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Marvin Lewis is a god!

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NBC to Stream NFL games live on the Internet this season.: Maybe this internet thing isn't just a fad after all.

posted by mick to football at 08:18 AM on July 26, 2008 - 7 comments

The old left-hander, rounding third and heading for home.: Joe Nuxhall passed away at the age of 79 last night. His first appearance in a game was at the age of 15 for the Cincinnati Reds, making him the youngest player in MLB history. Joe went on to have a 15 year career (including 3 all-star selections) on the field and another 40 years in the broadcast booth.

posted by mick to baseball at 07:59 AM on November 16, 2007 - 9 comments

The Quatable Sir Charles:: "The NBA's in disarray - a white guy won the slam-dunk competition. We need to have another Million Man March." Responding to L.A. Clippers rookie Brent Barry winning the slam dunk competition.

posted by mick to basketball at 02:14 PM on January 24, 2007 - 17 comments

Excerpt from Chad: I Can't Be Stopped.: Who we know is the image they choose to project. Chad Johnson is no different. Image: Flashy, hyperactive, talkative to the point of distraction. Reality: Hes very quiet, says Paula Johnson, his mother. Image: Laughing, joking life of the party. Reality: Asleep by halftime of Monday Night Football.

posted by mick to football at 10:17 AM on August 27, 2006 - 18 comments

Yahoo is for You-Hoos: Techcrunch's write-up on Flea Flicker got me thinking about Season 4(?) of SpoFi FFL. Maybe give this a try over Yahoo?

posted by mick to fantasy at 08:27 AM on July 18, 2006 - 14 comments

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Pitchers and Catchers Report

The fact that the season does not open in Cincinnati is all that is wrong with the game.

posted by mick at 12:54 PM on February 13, 2012

SportsFilter: The Saturday Huddle

I hate the pro game but I think I may be going linsane

posted by mick at 09:18 AM on February 11, 2012

Bengals Resign Troubled Receiver Chris Henry

The Cincinnati Enquirer's Sports Columnist had a great reaction to this.

posted by mick at 10:53 AM on August 20, 2008

Did somebody say "Football?"

The Drunken Irish will stumble through another long season

posted by mick at 04:40 PM on June 25, 2008

Bengal's Wide Receiver Arrested

The bengals just cut him

posted by mick at 11:30 AM on April 03, 2008

Best All-Time Baseball Broadcaster?

Tahoumoj, not only is Marty still doing the games but his broadcasting partner is his son Thom. Something special about hearing a father & son, both great announcers, doing a game. And yes, Thom does call Marty 'dad' on air.

posted by mick at 12:10 PM on February 16, 2008

Giants Win Superbowl!

I was rooting for the Pats until the talk about the tape of the Ram's pre-game walk-through surfaced.

posted by mick at 10:45 PM on February 03, 2008

Nevermore! Ravens Fire Brian Billick

I got a feeling Marvin Lewis will be the next Raven's head coach

posted by mick at 09:59 PM on January 01, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel Banned From Monday Night Football

The ban was redacted, ESPN fell over themselves saying he was welcome whenever (Read: ABC turned some screws)

posted by mick at 05:20 PM on October 18, 2007

SportsFilter Has 2.37 Million RSS Subscribers

Time to start monetizing! Users under 50 each get 2%, correct?

posted by mick at 08:07 PM on October 13, 2007

Yankees Broadcaster Suzyn Waldman Cries on the Air

The only thing that makes the end of a Red's season worth listening to is the fact that Marty Brennaman is the greatest living sportscaster. And he's no homer.

posted by mick at 09:56 PM on October 10, 2007

For The Love of Sport: Welcome to the New Big East

Another Big East team that will probably break the top 25 by year's end (they're currently 30 in the AP Poll): The Cincinnati Bearcats.

posted by mick at 08:46 PM on September 22, 2007

Patriots Caught Taping Jets Defensive Signals, May Lose Draft Picks

It should go further than that, Belicheck should be suspended. If HGH for erectile dysfunction get you 5 this should get you at least 6. And chants of cheater should follow the team where ever they play (and I was a pats fan too).

posted by mick at 08:33 AM on September 12, 2007

"Adam Dunn looks like a monkey with a football in left field."

Cunningham is also the station's program manager and responsible for these racist billboards.

posted by mick at 02:18 PM on September 08, 2007

"Adam Dunn looks like a monkey with a football in left field."

I despise Cunningham with every fiber of my skyline-chili eating being.

posted by mick at 07:29 PM on September 07, 2007