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Bronco's manhandle the Chiefs again: and again and again. As a Chiefs fan I really wanted to stick it to Denver (or at least have our denfense show up to the game). Is Denver better than people thought or are the Chiefs worse?

posted by steasley to football at 08:21 AM on September 27, 2005 - 10 comments

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Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq is a class act. People get him confused with a'holes like Kobe. But Mr. O'Neal has always been a different breed. Even when he played for (the most hated at least by me) Lakers I had to like him…just had to.

posted by steasley at 08:47 AM on September 11, 2005

Rookie apologizes, claims postive steroid test is a mistake

Dum, Da, Dum Dum Dum.... Just don't cheat (ever) and you'll have no problems. They thought they could fool everyone and now MLB has thier eyes open for the first time ever. Ban em' all.

posted by steasley at 08:56 PM on September 07, 2005

"I'm thinking about [riding the Tour de France next year]"

It would be the same thing if our media decided to defame Tony Parker by any means necessary just because he won some titles.

posted by steasley at 11:38 AM on September 06, 2005

Bonds to return this week????

Am I the only one who looks at the body shape of Mark McGuire and Barry Bonds, compares it to the body shape of Roger Clemens and says hmmm… All the sudden Roger's got his old stuff back and is older than dirt hmmm… Hmmm….

posted by steasley at 09:38 AM on September 06, 2005

Bonds to return this week????

Prediction: "Bonds has 2 maybe 3 mediocre seasons and will retire with his tail between his legs” Reason: His body without the use of the banned substances (that have got him through other injures) can’t come back and Barry (just Barry not ROID BARRY) is not the same player.

posted by steasley at 09:31 AM on September 06, 2005

"I'm thinking about [riding the Tour de France next year]"

FYI - I said nothing about "The French" but it is no secret that "The French Media" have been after Lance for a long time. Furthermore in general "The French Media" has an Anti-American vibe and like most respectable people I don't drink Coors but a tailgate party is defiantly in my near future.

posted by steasley at 09:23 AM on September 06, 2005

"I'm thinking about [riding the Tour de France next year]"

I say win the tour for the 9th straight time and then take a piss from the Eiffel tower and then beg them to “test this urine”. –just a thought

posted by steasley at 08:39 AM on September 06, 2005

Jerry Rice decides to retire

Jerry Rice maybe the best ever, but I for one am glad he decided to go. Towards the end he looked way too much like "Starving Marvin" on South Park to be a football player. But hats off to the legend...

posted by steasley at 07:35 PM on September 05, 2005