November 22, 2023

Colts Owner Jim Irsay: I'm Victim of Prejudice: Evolving to the highest form of asshole, Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay gave this as the reason he was arrested for DUI in 2014: "I am prejudiced against because I'm a rich, white billionaire. If I'm just the average guy down the block, they're not pulling me in, of course not."

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NFL Pickem Week 12: Tryptophan Edition: Because enough is never enough in the NFL we have three games on Thanksgiving and another game on Black Friday this week. The highlight of the early games is a 12:30 p.m. kickoff for the best Detroit Lions team in 60 years. Our pickem leader Truthhurts is having a Detroit-like season and leads Tron7 by 39 points. Nobody asked but I'm in third place. Make your picks and remember the grandpa trick of pretending to be asleep when it's time to clean up from the holiday dinner.

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November 19, 2023

Montreal Alouettes Win 110th Grey Cup: After a year in which the continued existence of the team was in question, the Montreal Alouettes played David to another Goliath and defeated the heavily favored Winnipeg Blue Bombers 28-24 in the Grey Cup. It is Montreal's first CFL championship in 13 years. Quarterback Cody Fajardo was named MVP and the wide receiver who caught the go-ahead touchdown in the final minute, Tyson Philpot, won most outstanding Canadian.

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CFL Pickem Champion: rcade: For the second straight season, I have won SportsFilter's CFL Pickem. The 78-point win over Ic23b has me feeling like a most outstanding Canadian. The_Black_Hand wins the coveted Costanza. Thanks to everyone who played and to Green Day.

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November 17, 2023

CFL Pickem: Grey Cup Edition: For the first time ever, the Montreal Alouettes play the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for the championship of the Canadian Football League. Kickoff is at 6 p.m. Eastern on Sunday and Green Day is performing at halftime. Gonna look for some poutine fries and all-dressed potato chips in Florida for this Grey Cup. I'm leading big and looking for my third title in this pickem when the one further south has eluded me. Good luck pickem peeps!

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November 15, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 11: Joshua Unitas Edition: The NFL returns Thursday night with a Bengals-Ravens matchup that could rouse Rip Van Michaels from his long slumber. On Sunday night Joshua Dobbs and the Vikings visit the Broncos in a bid for a sixth straight win. Truthhurts has embiggened the lead in our pickem to 45 points over Tron7. Goyoucolts wins the week with 91. Make your picks.

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November 10, 2023

CFL Pickem Week 24: Division Finals Edition: On Saturday the CFL will crown the champions of the eastern and western divisions. In the east, the Toronto Argonauts face the Montreal Alouettes and in the west, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers play the B.C. Lions. I'm leading Ic23b by 68 points after we each scored 52 last week in different ways. Make your picks.

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November 09, 2023

College Football Game Sets Record for Lowest Over/Under: The over/under for the Iowa/Rutgers game Saturday is 28, which is the lowest of any college football game in at least 23 years. The low in ESPN's odds database previously was 30.

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November 08, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 10: Stroud Like Colossus Edition: The NFL returns Thursday night with a clash of seven-loss teams as the Panthers visit the Bears. Truthhurts holds on to first in our pickem ahead of Tron7 by 22. Moder8 wins the week with 83. Make your picks.

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November 03, 2023

CFL Pickem Week 22: Division Semifinals Edition: The Canadian Football League playoffs begin Saturday. Hamilton visits Montreal at 3 p.m. Eastern and Calgary goes to B.C. at 6:30 p.m. The games will be streamed for free on CFL+. I'm in first but the lead is narrower after Ic23b won the week with 60 points. Make your picks.

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November 02, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 9: Trade Deadline Edition: The NFL returns Thursday night when Will Levis and the Tennessee Titans face Kenny Pickett and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Truthhurts leads the pickem by 16 over Tommybiden after both of them scored a week-best 120. Make your picks.

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October 28, 2023

PAC-12 Refs Give USC Extra Second Quarter Play After Halftime: After USC and Cal left the field at halftime today, the PAC-12 refs decided that one second was left in the half. Instead of calling them back out, they gave USC an extra play before beginning the third quarter. USC kicker Denis Lynch, who had gotten to practice the exact kick he would attempt, missed anyway.

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October 26, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 8: Bill is Back Edition: Tampa Bay heads up to Buffalo Thursday night in a battle of three-loss teams to start week 8 of the NFL season. It was absolute carnage in the NFL Pickem last week, with 14 players scoring 30 or less and five of us scoring 0. Rumple wins the week with 63. Make your picks.

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CFL Pickem Week 21: No Drama Edition: There's nothing at stake in the final week of the regular season after Calgary grabbed the last playoff spot. A three-game slate begins Thursday night when Winnipeg visits Calgary. I'm holding on to a big lead in the CFL Pickem. Make your picks and get ready to enjoy some frosty playoff games.

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October 19, 2023

CFL Pickem Week 20: Green Day Edition: With the Grey Cup close enough to have scheduled Green Day as the halftime act, there's one last playoff spot up for grabs. Calgary and Saskatchewan can claim it if they win and the other loses. There are three games this weekend beginning Friday night when Calgary goes to British Columbia. I won the week and have a 92-point lead over Tommybiden. Make your picks.

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NFL Pickem Week 7: Caleb Wants Equity Edition: Week seven of the NFL season begins tonight when the Jacksonville Jaguars visit the New Orleans Saints, a road trip that is way too exciting to my favorite local sports station 1010XL. In our pickem I'm way too excited about jumping into first place after winning the week with 93 points and hitting a 21-point lock on Dolphins/Panthers. Make your picks.

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October 16, 2023

Headline Never Used Before: New York Jets Defeat Philadelphia Eagles: Before Sunday, the New York Jets had never beaten the Philadelphia Eagles. After blowing a 17-point lead in their first meeting on December 9, 1973, when John Outlaw got the deciding touchdown on a 46-yard pick 6 off Al Woodall in a 24-23 defeat, the Jets lost the next 11 times to the Eagles. That ended after a 45-yard Tony Adams interception return and a Breece Hall rushing touchdown put the Jets up for good late in a 20-14 victory. Only the Houston Texans have streaks like this, losing all games to the Minnesota Vikings and Eagles.

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October 13, 2023

3 Sought for Charges in Death of Fan at Patriots Game: If you still need to be persuaded against getting into a fight with other fans at major sporting events, please be aware that fans are often older and in less than prime physical condition. And sometimes one of those fans who gets into an altercation dies.

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October 12, 2023

CFL Pickem Week 19: Final Stampede Edition: There are two Friday and two Saturday games in the CFL this weekend. I remain in the lead of our pickem through no fault of my own. Saskatchewan can clinch a playoff spot by beating Calgary on Friday, which would end a 17-year streak of the Stampeders making the postseason. Make your picks, Dudleys and Nells.

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NFL Pickem Week 6: Al's Lousy Diet Edition: The Denver Broncos go to Arrowhead tonight to play the Kansas City Chiefs, a matchup that excites Al Michaels as much as vegetables. Tron7 is the new leader of the pickem, dropping Ic23b to second place. Jagsnumberone wins the week with 68, which Buffalo Bills fans probably think is unfair because of the extra week Jacksonville spent in London. Make your picks and eat your vegetables.

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October 06, 2023

CFL Pickem Week 18: More Like the Argo-NOTS Amirite? Edition: A late start from SportsFilter high command means just two CFL games to pick this weekend: Hamilton/Saskatchewan on Saturday and Ottawa/Montreal on Monday. I'm in first place but Tommybiden has gotten 20 points closer with an 100-point week. Not bad for a four-game schedule! Make your picks.

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October 05, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 5: Eberflus, Eberflus Edition: The winless and woebegotten Chicago Bears travel to FedEx Field tonight to play the Washington Commanders on Thursday Night Football. Ic23b now has sole possession of first place, two ahead of Tommybiden. Ufez wins the week with 109. Make your picks.

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September 28, 2023

CFL Pickem Week 17: Indigenous Edition: There are Friday and Saturday doubleheaders in the CFL this weekend, beginning tomorrow with 12-1 Toronto at 10-4 Winnipeg, a game that would be more interesting if any team in the East was close to the Argonauts. I'm in first place by 18 over Ic23b. Make your picks and join the CFL in recognition of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation Saturday.

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September 27, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 4: 70 Point Edition: The Lions visit the Packers Thursday night with both teams 2-1 for their first divisional clash of the Jordan Love era. Tommybiden and Ic23b are tied for first place. Nobody had the Dolphins by 50 over the Bears. Make your picks.

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September 24, 2023

Girl Power: I so look forward to her first sack.

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September 22, 2023

CFL Pickem Week 16: Elks on Fire Edition: There's a Friday night doubleheader to start the Canadian football weekend tonight. Ic23b now leads by 14 points in the pickem, which pains me to report. Make your picks and watch out for rampaging Elk.

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September 20, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 3: Season-Ending Injury Edition: The New York Giants travel to the San Francisco 49ers Thursday night to begin week 3 of the NFL season. Tommybiden leads the NFL Pickem by 7 over Ic23b, who won the week with 108 points. Make your picks.

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September 13, 2023

NFL Pickem Week 2: David After Dentist Edition: The NFL season without Aaron Rodgers begins Thursday night when the Vikings play the Eagles. The leader of the NFL Pickem out of the gate is Tommybiden, who scored 86 points. Nobody had the Cowboys over the Giants by anything close to 40. Everyone had the Vikings over the Bucs.

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CFL Pickem Week 15: Placeholder Headline Edition: The CFL returns with doubleheaders on Friday and Saturday nights. Ic23b continues to lead the pickem by four points. Make your picks!

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September 12, 2023

Aaron Rodgers out for the season: Aaron Rodgers tears his Achilles tendon fourth play into the Jets' season. Is this the most Jets thing to Jets in the history of the Jets? Well, since 1999, yeah. Does this mean that the Patriots will hire the Jets defensive coordinator, Jeff Ulbrich, after Saleh retires at the end of the season and appoints Ulbrich as the new head coach?

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September 08, 2023

CFL Pickem Week 14: Saturday Tripleheader Edition: There’s a game tonight and another three on Saturday in Canada. Since there’s no other football being played at those times you might as well watch. Ic23b has overtaken me for first place despite us picking the same teams to win, which is, if I may speak Canadian for a moment, neat.

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September 05, 2023

Enter the SportsFilter NFL Pickem: The season-long NFL Pickem has returned for an 18th year! Starting Thursday night when the former Portsmouth Spartans face the former Dallas Texans, pick the winners, the spread and optionally lock the games to double your points in victory and sorely regret your life choices in defeat. First prize is the official NFL football you've wanted but would never buy for yourself because have you looked at the price?

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September 01, 2023

CFL Pickem Week 13: Labour With a U Edition: The CFL gets a late start to the week as B.C. visits Montreal on Saturday night. Winnipeg goes to Saskatchewan on Sunday and then there's a Labour Day doubleheader of Toronto/Hamilton and Edmonton/Calgary. I hold on to first in the CFL Pickem with Ic23b winning the week and 14 points back. Happy Labo(u)r Day!

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August 31, 2023

Play NFL Survivor on RunYourPool: Last year I finally succumbed to the lure of a Survivor Pool, where you pick one winner each week, can't pick that team again for the season and stay in the running until you lose. Use the link to enter the pool I joined. It's $10 per entry and you can buy multiple entries. This pool begins in week 2.

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August 30, 2023

Coach Prime Decimated the Roster in Colorado: Deion Sanders has 86 new players on his roster in Colorado including 53 incoming transfers, the most ever in college football. Only 10 scholarship athletes survived the purge. Former FSU defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews, a Sanders mentor who played under Alabama legend Paul "Bear" Bryant, said, "It reminded me so much of Coach Bryant. His deal was you get in or you get out. He wasn't going to have a meeting and try to encourage you to join his team."

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August 23, 2023

CFL Pickem Week 12: Edmonton Triumphant Edition: The Montreal Alouettes face the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in Thursday night's opener to week 12 of the CFL season, the only matchup between two teams with winning records. On Sunday the Ottawa Redblacks visit the Edmonton Elks, who are seeking their second win in a row. I have taken the lead in the pickem over Tommybiden after predicting that Elks victory.

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August 16, 2023

CFL Pickem Week 11: Nathan Rourke Edition: There are no cruelty laws in Canada that can stop Edmonton from playing football. The Elks travel to Hamilton for a Thursday night matchup to start the CFL weekend. In the pickem I win the week with 90 points but still trail first-place Tommybiden by 4. Make your picks and say your prayers and someday maybe Nathan Rourke will play for your hometown team.

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August 14, 2023

Lawsuit: The Tuohy Family Robbed Michael Oher Blind: Everyone knows the heart-warming story of how the affluent southerners Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy adopted Michael Oher out of homelessness and poverty and he became a star offensive lineman at the University of Mississippi and Baltimore Ravens. Oher's newly filed lawsuit alleges that they didn't adopt him, but they did trick him into signing a conservatorship that has enabled the Tuohys and their two biological children to earn millions in royalties from The Blind Side movie and related projects while Oher didn't see a penny.

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August 09, 2023

CFL Pickem Week 10: Hot vs. Cold Edition: There's a game from Thursday to Sunday as the CFL season moves into double digits, starting tomorrow night when winless Edmonton hosts a Winnipeg team that just hung 50 points on B.C. Tommybiden holds on to first as every player but Ic23b scored 20 via many different routes. Make your picks.

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Things Looking Dire for Last 4 PAC-12 Schools: Washington State University president Kirk Schulz didn't paint a pretty picture of the school's athletic future after it, Oregon State, Cal and Stanford became the last four programs in the PAC-12 following the departure of Oregon and Washington to the Big Ten. WSU now faces a 40% drop in its athletic revenue and already had an $11 million deficit to cover, but he claims it will still spend like a Power 5 school. The call with the quitters was brief, he said. "It's like a breakup; it's awkward."

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