August 30, 2005

Pedro vs. Curt and who got their $ worth?: The RedSox though that paying Martinez over $50 Mill was too much, instead, they went on and set him free and paid Curt a good load, despite his ailment. Only this year, Pedro has earned his share well off, and if we compare what he has done for the Mets as Opposed to Curt for the Red Sox, the Mets got a real bargain. I love the Red Sox, but this one they really screwed up. Stats: In the long run, things may change, but it looks like for the worse.

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Okay. Here's the thing. We had already spent the money on Schilling, he's going to be paid no matter if his ankle blew up into a million pieces. The question in the off-season was how much we were willing to pay Pedro, and for how long. The Red Sox, thinking long term, were unwilling to guarantee that extra year and x amount of dollars, when that resource could be applied somewhere else. Ideally, we would have re-signed Pedro, had not the Mets gone over the Red Sox heads at the last minute. The situation was NEVER Schilling vs. Pedro. Not to mention the fact that Pedro, returing to the National League and not having to face the Yankees, would not be the same amazing pitcher had he remained in the Al. Now, ideally, would I rather have both Schilling and Martinez pitching for the Red Sox, because, I mean, duh, who wouldn't? That's not how it works these days, unfortunatley.

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Let's revisit this post in 2008, when the Sox would be shelling out $15 million for Pedro. Until then . . . [This thread is closed to new comments]

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[no it's not] Let's revisit this post when (if) Schilling has a healthy full season.

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Ugh no more Red Sox posts! I can say that because I'm a Red Sox fan. The last week or so it's been "So what do the Red Sox eat for breakfast" and "Does David Wells enjoy athletic socks with arch support?" and "Does Curt Schilling have more fun as an uber-blonde?" and "If you were going to wear a crass anti-Yankee shirt to Fenway Park, are you offending Sandra Day O'Connor and/or Daddisamm?" No more. And really, the answer to this thread is real simple. It's too early to say who got the better deal. It was and always has been an issue of "down the road." Boston didn't want to give that extra year, because that was what they were uncertain of with Pedro. There really wasn't much of a doubt he'd have a great year this year. First -- he's got something to prove and that always drove him. Second -- he was going to the NL and 1/9th of the time, he'd be pitching to pitchers. Basically, Yerfatma's right. And no mas Red Sox.

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I like Schilling; there is no more tougher pitcher in the Bigs than him. Most pitchers look for excuses to get days off, but Schilling plays through everything. He has not had a good year, but you gotta give him props for trying. On the other hand, Pedro is on my fantasy team, and there is no way I would ever trade him for Schilling. The Mets are now in the Wild Card hunt, and they owe Pedro a big thanks for what he has done for that team. Beltran certainly has not helped them. I don't think it is too early to say that this move turned out better for the Mets; if they somehow squeeze into the postseason, even if its just for this one year, that will prove that they knew what they were doing.

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j-girl, do you have a napkin? i just displaced some coffee.

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Wasn't it much nicer when the only thing we really had to endure reading about the Red Sox was the new and unique ways they'd discovered to implode in the playoffs? Things change a lot when the pressure to repeat exists. As for Pedro, being a Yankee fan I never liked him (obvious reasons), but during the off-season I actually found myself hoping the Yankees would sign him. He's been tremendous for the Mets, even with the lack of run support he's had in several recent outings, and I think he gives that staff (and team) a huge jolt of attitude and toughness they wouldn't have if he hadn't come aboard. As for Schilling, I've always respected him on the mound, but usually find myself just wishing he'd learn to keep his mouth shut. Last night was another indication he may not have it for the remainder of the season, unless he gives them an inspired outing or two in the playoffs again.

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j-girl, do you have a napkin? i just displaced some coffee. Get a monitor squeegie!

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Well, I would have to say that currently it's a no brainer - Pedro is the better pitcher pitcher, therefore the Mets got the better deal. Frankly, as a fan - I wouldn't care if Pedro was a lame duck contract at the end of the 4 years earning $15 million on the shelf. Boston has a lot of money, they could afford it. However, it's not like they aren't, say, winning their division - so really, right now, they don't need Pedro.

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