August 17, 2005

Too Much Time - Too Much Beer -: just wondering if I would get the same press for the same crime?

posted by skydivemom to football at 06:08 PM - 21 comments

It's the kickers you have to worry about. I mean, just look at him. You can tell he's trouble.

posted by justgary at 06:14 PM on August 17

As the guy filling in for Wilbon on PTI said tonight "There's nothing to do in River Falls, Wisconsin except drink."

posted by insomnyuk at 06:23 PM on August 17

A felony with a maximum penalty of 3 1/2 years in prison for a punch in the nose . And Jamal Lewis gets just 4 months in prison and 2 in a half way house for a cocaine deal . Justice .

posted by evil empire at 06:44 PM on August 17

Doesn't that penalty sound a little harsh for a punch? Yeah I was wondering who that guy was on PTI, but he definately had a point.

posted by tina at 06:51 PM on August 17

Tynes has struggled in training camp this year. Wonder why?

posted by graymatters at 06:52 PM on August 17

'Cos he's Scottish?

posted by Ufez Jones at 06:56 PM on August 17

justgary, you're onto something. he's the kicker and he busted the bouncer's nose. I think that should be the story here.

posted by garfield at 07:08 PM on August 17

Good thing for the bouncer his instincts didn't take over and kicked the ball(s).

posted by evil empire at 07:15 PM on August 17

you guys are great - I don't comment much (in fact I have only done it once) but I so enjoy reading all of your comments which I do several times daily since I found this site 2 weeks ago.

posted by skydivemom at 07:33 PM on August 17

A felony with a maximum penalty of 3 1/2 years in prison for a punch in the nose . And Jamal Lewis gets just 4 months in prison and 2 in a half way house for a cocaine deal . Justice . And that, friends and neighbors, is a false dichotomy. Other than that, isn't this a complete ripoff of that awful Keanu Reeves movie The Replacements? I realize that kicker was Welsh or something, but I think this is the same scene. Maybe it's a homage.

posted by yerfatma at 08:13 PM on August 17

wow!..punched out by a kicker?..were there women in this bar?..what kid of bouncer gets hit by a guy that hasnt hit anything for three weeks!

posted by wannabeacowboybaby at 09:03 PM on August 17

"There's nothing to do in River Falls, Wisconsin except drink." I've been to River Falls and that's just not true. They have a really nice Taco Johns.

posted by hootch at 09:59 PM on August 17

Wow, I suddenly feel loved..................... :)

posted by tina at 10:12 PM on August 17

yerfatma, that was the first thing I though of too when I saw this. God, what an awful movie that was. This bloke will plead contrition, beg for mercy & get a reasonable amount of parole, which I'd venture is probably what he deserves. (And welcome, skydivemom! Comment here any time! No, seriously. You use verbs, nouns and the space bar? You're welcome any time!)

posted by chicobangs at 01:15 AM on August 18

The only thing that comes to mind is, I think the bouncer should be happy the kickers parents didnt give birth to a linebacker. Just one more thing.I hate to combine the 2 topics but, when should national sports rules "over rule" the law?This kicker gets in serious trouble and the bouncer at the most has a headace/broken nose and or concussion.Steve Moore gets his neck broke, and bertootise misses 13 days of work.Is the field/ice or court above the law?If a fan jumps into play he is dealt with by the Law.If an athelete breaks the law off the field/ice/court should he be dealt with by the rules of his sport or the law?For some reason i am a fan of fighting in hockey. But why can a baseball/basketball/hockey player commit assault while he's "in play" and not get arrested(unless he runs into the stands)is "the playing surface" above the law in america?Or is it the "player himself".

posted by Web_Spiner at 01:37 AM on August 18

Jeez, if the rest of the Chiefs were that tough, they'd have won a Super Bowl by now. Oh, nice job, Tynes, you made Coach Vermiel cry!

posted by The_Black_Hand at 07:18 AM on August 18

I know it's a different day and age, but I think I'd be alittle embarrassed if I got my ass kicked by a kicker. (especially if I was a "bouncer" at bar.) I guess it's time to bring in Patrick Swayze. I think I'll take this guy on my fantasy team! Just to intimidate the other kickers.

posted by tb_mitchell at 07:29 AM on August 18

Witht he Chiefs defense maybe they should put him at DB

posted by scottypup at 08:45 AM on August 18

Thanks chicobang. I don't usually have much to say but really enjoy reading. I would be really worried about the chiefs if they all played with this guys attitude in the bar. He probably will get a slap on the wrist for this unless the bouncer really wants to score big with the press and not the girls.

posted by skydivemom at 11:18 AM on August 18

Spidey, (can i call you spidey?) you ask a very intricate question. Fortunately there are a limited number of precedents to research in order to get a clearer idea of when the law steps in. in short, there is a reasonable assumption of risk inherent to pro sports. in public life, not so much.

posted by garfield at 11:34 AM on August 18

I guess in a round-about way i was asking if we (the people) have put athletes above the law during game time?If those guys punched someone in a football game, he gets suspended or something, but no criminal charges.I think in a way i'm referring to the steve moore incident. Mcsorley doesnt cause half the damage bertuzzi does.He catches a charge, the latter doesnt. Shouldnt the laws in this country be inforced no matter if someone is working at a walmart/jiffy lube/bank/post office/hospital/football field/hockey rink/baseball diamond.If artest runs to mid-court and punches a player. no criminal charge. he punches someone in the stands.he's under arrest.Dennis rodman kicks an opposing player. Nothing.He kicks a cameraman, lawsuit.Is the playing surface above the law while the clock is running?And if not, who decides when it is or isnt? And spidey is fine(actually i surf the "web" puting my own "spin" on articles and threads and the like)I saw a thread in the locker room where some "posters" were offended due to being called only a portion of thier name.I have no problem with what im called(as long as its not late for lunch).Oh yea and "pimpzilla". 1 time a guy called me pimpzilla and i didnt like it that much.And sissy,dont like that one.And i dont like being called into a courtroom, or being called for traveling.Dont like being called out at 3rd when im safe.(My point is you can call me whatever you like).

posted by Web_Spiner at 06:03 PM on August 18

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