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Suspected Knee Ligament Damage for Beckham: David Beckham, ... seemed to have twisted his right knee in the 69th minute, while attempting an on-the-run cross, and hobbled of the pitch clutching it.

posted by scottypup to soccer at 02:09 PM on March 05, 2007 - 36 comments

QB: T-Rac Wrecked My Season: Quarterback Adrian McPherson, who was injured during a pre-season game when run over by a golf cart driven by the Tennessee Titans's raccoon mascot, has sued the NFL team for $20 million in damages.

posted by scottypup to football at 01:20 PM on December 18, 2006 - 22 comments

Bomar gone at OU: OU starting QB and a starting OL are kicked off the team permenantly for allegedly taking payments from a job and not actually doing the work.

posted by scottypup to football at 08:33 AM on August 03, 2006 - 33 comments

Young Suspended 50 games: This kid has tons of talent but apparently has an anger problem. Maybe this will wake him up before he destroys his career.

posted by scottypup to baseball at 04:49 PM on May 09, 2006 - 49 comments

America's Tournament: Dan Wetzel: "For three weeks you can forget about your big-market, big-city, big-revenue pro sports. The beauty of the NCAA tournament is that even someone like the little Albany Great Danes has a chance -- albeit the chance of a 16th seed about to play Connecticut, which means, what, a one in a million chance? According to USA Today, try one in a sextillion. So you're saying there's a chance. "

posted by scottypup to basketball at 09:43 AM on March 15, 2006 - 11 comments

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Kentucky High School Football Coach Acquitted In Player's Death

I can't tell you how many times I threw up when I played football. Summer, preseason 2 a days are brutal. But just because the kid was throwing up would not necesarily be a reason to be real worried.

As for not allowing water. Other players on the team testified that was incorrect and they were allowed water breaks.

Yea it is very sad that the boy died. But to hold Coach Stinson liable when he was conducting a practice much the same way hundreds of HS and College coaches do every fall is just someone looking for soemone to blame.

The only fault I can find is maybe not getting a player who was on medication which could cause problems a much more intensive physical than is normally required. But that was as much the parents fault as anyone else.

posted by scottypup at 09:55 AM on September 18, 2009

Serena Williams Loses U.S. Open Match for Threatening Line Judge

Bad call or not Sarena over reacted. She said things that should not have been said. Having been a referee in various sports I know what kind of abuse can be inflicted on these people and more needs to be done to stop it.

She'd already thrown a tantrum at the end of the first set and received a warning so it was not an isolated incident in the match. She was getting her a** handed to her and could not handle the frustration.

I'm surprised some reporter has not found the people who were sitting right behind the judge to find out what they heard her say. Outside of the judge and Sarena they probably would know the best.

posted by scottypup at 09:41 AM on September 14, 2009

Raiders Sent Ultimatum to No-Show Richard Seymour

Ok the real thing that makes me mad about this sort of thing is that these guys sign a contract. But they only want to fulfill that contract when it is beneficial to them. That's not the way it works. If he wanted a no trade clause then he should have negotiated it into his contract.

There is no real penalty for breaking his contract. Yea he can set out a year and not get paid but there is nothing that will happen to him after this year. My opinion if a player breaks a contract then there should be long term penalties. Maybe in this case, the players contract goes on hold until he actually plays. So a 5 year contract, would be 5 played years and would not include any years he sat out except for injury.

My opinion anyway.

posted by scottypup at 12:37 PM on September 11, 2009

White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle throws perfect game

Buehrle is a damn good pitcher. There aren't too many guys with two no-nos on the resume.

He is only the 5th picher to throw a perfect game and another no hitter.

posted by scottypup at 09:07 AM on July 24, 2009

Will the Rams leave St. Louis?

If the Rams moved would that make them the most often moved NFL team?

Off the top of my head the Raiders, Rams and Cards have each moved twice.

posted by scottypup at 10:38 AM on June 02, 2009

Former NBA player Wayman Tisdale loses his battle with cancer.

Man one of the local Tulsa TV stations just did a piece on him last night. They did not mention he was in that bad shape although I pretty much knew it was going to be this soon.

He was the same age I am. My high school hosted a big basketball tournament every year bringing in the top teams in the Four State Area (Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Missouri). In 1982 Booker T. played in the tournament. They were so far above all the other teams with Tisdale I don't think they had a game closer than 20 points the whole tournament. It was like watching a Pro play against junior high kids.

In later years, especially after the cancer's emergence, he was one of the most inspirational people I've ever been around. No matter what was going on for him he was always positive and every conversation ended with God Bless You.

He will very much be missed.

posted by scottypup at 02:05 PM on May 15, 2009

SI's list of best and worst owners.

I'm not a follower of Hockey so could not comment on any of the owners in that league, good or bad.

posted by scottypup at 09:01 AM on May 15, 2009

SI's list of best and worst owners.

The Rooney family to me stands above everyone, that was not a shock.

I was not sure of their finances but they do what needs to be done to win and you can't ask for much more stability in the front office and sidelines. Plus the success of the team and fan support can hardly be questioned.

posted by scottypup at 05:51 PM on May 14, 2009

No Handslaps Until You Touch Home!

I have been to hundreds of college and ASA/AFA summer games over the years and nearly every team either lines up on the third base line or else waits at home. Even the ones that don't, the player will generally slap the coaches hand as they round third. In some cases the 3rd base coach is a player.

So it is not like this is an unusal practice.

posted by scottypup at 11:11 AM on May 08, 2009

No Handslaps Until You Touch Home!

I'm just thinking how complete opposite this is to the story last year of the girl who hit the walk off game winner and twisted her ankle rounding first base. Her team mates could not help her or they would have been interfering, so the opposing team carried her around the bases, even though it meant they lost the game and the league championship.

The coach in question here could learn a lot from those girls. Coaches are supposed to be the ones teaching good sportsmanship and regardless of the rule or application, bringing up the rule and winnign a game on a technicality is poor sportsmanship in my eyes.

posted by scottypup at 10:28 AM on May 07, 2009

No Handslaps Until You Touch Home!

Well if the coach had a rule book in her bag as she said in the article then she knew what the correct punishment should have been. Yet she chose to ignore that part of the rule. She said she didn't want to win that way but rules were rules, yet she seems to agree with that only when the rules are in her favor.

As far as the rule book in her bag comment. I remember seeing a coach get launched in a 18U Gold qualifier game once for bringing a rule book on the field. The ump said it was illegal equipment. LOL

posted by scottypup at 03:29 PM on May 06, 2009

Top 10 Worst First Pitches

I noticed that when Patrick Sharp threw the warm-up pitch at the beginning of the clip he threw it right handed. After he caught the throw back he looked like he was going to throw it left handed but they cut away a bit early to tell for sure.

posted by scottypup at 04:46 PM on April 09, 2009

Broncos Trade Jay Cutler to Bears for Two First Round Picks and Kyle Orton

With the Broncos asking for two 1st round picks and Cutler now backpeddling on his initial announcement that he had asked to be traded, I'm wondering if this is just a matter of the Broncos calling his bluff and asking so much they know that no one is going to bite.

Cutler is decent but he is not worth two 1st round picks. IMO

posted by scottypup at 01:58 PM on April 02, 2009

NFL Changes Rules for Player Safety

Weedy you are pretty naive yourself if you think the NFL is worried about anything more than the current players drawing power. They know that the Bradys and Mannings draw the fans and the revenue. They are not concerned with the players after they retire or they would be doing something to help the already retired players.

Brady gets hurt in a somewhat freak play and they make a rule to keep another big draw player from getting hurt, plain and simple.

posted by scottypup at 05:30 PM on March 27, 2009

NFL Changes Rules for Player Safety

I'm not against stopping cheap shots. But the lunge rule we are talking about as well as other rules recently have made it so players can not go 100% full speed all the time. The problem with that is nothing is stopping the O-lineman from going full speed. You have a D player having to let up and he can still get hit full speed while he is on the ground. Or he backs off because he may hit the QB a fraction of a second after he has released the ball, but the OL to his side knocks him on his a** when he lets up.

I don't have a problem with making the game safer. But do it for everyone. It seems like most of the time when we see rule changes like this it because a big star has gotten hurt. Not the lineman in the trenches or the back up QB.

posted by scottypup at 11:07 AM on March 27, 2009