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I follow the teams from Dallas-Fort Worth because I grew up with them, but I've adopted the Jacksonville Jaguars, the only pro team my new hometown is ever likely to get. The most memorable sporting event I attended live was game 6 of the NBA Western Conference finals in 1988 at Reunion Arena -- Mavericks vs. Lakers -- when Mark Aguirre and his prodigious caboose received half the game MVP award, and the 17,007 fans in attendance received the other half. I also follow U.S. Soccer, Sheffield Wednesday and Orlando City SC because members of this site dragged me into the beautiful game for the first time since the Dallas Tornado folded.

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PGA Tour Merges with LIV Golf, DP World Tour: In a deal reached without the knowledge of many of their golfers, the PGA Tour, LIV Golf and DP World Tour are merging into a single organization. The particulars released so far are vague but Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund will be the new entity's "exclusive investor" and its fund governor joins the PGA Tour policy board. An unnamed PGA golfer whose name probably rhymes with Corey Spackelroy told ESPN, "It's insanity. The LIV tour was dead in the water. It wasn't working. Now, you're throwing them a life jacket? Is the moral of the story to just always take the money?"

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CFL Pickem

NBA Playoff Pickem

NHL Playoff Pickem

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Enter the SportsFilter CFL Pickem: The CFL season begins Thursday night when the Calgary Stampeders host the B.C. Lions. American fans can now find games on CBS Sports Network or streaming free on CFL+. Everyone else can watch on TSN or CFL+. Play the SportsFilter CFL Pickem this season with a first prize of an official CFL football.

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French Open Boots Doubles Players After Ball Girl Struck by Ball: During a third round French Open doubles match, Miyo Kato and Aldila Sutjiadi were disqualified because Kato unintentionally hit a ball girl while passing a ball to her after a point. The ball girl was caught off guard and she was struck in the neck. She fought tears for 10 minutes after players Marie Bouzkova and Sara Sorribes Tormo implored the chair to disqualify their opponents because the girl was injured -- but never checked on her themselves.

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Zlatan Retires from Football: After 405 goals for club and 62 for country, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has retired from football at age 41, telling fans of his final club Milan, "I say goodbye to football but not to you. It's too difficult, there are too many emotions. I'll see you around if you are lucky." In his career he played for Malmo, Ajax, Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, AC Milan, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester United, LA Galaxy and AC Milan again.

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PGA Tour Merges with LIV Golf, DP World Tour

Now the PGA is just as rotten with Saudi money as LIV.

posted by rcade at 03:30 PM on June 06, 2023

Enter the SportsFilter CFL Pickem

I thought Paramount Plus would get the CBSSN games but it doesn't appear that is happening. Looks like I'll only be able to watch the non-CBSSN games live on CFL+.

posted by rcade at 10:49 AM on June 06, 2023

Enter the SportsFilter CFL Pickem

My picks:

Stampeders by 6
Blue Bombers by 10 (lock)
Redblacks by 3
Roughriders by 7

Where are my Atlantic Schooners?

posted by rcade at 10:34 AM on June 06, 2023

French Open Boots Doubles Players After Ball Girl Struck by Ball

I watch a lot of tennis and the chairs are annoyingly inconsistent about discipline. Players have broken their tennis rackets in anger on the chair's chair -- while they were sitting in it -- and gotten different treatment. If that isn't an obvious DQ I don't know what is.

posted by rcade at 09:26 AM on June 06, 2023

French Open Boots Doubles Players After Ball Girl Struck by Ball

If the kid had been treated better from the time the incident occurred, she might've been able to calm down. Instead she got to watch adults argue while the crowd gawked at her for interminable minutes. After a few minutes a staffer came over and huddled with her.

The rule should be that if the chair finds no intent and no anger on the player's part, it should be a minor penalty instead of a DQ.

posted by rcade at 08:06 PM on June 05, 2023

French Open Boots Doubles Players After Ball Girl Struck by Ball

I have Tennis Channel Plus so I watched the replay to see how this unfolded.

Bouzkova and Sorribes Tormo were so concerned about the ball girl being struck that they never walked over to her during the entire 10 minutes she was in the corner crying. They didn't even clap sympathetically with the rest of the crowd when the girl walked off the court.

Their concern began and ended with Kato and Sutjiadi being DQd.

posted by rcade at 04:16 PM on June 05, 2023

The Newest Running Guru is Slow AF and Proud of It

In England old men play walking football. If they can do that surely we can slo-mo run.

In our heads we're much faster than we appear.

posted by rcade at 06:45 PM on June 04, 2023

NHL Playoff Pickem: Stanley Cup Finals

My picks:

Panthers in 7
Top goals: Jonathan Marchessault
Top goalie (save %): Sergei Bobrovsky
Team scoring 6 goals: Neither
Game 1 winner: Golden Knights
Top assists: Matthew Tkachuk
Conn Smythe: Matthew Tkachuk
Top penalty minutes: Radko Gudas
Tiebreaker: 34

Still not over the Stars disappearing act in game 6.

posted by rcade at 04:45 PM on June 02, 2023

NHL Playoff Pickem: Stanley Cup Finals

Current Standings

posted by rcade at 04:42 PM on June 02, 2023

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

The place I feel an NBA game is too long is the final four minutes. There are too many timeouts. Sometimes it drags so much I wish they used the Elam ending.

posted by rcade at 02:32 PM on May 31, 2023

Attention Kmart Shoppers: Chelsea is Selling Christian Pulisic

As long as Pulisic lands somewhere that's still on ESPN+, Peacock or Paramount+ I'm happy.

posted by rcade at 01:05 PM on May 31, 2023

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Welcome to SportsFilter, Law5section2. My EPL fantasy team played so badly this season there will be a total turnover of the roster. I wish I could fire the skipper.

posted by rcade at 11:06 AM on May 30, 2023

NBA Playoff Pickem: NBA Finals

My picks:

Nuggets in 6
Top point scorer: Jamal Murray
Top rebounder: Nikola Jokic
Game 1 winner: Nuggets
Most points in one game: Nuggets
Series MVP: Nikola Jokic
Top fouler: Bam Adebayo
Top three-point shooter: Jamal Murray
Winning team points last game: 113

I'm expecting the Heat to bring some of that Florida humidity with them and make Denver sweat. But this will be the Nuggets year.

posted by rcade at 10:43 AM on May 30, 2023

NBA Playoff Pickem: NBA Finals

Current Standings

posted by rcade at 10:38 AM on May 30, 2023

Celtics One Win from Making NBA Playoff History

The link framed last night's game as an impending historic triumph for another Boston franchise and Miami said nah, we like the 8-seed-to-the-Finals story better.

posted by rcade at 09:24 AM on May 30, 2023