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I follow the teams from Dallas-Fort Worth because I grew up with them, but I've adopted the Jacksonville Jaguars, the only pro team my new hometown is ever likely to get. The most memorable sporting event I attended live was game 6 of the NBA Western Conference finals in 1988 at Reunion Arena -- Mavericks vs. Lakers -- when Mark Aguirre and his prodigious caboose received half the game MVP award, and the 17,007 fans in attendance received the other half. I also follow U.S. Soccer, Sheffield Wednesday and Orlando City SC because members of this site dragged me into the beautiful game for the first time since the Dallas Tornado folded.

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Everton, Leicester City and Leeds Fighting to Stay Up: The Premier League season ends on Sunday with three clubs scrambling to avoid being the two that will be relegated: Everton, Leicester City and Leeds. At 33 points, Everton survives with a win over Bournemouth or a draw if Leicester City and Leeds don't win. At 31, Leicester needs a win over West Ham and an Everton loss or draw and Leeds needs a win over Tottenham, an Everton loss, and a Leicester loss or draw. If Leeds beats Tottenham by 3 goals, an Everton draw also keeps them up.

posted by rcade to soccer at 03:48 PM on May 27, 2023 - 1 comment

Luton Town is a Better Story Than Wrexham: Nine years ago Luton Town was in the sixth tier of English football. If they beat Coventry City on Saturday, they'll be in the Premier League. "We've come a long way from a training ground with dog walkers cutting across our pitches and getting changed in portable cabins," said midfielder Pelly Ruddock Mpanzu, who has been with the club all the way up from the National League to League 2 to League 1 to the Championship.

posted by rcade to soccer at 02:22 PM on May 26, 2023 - 8 comments

Texas Rangers Bats Are Booming: The Texas Rangers are leading the majors with 6.4 runs a game and second in team OPS at 118. One of the surprising sources of that massive production is a player they acquired from the St. Louis Cardinals for "cash considerations" three years ago: 30-year-old Cuban outfielder Adolis Garcia. "He has the bat speed and muscle to pulverize the league’s nastiest pitches, as he proved last week when he became the first hitter to go deep off Atlanta Braves flamethrower Spencer Strider twice in one game," writes Yahoo Sports sabermetrician Zach Crizer.

posted by rcade to baseball at 09:45 AM on May 25, 2023 - 0 comments

When is Olivia Pichardo Switching to Softball? Never: Olivia Pichardo is the first female to play Division I baseball, making the Brown University team as a walk-on. Her freshman season was rocky, with one at-bat as a pinch hitter, but she is undeterred. "I wasn't telling myself the odds. I was just telling myself that I was going to make the team," Pichardo said.

posted by rcade to baseball at 02:59 PM on May 24, 2023 - 0 comments

Carmelo Anthony Retires from Basketball: Carmelo Anthony has announced his retirement from the NBA, which he leaves after 19 seasons as a 10-time All Star and the ninth-highest scorer of all time with 28,289 points. He also won a national championship at Syracuse, but never an NBA title, an achievement that would have been the capstone of a Hall of Fame career.

posted by rcade to basketball at 10:03 PM on May 23, 2023 - 2 comments

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Sit back, relax and enjoy this monumental 211 shot badminton rally

Even the crowd reactions are fast. The roar for each slam was cool.

posted by rcade at 11:14 AM on May 27, 2023

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Is it a bad sign when your team's top priority in the offseason refuses to talk about his plans?

posted by rcade at 06:39 PM on May 25, 2023

Carmelo Anthony Retires from Basketball

A recent comparison between Luka Doncic and Carmelo Anthony rattled me. It suggested that Luka is another phenom hitting a plateau because early success makes him less motivated to work on his game.

posted by rcade at 11:15 AM on May 25, 2023

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

That Benn hit was a disgrace and it left the Stars in complete disarray. Now he's out two more games. Has anyone ever burned their C as badly as this in the NHL playoffs?

posted by rcade at 09:21 AM on May 25, 2023

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

The A's have fired broadcaster Glen Kuiper and a source told AP that it was based in part on "information uncovered in the internal review."

posted by rcade at 07:04 PM on May 22, 2023

RIP Jim Brown

I discovered the NFL in the mid-1970s and never got to appreciate Jim Brown as a player, just as an activist and actor who was universally acknowledged to be cool as hell.

Looking at those old clips of him running, it seems like some of the tacklers developed doubt in themselves as they approached, just like Robin Ventura halfway to the mound to confront Nolan Ryan.

posted by rcade at 01:39 PM on May 22, 2023

Pat McAfee Talks Himself Into Timeslot on ESPN

Pretty amazing rise for a punter, a position that doesn't normally lend itself to any broadcasting careers. I don't watch or listen to his show. Does he ever talk punting?

posted by rcade at 09:10 AM on May 19, 2023

NFL Teams Want to Permanently Host Black Friday Game

I wasn't watching college football on Black Friday but I'm not that enthused about an annual NFL game on that date.

If a team is getting it every year, it should be a team like the Patriots, Steelers or Packers that has sustained excellence over decades.

posted by rcade at 10:48 AM on May 17, 2023

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

Reporter: Hey, Rory McIlroy, tell us where golf will be in three years.

Rory: I don't have a crystal ball.

Second reporter: So we should stop expecting any more great quotes from you about those rat bastards at LIV?

Rory: Yeah.

posted by rcade at 12:23 PM on May 16, 2023

NHL Playoff Pickem: Conference Finals

My picks:

Hurricanes in 7
Stars in 6
Top goals: Joe Pavelski
Top goalie (save %): Fredrik Andersen
Team scoring 6 goals: Stars
Shutout: Hurricanes

I am looking forward to the insanity of the Vegas pregame. Go Stars!

posted by rcade at 10:50 AM on May 16, 2023

NHL Playoff Pickem: Conference Finals

Current Standings

The top goal scorer prop is now top two, not three. I've also added a note that the best SV% winner must have at least 25 saves.

The Dallas Stars were 17 seconds away from a shutout last night that would've given me 5 points. But they won the series, so I guess that's something.

posted by rcade at 10:45 AM on May 16, 2023

NBA Pickem Week 3: Conference Finals

Thanks. Fixed.

posted by rcade at 05:24 PM on May 15, 2023

NBA Pickem Week 3: Conference Finals

My picks:

Nuggets in 6
Celtics in 6
Top point scorer: Jayson Tatum
Top rebounder: Nikola Jokic
Top scoring team: Nuggets
Top defending team: Celtics

The prospect of another Celtics-Lakers clash in the Finals is appealing, but I want to see Jokic lift the Larry.

posted by rcade at 09:53 AM on May 15, 2023

NBA Pickem Week 3: Conference Finals

Current Standings

No team scored 130 last round. For this round the fourth prop is to pick the team that will give up the fewest points per game.

Multiple players had Devin Booker as one of the top three scorers and Nikola Jokic as a top three rebounder. Ufez was the only one to have the Nuggets as top scoring team.

In this round you have to get the top two in the scorer and rebounder props, not three.

posted by rcade at 09:48 AM on May 15, 2023

What Happened to the St. Louis Cardinals?

The Cardinals visit the Red Sox tonight on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball.

posted by rcade at 01:03 PM on May 14, 2023