September 10, 2005

Shaquille O'Neal: finds a way to make me feel bad for hating him. Dammit, Mister run-over-everyone, why do you have to have a heart?

posted by mr_crash_davis to basketball at 09:49 PM - 14 comments

He's got his faults, but he always seemed like a nice guy.

posted by justgary at 10:16 PM on September 10, 2005


posted by worldcup2002 at 10:58 PM on September 10, 2005

It's nice to see athletes let go of their egos and lend a generous helping hand. Thanks Shaq.

posted by tina at 11:50 PM on September 10, 2005

That's awesome. Glad to see athletes lending a hand where they can.

posted by jerseygirl at 07:05 AM on September 11, 2005

Shaq is a class act. People get him confused with a'holes like Kobe. But Mr. O'Neal has always been a different breed. Even when he played for (the most hated at least by me) Lakers I had to like him…just had to.

posted by steasley at 08:47 AM on September 11, 2005

Good on yer Shaq.

posted by squealy at 08:48 AM on September 11, 2005

That's wicked cool. I respect Shaq now.

posted by Samsonov14 at 10:51 AM on September 11, 2005

His heart has to be as big as he is. Good for you Shaq.

posted by dbt302 at 11:00 AM on September 11, 2005

For someone as high profile as he is (one of the highest profile atheletes in America at least) and someone with a connection to the effected areas to boot it is certainly good to see that he's taken advantage of his ability to do more than the typical citizen.

posted by gspm at 06:16 PM on September 11, 2005

very nice to be doing--there alot of celebs doing much of the same things--It sure nice to see such an out pouring! Unless if your somebody Loke TO than you have people saying its a publicity stunt! cute how that works Lets face it folks Shag and others like himg are doing what every other good person is doing--They are giving what they can. thats all that really matters

posted by daddisamm at 08:01 PM on September 11, 2005

Shaq is going to be the man for such a long time. Following his HoF career, he'll go the sheriff route for a little while - then when he's tired of people being excited to be arrested by him get into local politics, win a few elections - move up to the governor's mansion and eventually be Senator Shaq automatic incumbent. He will serve with grace and wit for decades and die sometime in 2055. He will be buried in Arlington National Cemetary and his funeral will be attended by the pantheon of current and future NBA greats (an aged - and 4 time champion - Dwayne Wade will read one of several eulogys), federal leaders and the President. Seriously, how could you not love Shaq?

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 08:46 AM on September 12, 2005

its part of the shaq attack we didnt expect to see if i was shaq makin the money he got its all good i always respected shaq more than kobe kobe will be mature as shaq someday well this is not shaq r kobe im glad every nba athlete is out there to raise money and most ppl say the nba is too violent to watch sometimes

posted by defrag3x at 09:05 AM on September 12, 2005

What did he do!!

posted by dertoit_fanatic at 11:54 AM on September 12, 2005

I'm actually starting to like O'Neal - check this out: Shaq assists police in arresting man accused of assaulting gay couple ``For this incident I don't want to be credited as an individual who does police work,'' O'Neal said in a statement. ``I want to be credited as a Miami Beach police officer.''

posted by mbd1 at 09:12 AM on September 14, 2005

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