March 22, 2023

March 21, 2023

Shakeup at Monday Night Football: Sources detail Troy Aikman’s rocky relationship with MNF crew in wake of production shakeup

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March 20, 2023

USA's MLC to create seismic shifts in world cricket: The world cricket's ecosystem is slowly seeing a paradigm shift towards franchise cricket and the entry of Indian Premier League franchises in the United States through the inaugural edition of Major League Cricket (MLC) could be a significant step in that direction.

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March 19, 2023

March 18, 2023

March 17, 2023

March 16, 2023

March 15, 2023

NBA Pickem Week 16: All Quiet on the NBA Front Edition: There's an ESPN doubleheader tonight and no national games after that, so the NBA Pickem schedule includes four on NBA TV. Is something else going on in basketball this week? My lead in the contest has shrunk to 12 points after NoMich's 36-point week. Make your picks and mind your brackets.

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March 14, 2023

March 13, 2023

March 12, 2023

Would You Bet on a WWE Match?: The WWE is trying to persuade state regulators to allow gambling on its matches. Since wrestling is, uh, fixed, this requires help from accounting firms to prove the WWE keeps outcomes secure. No word yet on whether bookmakers would be willing to set odds on wrestling. Financial columnist Matt Levine loves how much of a bad idea this is. "It seems arbitrary to be able to bet only on events that occur in the real world," he writes.

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March 11, 2023

RIP Bud Grant : Hall of Fame head coach Bud Grant, who led the Vikings to four Super Bowls in the 1970s, has died. He was 95.

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March 10, 2023

Report: Bears Trading No. 1 Pick to Panthers: The Chicago Bears are trading the No. 1 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft to the Carolina Panthers for this year's No. 9 pick, a late second-round pick, next year's first- and second-round picks and wide receiver D.J. Moore, sources told Adam Schefter. The only time the Panthers ever used the first pick was in 2011 to select Cam Newton.

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Harvard women’s hockey team facing allegations of hazing that included ‘naked skates’: For the 2nd time in 3 months, the Harvard women’s hockey team & head coach Katey Stone are facing allegations of hazing & abusive behavior. The latest report, from The Athletic, alleges that the program conducted annual “Naked Skates” & pressured underclassmen to mimic sex acts & drink alcohol at “Freshmen Fun Night,” among other instances that players within the program considered to be hazing. At “Freshmen Fun Night,” first-year players were pressured to “put condoms on bananas, fake orgasms & act out skills that referenced their sexual orientation” in some instances, according to the report from Katie Strang & Hailey Salvian

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March 09, 2023

March 08, 2023

March 07, 2023

NBA Pickem Week 15: Can't Stop the Knicks Edition: There are eight NBA games on national TV this week beginning tonight with a TNT doubleheader of Sixers/Wolves and Grizzlies/Lakers. Nobody is more surprised to be leading than me, but failing to pick the Bucks/Sixers and Knicks/Celtics games at all worked out well for me. I'm ahead of Rumple by 28. Make your picks and check out the Knicks.

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March 06, 2023

March 05, 2023

March 04, 2023

March 03, 2023

March 02, 2023

March 01, 2023

February 28, 2023

NBA Pickem Week 14: Here a Game There a Game Everywhere a Game Game Edition: There are a whopping 13 games on the NBA's natty schedule this week, beginning tonight with a Lakers/Grizzlies and Timberwolves/Clippers double on TNT. The Rumplecadenskin tie has been broken and I'm leading by 5 over Rumple. Make your picks.

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February 27, 2023

February 26, 2023

February 25, 2023

February 24, 2023

The greatest unexpected NBA performances: A short video on determining players with great games that are also huge outliers vs. the rest of their career.

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February 23, 2023

NBA Pickem Week 13: Mac McClung Edition: The All-Star debacle is over and the NBA returns tonight with two games on TNT and a packed nine-game national schedule including a Saturday quadruple on ESPN and ABC. Rumple and I are tied in the pickem with Cixelsyd just 8 pack. This contest has become as exciting as a Mac McClung dunk.

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February 22, 2023

College football officials considering these rule changes to shorten games, limit 'exposures' for athletes: A convergence of issues has compelled the game's stakeholders to consider more seriously limiting "exposures," the number of plays per game that athletes are on the field. The intent is not necessarily to shorten game lengths but rather protect players' health.

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