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Bengal's Wide Receiver Arrested

Ha Ha, it doesn't surprise me. I mean really does it surprise anyone else? How many convicts does the Bengals have Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by jsteelers36 at 08:05 AM on April 03, 2008

Top ten sports brawls in sports history.

I can't remember which NFL teams they were, but they called the game in the third quarter due to fans throwing stuff onto the field, I mean it was bad, bad. Then after they cleared the stadium of all the fans they made the players come back out and finish the game. Was it Cleveland and the Jag's? Help I am trying to remember.

posted by jsteelers36 at 02:52 PM on May 16, 2007

Best Derby Moment: O.J. Gets Booted

I guess we will never know, who really committed those murders. The man was found, not guilty, innocent, whatever one it was. If he did it, you can thank the LA cops for screwing things up. Nicoles family should have sued them for being MF'ing idiots. But because they didn't find him guilty, the guy has a right to live his life and go where the hell he wants and shouldn't have been kicked out of anywhere. People are convicted of crimes everyday of shit they didn't do, just think it could happen to anyone of us. Just be in the wrong place at the wrong time, I know I wouldn't want to be condemned of a crime I didn't commit.

posted by jsteelers36 at 07:31 AM on May 10, 2007

Down Goes De La Hoya

I could have sworn Mayweather said he was going to go toe to toe with Oscar, looked like to me, he was running whenever he could. Mayweather should not have won that fight by any means. Mayweather said he is retiring, ya right, but he needs too, cause you can't have the judges in your pockets at all time and have the ref. there helping you out also when you get in a bad situation. It pissed me off when that ref. pushed them apart when Oscar had Mayweather on the ropes, WTF........

posted by jsteelers36 at 01:17 PM on May 07, 2007

Is the NFL Preseason too long?

I do believe they need preseason to see how their 2nd and 3rd string players do. So NO it is not too long. I want to see more Football, we are always having Baseball and Basketball on all the sport channels, why not Football? We are lucky if we see 3 games on a weekend and how many are played, and just because I live in Florida doesn't mean I want to see Tampabay games all the time. I am a diehard Steeler fan and I want to see them. I know I could get DirecTV, but been there and done that. Show more Football..................

posted by jsteelers36 at 07:01 PM on August 16, 2006