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Boston Bruins win first Stanley Cup since 1972.: The Vancovuer Canucks' Cup-drought reaches 40 years.

posted by gspm to hockey at 11:00 PM on June 15, 2011 - 43 comments

EPL Fantasy 09-10: Week 1 Update. Curious. There were no draws in week 1.

posted by gspm to fantasy at 04:35 PM on August 18, 2009 - 13 comments

Spofi EPL Fantasy League 09-10 Week 0 Update: The league is open for business. If you reopen and old team and were part of the pool last year then you should be able to re-enter the pool by selecting it from your "Leagues". New entrants can use the code contained in the thread.

posted by gspm to fantasy at 10:28 AM on July 18, 2009 - 12 comments

Spofi EPL Pool 08-09 Week 8 Update: Link to week 7 update included. Only top 10 on the table since Spofi still hates the length of the post.

posted by gspm to fantasy at 12:36 PM on October 24, 2008 - 4 comments

Spofi EPL pool 08-09 Week 6 update.: Bill finally has the team he must have thought he had. Yukon breaks into the top 10. Squealy extends his lead.

posted by gspm to fantasy at 10:43 AM on September 29, 2008 - 4 comments

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EPL Fantasy

Grum - to follow on from your comment on the league page (where, in the past, the comments have sort of not lead to any discussion so might as well keep the discussion in the spofi realm)....

If you don't know anything and don't know who is starting... maybe look at the "% teams selected by" metric and crowdsource the common knowledge on who is worth picking. That won't account for somebody like, say, Joey Barton who is in the top 15 most selected midfielders but is a question mark insofar as getting in the lineup due to the fact that, despite the offseason, he continues to be Joey Barton.

posted by gspm at 02:09 PM on August 10, 2011

Final EPL Fantasy standings


I guess I totally forgot about this. Seems like my 2nd last transfer was in Nov, and my last transfer was in Feb. It fell off my radar. And I ended with a 5th place finish. I'll take it!

posted by gspm at 09:06 AM on June 14, 2011

Fantasy Premier League

Oh, saw the title of the post and went to reactivate the old league. Now, reading the post, I see you've started a new league. In any case, the old league has been renewed and the three of us (plus holden and David N) are in it.

That being said, I just changed the admin for that league (the legacy league) from me to you, trox, so if you log back in you should see the Spofi EPL 10-11 league under your purview which you can do whatever you like with.

Do note the benefit of keeping it and deleting the first one in that anybody who was in it last year will be automatically (?) re-entered into as they reopen their user accounts. In any case, you are the admin of both leagues now. Your call.

posted by gspm at 04:53 PM on July 16, 2010

Premier Fanstasy League

Somehow, I see this fresh thread and swoop in to hang my head in shame.

It was me, then the Spofi redesign of yore F*ed up the easy way I had assembled to make the updates and I have never got it back together.

My apologies, but I'll be honest and confess I don't see myself sorting it out to bring back what I once provided.

I'll be "in control" of the spofi pool on the EPL website as commish and I will renew that when it comes up in August. If that matters.

posted by gspm at 05:30 PM on March 15, 2010

EPL Fantasy 09-10

My apologies. I have been keeping track, making tables, uploaded a few but not followed up with proper threads.

We lost skronk though. Two weeks ago the pool had 26 entries. Fair to say my lack of updates can take some of the blame. Will get it sorted this week for sure.

posted by gspm at 04:36 PM on September 19, 2009

EPL Fantasy 09-10

I have the numbers to make a second week update, but might not have the time to make that update until the weekend, that is until week 3 starts.

posted by gspm at 11:34 AM on August 20, 2009

EPL Fantasy 09-10

I think you did in the original 09-10 thread. Knew I'd read that somewhere and forgot to check.

posted by gspm at 08:46 AM on August 19, 2009

EPL Fantasy 09-10

If anybody wants to claim the four teams I couldn't connect with a Spofite then makes yourselves known. Also, some of the regulars (WC2002? rcade?) are AWOL.

posted by gspm at 04:42 PM on August 18, 2009

Spofi EPL Fantasy League 09-10 Week 0 Update

Great idea Jeffwa. Will look to do that.

posted by gspm at 01:48 PM on July 18, 2009

Spofi EPL Fantasy League 09-10 Week 0 Update

Code for new entrants: 275238-68196

Sorry for the precipitous drop in lockerroom updates that I had been providing. I guess it was the site revamp last year that changed the updating job from a simple task to a frustrating task and I stopped. Best of luck this year!

Ronaldo-less teams for all!

posted by gspm at 10:34 AM on July 18, 2009

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EPL pool folks - I am okay though more or less threw my hands up because the new spofi code made the old tried and true, oiled to perfection, EPL update thread creation a chore.

I have been keeping track of the info though, so it is not lost to the ether. I just missed one week, one became two and then my PhD defence was scheduled and things fall by the wayside.

posted by gspm at 06:50 PM on December 09, 2008

Spofi EPL pool 08-09 Week 6 update.

Well, the rest of the tables now violate a 4,000 character limit applied to comments. So, they're again published offsite.

posted by gspm at 11:03 AM on September 29, 2008

Spofi EPL pool 08-09 Week 6 update.

Look! The whole table is there. We're back in business.

Global Average: 48 Global Highest: 104 Spofi Average: 47.6 Last week's update Pool page

posted by gspm at 10:45 AM on September 29, 2008

Spofi EPL Pool 08-09 Week 4 Update

Overall Table - 21 to 30

# Team Manager Week Total Change
21 En Fuego etrader 40 188 0
22 Blanquito Favorito Ricardo 36 186 2
23 Carburetor Dung FC chicobangs 28 183 5
24 Cutters VI mdb1 26 180 2
25 Florida Skeeters rcade 34 180 2
26 Salmacis FC salmacis 30 178 1
27 Dover Divers yerfatma 38 176 0
28 Mossy Unathletic Mossy 33 168 0
29 BillSaysThisScores billsaysthis 17 109 0
30 Kowalski FC Jason Wilder 49 55 0

Dunno why there are big spaces after the titles. But there are three table chunks.

posted by gspm at 11:07 AM on September 26, 2008

Spofi EPL Pool 08-09 Week 4 Update

Overall Table - 11 to 20

11 Hamburglar SV trox 43 222 0
12 Crap City United gspm 40 216 0
13 Yukon United YukonGold 50 212 2
14 Phatcat FC garfield 55 210 4
14 Buckeye FC Jeffwa 53 210 2
16 Red Dragons worldcup2002 49 209 1
17 Ball Booters cabuki 42 205 3
18 Guantanamo Bay FC The_Black_Hand 27 201 5
19 No Name Here Fence 44 197 4

posted by gspm at 11:05 AM on September 26, 2008