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What's bigger? Connors in '91 or Agassi today?

Will you ever not be so hypocritical? You're "expressing an honest opinion". Im "throwing a fit". I've seen you exaggerate before, but this is crazy.Its like some people are "looting" and some are "eating to survive". Stop hating man. Where does it end? I'd rather have a bunch of connors/to's/tysons/ and anybody else thats brutally honest(and sometimes and ass) rather than having 1 crybaby/sissy/bad sport/judgmental/jealous/last kid picked at kickball/non athletic failure. I think i hit a nerve with the "last kid picked at kickball reference".Thank God (i guess)for someone inventing this type of forum(to give that kid picked last somewhere to vent) jerry rice-football mark messier-hockey rcade-spo fi?

posted by Web_Spiner at 11:50 AM on September 12, 2005

Publicity Stunt? - You Decide

If you don't like it then leave!! I doubt anyone will miss ya posted by jojomfd1 at 11:03 AM CST on September 12 See? Too funny. I bet you dont even realize how you just proved my point.Boy, you told me. your the man, and to think i actually agreed with you about something in the past.I must have been drunk that day. Man seriously, do you like me? Its like you roam the site trying to see what i've posted. Man, get a girlfriend. you're like some kind of posting stalker or something. Go away. Talk about the topic. Start another genius thread. Shew. And do yourself a favor you blithering idiot. Try to add atleast one thought to the actual topic of the thread as each of us did before we said anything else.Having jojomofo d as a member of spo fi just made the stock drop yet another half point.

posted by Web_Spiner at 11:27 AM on September 12, 2005

Publicity Stunt? - You Decide

No shit, whats with the amount of gay references on this site? Whenever two people take over an Internet discussion with an argument, it always seems like foreplay to me Whenever people sit around and watch people take over an internet discussion,then chime in,it always seems like some sort of wierd plea for a threesome to me. Some people see homo-eroticism in everything they look at. Might be a symptom. You could very well be coming down with being GAY!

posted by Web_Spiner at 11:13 AM on September 12, 2005

Publicity Stunt? - You Decide

I can only laugh. Listen hardrock(his name says it all). It wasnt me man, i was not the one who kicked your little ass all over high school.I didnt cut you from the football team.I didnt take your 1 girlfriend.My man, trust me,dont put some much stock in this. Get your blood pressure down and relax. Do you even realize you said the word clown like 5 times?I can imagine you slobbering all over your keyboard,breaking out into a sweat. Get off the roids man.they're making you act out of character. And if your not on roids then i guess its just your character. Im sorry farve isnt as good as he use to be.he was the man in the past and now hes just old.your a fan of his. I wouldnt judge you for that. I know its not your fault your parents were in the KKK,but "dude" you need to get over it.I can see you now beating your kids because the packers lost a game. Seek help before i roll you for you're free lunch "ticket" you silly ass,confederate rebel flag tatoo having,3 teeth in the front missing,flannel shirt wearing,monster truck driving,chris rock hating,garaunted 2nd cousin of someone named billy jo bob,whole tivo memory programmed with "rastlin" and "blue collar tv" watching, spawn of hitler.(sorry just responding to being called waterboy and clown) Theres more to life than to cry about someone being a crybaby. What about crying about someone crying about someone being a crybaby? posted by rcade at 3:39 PM CST on September 11 Are you not some sort of admin person on this site? you should be discouraging this type of behavior rather than provoking it. This place is losing stock so fast you would think its going to break enrons record. Think about it, my impression of a spo fi thread. "my team rocks, your team sucks. George michael is gay,no you're a troll!!Oh yea, wanna meet somewhere and i'll kick your ass? No, i'll kick your ass redneck. Oh no you wont "niger". No john wayne didnt just call me a "kneeger". admin admin, he's calling me names. well you called him names first".blah blah blah and so on. Sigh. What happen to respectable debate and a respectable MEDIATOR. p.s anyone with any information regarding the origin of the following cliche please respond. Like I said...water seeks its own level clown. posted by hardrock2005 at 10:23 PM CST on September 11

posted by Web_Spiner at 07:31 AM on September 12, 2005

What's bigger? Connors in '91 or Agassi today?

I was pulling for agassi. It would have been nice to see him win. I guess i dislike federer the same way i disliked M.Jordan. I'm a roddick fan.The same way i was a charles barkley fan. You think maybe oneday they can slay the giant. I just saw a stat on espn that made me respect federer even more. 24 yrs old with a record of 71-3.23-0 in the finals. thats just ridiculous. I think what charlatan was trying to say was, I never understand the antipathy when it comes to athletes like Tyson, T.O., Bonds, or guys like Connors. Who gives a shit about their attitude? Judge the way they dominate a sport and nothing else. There is so much crying about good athletes attitudes. You get these uppity/high and mighty sports writers/critics that spend every waking moment trying to find something negative about a guy who might be deemed "cocky" or "arrogant". Think about it, what would sports be like if everybody acted like tom brady/pete sampras/tim duncan. Its almost like they actually "hate" people like TO/tyson/Johnny Mac/cassius clay/charles barkley. Hey, do you actually expect everyone to act as "you think" they should?Imagine if you woke up everyday and all you saw was YOU. I guess the point is,when does discussing an event or a player go from debating their performance to personal judgment.Saying you "hate" to see a guy(or girl) win because you dont like the way they act? I felt kind of dirty rooting for connors? Do you think his kid felt dirty? Or his Parents?Sorry i didnt know Jesus Christ himself was a member here. I swear you would think that these type of people got their ass kicked by somebody in high school that looked like T.O or Connors etc..and this is their revenge. Seriously,focus on your families and your life, because trust me, There is someone out there(a coworker/your trashman/the guy who cuts your lawn/the girl at the gas station) that thinks you're an "asshole" too and you dont deserve shit in life either. Where does it end? I'd rather have a bunch of connors/to's/tysons/ and anybody else thats brutally honest(and sometimes and ass) rather than having 1 crybaby/sissy/bad sport/judgmental/jealous/last kid picked at kickball/non athletic failure.

posted by Web_Spiner at 06:30 AM on September 12, 2005

Publicity Stunt? - You Decide

I swear some of you "TO haters" need a woman. He doesnt have to auction shit. You dont realize how much your belly aching is just as bad as his. The ring is the teams?The ring has his number and name clown.He is on the team. Why would someone wanting a "moratorium" on TO threads read (and post)on one? Makes you wonder. I gave money to the Red Cross and took a whole bunch of items to the aid drive that was held on the grounds of the state capitol. I was all out of championship rings. So, Mr. Holier Than Thou, did I show my true colors? Right on "TERRAPIN". A lot of us have donated money or clothes for the hurricane victims in silence Unreal, "in silence". Are you 2 seeking attention for the things you've done? Why mention it? Now should we question your motives for giving? Why donate things? Why not buy all new things? Hear how that sounds? Its foolish to question anything people do that will help others. Like i said, some people's hate is down right sickening.This guy could give a kidney to a cancer patient and some of you people would say he's doing it to get on web MD's website. Cant wait to hear the crying if this guy wins a superbowl.He's doing something to help the victims of katrina, ask them how much they give a fuck where the money comes from. I could see some of you begging some of the less fortunate down on the golf coast to turn the money away that comes from this ring. Just because TO torches the secondary of your favorite team. The way you guys talk makes me think that you're exactly the type of fans like the guy who ran on the court in detroit,and got dropped by jermaine O'neal. Theres more to life than to cry about someone being a crybaby. Limited abilities? Theres your proof. Lets see, you're a niners,cowboys,or ravens fan. The best receiver in the NFL has limited abilities. Poor fellow, your team will get better. Whats next a thread calling TO the "N" word because he gave 100k to the Alzheimers foundation?

posted by Web_Spiner at 02:00 PM on September 11, 2005

Hockey rules.

Thanks!Thats funny. I actually watched game 6 between philly/oilers (i forget the year)87 or 88 on espn classic about a month ago. It was so crazy watching people skate with the puck and not get touched/clutched/grabbed "HELD"!! The game was so much faster back then. Then along comes detroit and new jersey with this trapping/left wing lock australian rules hockey crap.Yes it was winning hockey,however you could probably win if you parked a zamboni in your net and hung a goalie mask on it. Ever year the powers that be say the calls will be made for holding/hooking.We'll have to wait and see.

posted by Web_Spiner at 07:05 AM on September 11, 2005

Publicity Stunt? - You Decide

If you think about it. Its a lose lose situation for him.If he does nothing, he's a greedy bastard with to much money. If he does something that will help these people that have lost everything, he's doing it for attention. Again, if anyone is related to someone with Alzheimers disease, you should check terrellowens.com for his link about the disease and the foundation he donates to. His grandmother suffers from the disease. TO has donated to many charitys well before this BS with Mcnabb. He's guilty of being a big baby sometimes, big deal. He has no drug arrests/no domestic violence/no rape claims, like many NFL players(some in the hall of fame). I havnt seen any big storys about TO and this ring. I think the only attention its getting is from us. WAIT!!! just think, if this FPP didnt exist,TO would just be auctioning the ring to help those people with no attention to himself what so ever. Are we MORE guilty by giving him the "attention" that we're not even sure he is seeking? Some people are just pure haters.I mean really think about these phrases. "I dont like the way TO helps the victims of Katrina" "He's not doing it the way "i" think he should". If some of you haters put as much effort in helping those in need as you do hating TO, the crisis would be over by now. lets end this thread with this Compare what TO is doing for the victims to what "YOU" are doing for the victims...pretty sad huh? Start a "i hate TO" thread,bash him to death. Talk about his Momma for all i care. But never judge someone for helping people in need. Skydivemom, nice thread. It caused some people to think, and it caused some to show their "true colors"

posted by Web_Spiner at 03:06 AM on September 11, 2005

Hockey rules.

i agree with succa, i think some of us are forgetting the fact that you still have to "come into the other teams zone" to score. Face up hitting and checking the person who has the puck is "still" legal.Even if the person gets rid of the puck quickly im sure the NHL will call these hits the way a hit on an NFL QB is called (after he gets rid of the ball)he is still fair game for a split second,if the hitter was "already in progress". No matter how the "clutch/grab" rule is dealt with remember this, Speed is made null and void if there is no "room" to skate. I think a team like philly will actually be better off than most.They will plant those huge defensemen along the top of the circles during transition and they will basically stack them in front of their own goal on a penalty kill (giving them virtually 2 extra "goalies") There were 2 type of teams thru the 80's before the "clutch grab trap"era of the 90's. You had the oilers (fast small quick)and you had the Flyers(big bigger biggest)and it made for one of the best stanley cup series ever(was it 87'?). I think you will see alot of position playing and offensive players(carrying the puck)getting stood up at the top of the circles vs. getting "harassed" from behind.Which will make for even more "dump/chase" hockey then anything(with even more room to dump and chase since the goalie will be limited to playing the puck in a smaller area).Clarke (in philly)has stuck to the dump/chase for 20 years. It finally might come in handy.

posted by Web_Spiner at 04:33 AM on September 10, 2005

Coroner: 49ers' Herrion died of heart disease

Thanks for the advice Texan. You're right.I guess i got offended by someone thinking that i "turned" my point of view because it was the "politically correct" thing to do.I genuinely realized my mistake, said i was sorry, and that was it. I'm new here,but from some of the FPP's i've read in the past,even admitting to being wrong is something you dont find much of here. As far as the "feed the troll" comment. This is a sign that some of you guys who have been here longer need to seriously think about what is posted in the "locker room". Alot of these newer people see things like people being called "trolls" and saying that George michael is "gay". They take comments like these an apply them to everyone that doesnt agree with them.It seems like on every other thread there is someone being called a troll or gay just due to a disagreement. You guys that have been here longer are examples to the rest of us (whether you want to be or not) I mean pretty soon every thread on this site is going to end with "screw you, die troll, i'll spit in your face,you and george michael are gay". Even the debate on this site used to be respectable, even when people disagreed. Now i feel even worse because none of this is about Mr.Herrion...RIP.

posted by Web_Spiner at 03:42 AM on September 10, 2005

Publicity Stunt? - You Decide

To be honest, you should check TO's website to see what he does for the Alzheimers fund. All people have their down side, TO happens to have a bad attitude almost childish.However hes never been in the news for drug dealing/smoking weed/spousal abuse/rape, like some NFL players.He happens to be a "well publicized baby". When it comes to him giving, hes at the top of the list. TO was raised by his grandmother(who suffers from alzheimers)(meaning his parents were not around)that has an affect on some people. This is not a stunt. There are people that need help. And he is helping.How a person can be judged negatively for that is beyond me. Im sure you'll find some TO hater that can spin this into something negative. I went to high school with larry webster in MD. He got a ring coming of the bench for the ravens the year they won it.These are not 3k rings. These rings(some championship/superbowl) are worth between 15-20k (just from a jewelry aspect)which is far above the 5k warrick dunn is saying each player should donate. Im sure the people affected would be grateful.

posted by Web_Spiner at 03:11 AM on September 10, 2005

Coroner: 49ers' Herrion died of heart disease

I dont think they will find any blockage(due to him being only 23)I do think they will find some trace of performance based/or recreational drug that most likely will be deemed the "cause" of death. I hate to speculate at this time. However this guy was a "3rd stringer" who was trying to make the roster.I guess i see now why some of these guys want more money. Some of them actually do "leave it all on the field". May God Bless His Family. posted by Web_Spiner at 6:58 PM CST on August 21 Do i think he would spit in my face after seeing this?No i dont.Having the type of blockage he had at his age is and was virtually unheard of.In a previous post Texan lost in NY stated he got an ekg and it showed trouble. I received an EKG when my nerve pain specialist put me on a new nerve pain medication. It took about 6 minutes. You mean to tell me that guys over approx 260lbs or over shouldnt get a mandatory EKG when working in the extreme heat? that costs to much? Gimme a break. when i made the "drug reference" again I was referring to a stimulant period(over the counter or otherwise)Congress can insinuate drug use about athletes in general and its ok? I look in the mirror just fine. I dont think a man like thomas herrion would "spit in anyones face" you disgusting excuse for a human being.I changed my tune after i reread my own words and saw how they could be misunderstood. And again i honestly was referring to a GNC type ephedra product since there was a report of "supplements in his locker". Read before you type little man. I know one thing, I know you wouldnt "spit in my face" you ignorant ass. Maybe you might have "spit in your exgirlfriends face" and thought it was cool. Just to say such a thing really shows what type of man/woman you are. But again, this thread is about thomas herrion. not about whos face you think would be spat in.Have some respect. people make mistakes, and they realize them, then they apologize. I can only assume that a man/woman who talks about "spitting in anyones face" wouldnt know anything about that. Grow up before someone forces you to. Im assuming the john q whiteguy statement offended you.

posted by Web_Spiner at 11:00 PM on September 07, 2005

Coroner: 49ers' Herrion died of heart disease

COST COST COST. what an attitude. "fuck em, let them die"? "as long as they're entertaining me"? you cant put a fucking cost on fathers,son's,mother's,daughter's etc...lives. I bet if one of your family members passed physicals,then something like this happened in their line of work,you would have a lawsuit faster than you could say "im a narrow minded asshole". We're not talking about these type of tests for the teller at your bank or the person who rung-up your groceries at walmart. This is the fucking NFL. expensive??????? what does a human life cost ??? "we're developing a technique to measure a players core body temp to prevent heat stroke". "we've developed this machine were you put these virtual reality goggles on,and it can determine whether or not you have a concussion in 6 minutes"(so if you dont we can get you back on the field faster) concussions are fatal 3% of the time if that. yet hundreds of thousands of dollars is being spent on this technology.(to get them back on the field faster or to help save their life?) EXPENSIVE? ok maybe not an angiogram. how about the "echo test". If a person has enough blockage as to cause MI during their line of work then they damn sure should beable to develop a test that could possibly save someones life.I think we can agree that they do have the tests and the means. then why isnt it done? does john q "whiteguy" have to die before its done? EXPENSIVE? i bet the first damn thing people like you said about new orleans was, "i wonder if the cost is worth pumping all that water out". You're talking about one of the richest damn sports leagues in the world.If i go get a fucking physical from damn doctor, you can damn sure believe that artery blockage is one of the fucking things he damn sure better find if i have it.Or is the doctor trying to determine if the the strength of my left ACL is worth the contract im getting? this guy wasnt suffering from mild chest pains, he fell the fuck over dead after he performed his job.we can pretty much agree that he didnt have say 30% blockage. EXPENSIVE? i wonder what one team made from jersey sales last year. Whats your life worth? honestly? do you think its worth the cost of a any heart/cardio test at all? How many people in this country have by-pass surgery every year. Blockage is very detectable. EXPENSIVE? you people should be a fucking shamed of yourself. And so should the greedy ass fucking NFL. This thread is about a man who gave his life for a game,and he's not the first.Dont try to look cool by posting some ignorant retort and ruining this thread.Its about the unfortunate passing of a young man that probably could have been prevented. If he could join this conversation right here and now, what do you think his opinion would be? Would you have the fucking nerve to tell him that the tests that could have possibly saved his life are a bit to expensive and not rational?he would probably say, i have a couple hundred thousand dollars and top of the line insurance.I cant help but wonder if this happen to someone like say Tom brady or brett farve would there have been a fucking congressional hearing as to determine how the hell they passed a physical.You know, the fucking hearings they are having just to see if someone is "cheating" with drugs? My local damn ymca has a fucking defibrillator. the NFL cant detect enough blockage in a players arteries that could possibly stop his fucking heart during or after a damn game? think about it: putting on a pair of shoulder pads cost:your life. going to play a game cost: your life. running up and down a football field on TV cost: your life thomas herrion never getting to see his family or drive his niece around because some people think the costs to do certain tests that would have possibly saved his life are to "expensive"...priceless. Shame on you for even mentioning something like cost when someones life has been lost. EXPENSIVE? God bless thomas herrion, who PAID the ultimate price for something he loved doing and for the entertainment of others.

posted by Web_Spiner at 05:34 PM on September 07, 2005

Coroner: 49ers' Herrion died of heart disease

God Bless Him. In the previous thread i was the first to mention a possible drug related issue with his untimely demise. However it was heart disease(something i figured they could have determined with an autopsy)Which is why i thought it could have been related more so to any type of performance enhancer(or street drug that elevates heart rate). The reason for my speculation was a selfish one. I wanted to have something to blame his death on besides his weight/size/cardio fitness or anything else having to do with heart/artery health. I've lived my entire life with a "lineman build" as they call it. (Stocky/heavy frame).I also have suffered from high cholesterol for the past 15 years.I rarely go to the drs. due to the lack of health insurance. And its a hard thing to admit, that one minute you could be doing something you love and the next minute you're gone.I wanted to have something to blame this young mans death on,besides a disease that is so hard to detect(without proper testing)(i.e mr.Herrion passing his NFL physical) I deeply regret my speculation concerning Mr. herrions death. Again i Pray Gods blessing upon his family, friends, and loved ones. I move for an immediate rally for the NFL and teams individually to begin testing for diseases this deadly.The NFL must become more heart health conscious with the size requirements/and intense physical demand put on NFL players. If the NFL would have canceled just 1 of mr.Herrion's drug tests(all of which he passed)and had him take an angiogram, maybe he'd still be with us.

posted by Web_Spiner at 09:20 PM on September 06, 2005

Pass the plate for Peerless?

and if a multi-million dollar contract is not enough, then your a pathetic representative of the human race. Again we need perspective. What world are you living in? These guys hold out every year. The NHL just locked players out because they think the players get to much money,and the league and the owners want more of the revenue.Are they pathetic? Remember, TO is comparing the money he gets to the top 10 producers in his field.In which he is in the top 3 easy. When a hooker at the bunny ranch asks for more money,that pimp guy on HBO doesnt say "you would be a crackwhore in chester PA if it wasnt for me".She wants to be paid in the same range as the other girls at the ranch.Not in the range of the girls in the HBO special "it aint easy being a ho".Yea, the pimp guy got her off the street(somewhere she didnt want to be)but in the time being she realizes that she is still being paid like she was a crackwhore, and not like those high class broads at the "cathouse". Stop looking at it like TO is saying "compared to the school teachers in america, i aint getting paid shiot bitches".

posted by Web_Spiner at 02:05 AM on September 01, 2005