April 03, 2008

Hidden: Bengal's Wide Receiver Arrested: Once again the thug rep. is jumping out at us. Maybe the 3 strikes and you're out rule seriously needs to be instated in the NFL... These guys need to realize they are not above the law... And I thought the NBA was getting bad for a while... They are choir boys compared to the NFL lately... As they say, one bad apple...

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posted by everett at 08:03 AM on April 03, 2008

Ha Ha, it doesn't surprise me. I mean really does it surprise anyone else? How many convicts does the Bengals have Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by jsteelers36 at 08:05 AM on April 03, 2008

The bengals just cut him

posted by mick at 11:30 AM on April 03, 2008

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