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I am a huge NBA lover, after that the rest come in. I am actually currently in college to be a sportscaster, and sports is a huge part of my life. What else to say....... hmmm...... I guess thats it. : )

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Soccer fans drop in

Hmm... clever way to see the game I suppose.

posted by tina at 11:15 PM on September 21, 2005

Royal Crown:

Yay!! Go Monarchs!! Those Maloof brothers are crrraaazzyyy!!

posted by tina at 11:13 PM on September 21, 2005

What'd Jew say?

HA-HA!! Jews are doomed to hell? That is the most outrageous bullsh*t I have ever heard. Seriously Spun, stick with sports and leave your dumb*ss religious theories to yourself.

posted by tina at 10:38 AM on September 21, 2005

Laveranues Coles Shares a Secret

To think that anyone would think of him as less of a man is ridiculous. If anything he is is more of a man to stand up and use his celebrity to help address the issue. He was incredibly courageous to come forward with something so personal.

posted by tina at 12:56 PM on September 20, 2005

Coordinator First In Line for Vikings' Blame

Man, what an embarrasment!!

posted by tina at 11:42 AM on September 19, 2005

Shaquille O'Neal

Wow, I think Shaq finally won me over. I wonder if hell has frozen over as I expected it to.

posted by tina at 01:15 PM on September 15, 2005

Another KC Chief behind bars

I don't know about the woman being at fault. My mother was abused by my father and the reason it took her so long to leave was because he controled her every move and manipulated her. He told her she had no options in life and no one would help her. She married at 17 and had no idea what to do. I agree some women should know better, but many are too scared shitless to do anything. It's a shame. As for all people of all income do it, yeah they do. But it's not highlighted, and they aren't a many young boy's role models who want to emmulate them. That's the difference.

posted by tina at 11:54 AM on September 14, 2005

Another KC Chief behind bars

Is it just me, or does anyone else find it slightly disturbing that athletes assault the women in their lives? Maybe it bothers me more seeing as how I am a female, I agree wit dyams. Role models my ass....

posted by tina at 10:00 PM on September 13, 2005

Csonka One Of Six Rescued From Bering Sea

Ahhhhh.......................... ok

posted by tina at 02:50 PM on September 13, 2005

Csonka One Of Six Rescued From Bering Sea

What ever happened to chilling on a Hawaiian beach?

posted by tina at 11:42 PM on September 12, 2005

Publicity Stunt? - You Decide

Well I kept seeing the "true colors" remarks, and it was irritating.

posted by tina at 01:44 PM on September 12, 2005

Publicity Stunt? - You Decide

WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH ALL THE BITCHING??!! All that should matter is that there is aid to all those who are suffering. Sure I can't stand T.O, hey it might be a publicity stunt, but who cares? If it is a publicity stunt, he will get his in the end, lets focus on those in need instead of constant bickering.

posted by tina at 12:00 AM on September 12, 2005

Shaquille O'Neal

It's nice to see athletes let go of their egos and lend a generous helping hand. Thanks Shaq.

posted by tina at 11:50 PM on September 10, 2005

Publicity Stunt? - You Decide

Well I personally can't stand the guy, but seeing as how my cousins live in New Orleans and now have nothing, I will give him the benefit of the doubt, this time.

posted by tina at 11:48 PM on September 10, 2005


Well, if Kyle Lohse didn't blow it before, he did now.

posted by tina at 06:23 PM on September 09, 2005