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California kid strikes out 18: If only the Rangers had him in the rotation.

posted by wannabeacowboybaby to baseball at 03:49 AM on August 21, 2005 - 4 comments

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Too Much Time - Too Much Beer -

wow!..punched out by a kicker?..were there women in this bar?..what kid of bouncer gets hit by a guy that hasnt hit anything for three weeks!

posted by wannabeacowboybaby at 09:03 PM on August 17, 2005

Canada's national "Hide & Seek" team.

cant wait til they add a real sport like errr...uhhh....bikini snatching....yea thats the ticket...and maybe mud wrestling

posted by wannabeacowboybaby at 11:01 PM on July 27, 2005

Forrest Lump.

ok...is he going to play video games while he walks...since the youth of america apparently think that is a sport....pleeeeease tell me he wont be wearing spandex!

posted by wannabeacowboybaby at 10:43 PM on July 24, 2005

Terrell Owens pays Jesus the ultimate compliment...

I hope some safety blows both his knees out and ends this loudmouths waste of on air time

posted by wannabeacowboybaby at 12:17 AM on July 23, 2005