delayed hours on PAX TV. It's one of the summer's highlights. But hey, what about those X Games and poker players on ESPN?

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Athletic Justice: - Off the Wall Punishments for Off the Field Infractions. Shawn Peters "Throw(s) on my black gown and George Washington wig and banging my gavel (in the non-sexual way) to call my own court into session where figures from the sports world will receive the penance they deserve for their out of bounds behavior."

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England win by 2 runs!: In a tense and nail-biting 4th day, England bowl out the Aussies and win by 2 runs to level the ashes at 1-1.

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The 10 greatest sports muggings.: What do the 1999 Champion's League Final, 1972 Olympic men's basketball final and the finish of the 1987 Masters have in common?

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August 06, 2005

SF Giants Win First Home Series Since May : Did Larry Krueger light a fire under those brain-dead carrib.... oops . No wonder he sounded so pissed in that statement .

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Steroid apologies/mea culpas don't all have to be as pointless and meandering as Palmeiro's. In fact, there's an easy way to spice them up...Raffy-Libs!

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EPL 2005-06 preview.: The new season starts next week! Soccernet previews each team's chances. Who can mount a credible challenge to Chelsea? Are Man U good enough for third? Will West Brom survive a second season in the top flight? Will any of the new boys emulate West Brom's feat last season? Soccernet's prediction: Top 3 will be Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool (I'd reverse that ;-) and Bottom 3 will be Fulham, Sunderland, Wigan.

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Terry Bowden's NCAA top 16 predictions: And four of them are from the BIG TEN.

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August 05, 2005

Where's Uncle Ben when you need him?: San Francisco Giants broadcaster complains about "brain-dead Caribbean hitters." Coming on the heels of the Forty Niners' recent public relations nightmare, one has to ask, what ever happened to the spirit of Haight-Asbury? Can't we all just love each other and stuff?

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Eagles Pinkston Out For The Year: Heres your break TO .... hold out now and you will have the Eagles held hostage .

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Mike Tyson entering the ring of Pron: "If Tyson brings out some of the ferocity that made him a champion, he could definitely become a successful porn star"

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What happens when NBA GMs play fantasy basketball?: You get a convoluted 5 team 13 player trade like this one.

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Jim Kelly's son passes on.: The end to a very touching journey.

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TO is hurt already: Without his new contract. Wonder what the Eagles will do now

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Sometimes, baseball players get headlines for doing good things.:
Griffey has always seemed like a class act to me, even when he was squabbling with the Mariners at the end of his career there.

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NCAA bans Indian mascots for postseason : but will not prohibit their use otherwise.

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Gary Sheffield is a cranky man: "The 17-year veteran blasts the media for hyping team captain Jeter and third baseman Alex Rodriguez over every other player on the team - and says the Yankees lack family values, chemistry and trust. "Why shouldn't I tell the truth?" Sheffield told writer Stephen Rodrick. "I ain't trying to get no Pepsi commercial."

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What's My Name, Fool?: Edge of Sports columnist Dave Zirin looks at sports and politics in an excerpt from his new book, and in some interviews. [more inside]

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August 04, 2005

And finally, a story about an offensive lineman: Geir Gudmundsen, the 6-5, 310-pound artist, NCAA Division I-AA All-American and sometime security guard, is trying to make his brash prediction of two years ago to Giants coach Jim McNally come true -- "Someday I'll be playing for you."

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Maradona the beacon in a noxious build-up : I don't think I've ever looked forward to the beginning of an English football season with less enthusiasm. For some of the reasons outlined in this article and the fact that my team are moving to a new stadium without any parking (!) I for one won't be counting down the seconds to the start of the new English football season. I'm going to the Ashes tomorrow, perhaps that will cheer me up!

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August 03, 2005

Baseball has another Lowe-down cheater: Dodger's pitcher Derek Lowe abandons wife and kids for local TV reporter.

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Who's Your Daddy ? : Andre The Giant ? Or did Wilt Chamberlain make a stop to Poland .

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College Fantasy Football: Sportsline hasn't launched it yet & there's not much information but is anyone interested?

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Blues boss Bruce ends Butt nightmare: Not really a good FPP, but man...that headline is a winner!

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Gonchar goes to the Pens: Oilers acquire Pronger. Amonte to the Flames. Foote in Columbus. After a slow start, the free agent market heats up for, seemingly, everyone but the Leafs. As usual, there are many (improbable) rumours but little truth - Naslund is staying put.

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Palmeiro took powerful steroid: Accidental my ass . That sound you hear is a HOF career being flushed down the toilet .

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Shaq signs with the Heat for the next five years.: The deal is reported to be worth 100 mi.. Shaq is on vacation in Rome! The heat will send doctors to him for the physical. I wonder if the contract contains anyting about who is going to be the coach!? lol

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Eco friendly surfboards are here.: Why am I not surprised that hemp is involved in their manufacture? A good idea, although surfboard debris is less a problem than other forms of beach pollution. Any other surfers out there?

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August 02, 2005

11 holes in one in first round?: I can't even do that on the putt putt.

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Oh, yeah, and he TOTALLY looks like he's roiding: Seattle pitcher Ryan Franklin becomes the latest suspended under MLB's steroid program. Of course, there's only one question to ask -- does this ruin his chances of getting into the Hall of Fame?

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Fantasy Football 2005: Draft is Wednesday, September 6 at 6PM Pacific / 9PM Eastern. Details inside.

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CFL Pick 'Em, Week Seven: Toronto goes 2-0 and moons the rest of the division. There's not much time in between Weeks Six and Seven, so make your picks before this week kicks off on Thursday night.

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Ashley Giles isn't happy: - the "King of Spain" threw his rattle out of the pram in this column in the Guardian - "But on the back of a successful year, one game changes everything. If that's how it is, then it's obvious that I'm struggling to get people on my side. I feel like I am pissing against the wind." - as if a 1-0 lead going into the second test on Thrusday wasn't enough, Giles has set himself up to be taunted endlessly by the Australians for the rest of the series.

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The NIT and NCAA face off in court on Monday.: "In U.S. District Court in New York, the National Invitation Tournament is challenging the NCAA's requirement that teams attend its championships if invited. The NIT, a once-prominent postseason basketball tournament but now greatly overshadowed by the concurrent NCAA event, contends teams should have the choice to play in any tournament. That could open the postseason to entrepreneurs or prompt the top schools to organize themselves, as in football. Even a less extreme outcome could devalue the NCAA's cash cow, a tournament that accounts for at least 90 percent of its revenue. Should the NCAA be found to have intentionally harmed the NIT through an illegal monopoly, there's also the possibility of a large financial judgment, which is tripled in antitrust cases." An excellent summary by the Indy Star's Mark Alesia (via sports law blog)

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Bonds Done For the Rest of 2005: Barry calls it done for 2005 on the advise of his doctors.

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Toss Out All The Hall Of Shamers: Just a thought here , can you really punish someone ala McGwire for using steroids when there was no rules against using them at the time they played ? Didn't the rule just get established this season banning steroids ? Now if they knowingly used them while the rules were in force then by all means punish them . What if down the line they make new rules banning something else , do you remove some players previously elected ? Just a thought .

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August 01, 2005

Respect the Game: Ryne Sandburgs H.O.F. induction speech. Brings out the kid in all of us and a well needed reminder to our current player's. A truly gracious player, who remembers what is all about.

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No Pono?: Alexei Ponikarovsky, a RFA, who played extremely well along side Nik Antropov, has not been tendered a qualifying offer by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Jeff O'Neill got his wish to become blue and white foilage. With Roberts and Nieuwendyk becoming relatives of the puma, AlMo's hip-induced retirement, Ronnie Francis not capable of skating faster then 10 km/h, and Tie Domi wishing to become the royal guard of the house of Lemieux, the Leafs are a little thin up front. I'm hoping this is a 'you're too expensive, so let's sign you for cheaper' move.

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Palmiero busted?: USA Today and WFAN in New York are reporting that Rafael Palmeiro has been suspended for a drug policy violation. USA Today also reports that it was immediately appealed. just made an announcement of their own. Wow.

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Jim Bunning wants changes to the Veterans Committee:: he seems to think that they need to elect someone every year, whether they feel there are worthy candidates available or not.

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