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Kirby Puckett Passes Away

My condolences to the Puckett family and the Minnesota Twins. Such a tragic loss. Sometimes life is just so incomprehendable: his game was ended prematurely by glaucoma and now this.... He played the game with such joy and passion, and he lived his life the same way. Even though we are upset by your loss, Puckett, we can be assured that you truly lived. Thanks for the memories, and may you be an inspiration to all....

posted by bdf1010 at 09:43 PM on March 06, 2006

NL Gold Gloves Awarded

I would take Beltran and Taveras ahead of Edmonds and Abreu A gold glove centerfielder does not knock himself unconcious by diving into his right fielder. I see your argument for Taveras and Beltran, despite his best efforts to decapitate Mike Cameron and himself, over Abreu, but no one has been more consistent in making fantastic plays in the outfield than Jim Edmonds. He has deserved every Gold Glove he's won.

posted by bdf1010 at 07:45 AM on November 03, 2005

Gold Glove Winners

I am a huge fan of Hunter's web gems, but he only played 92 games this year. I found it a little surprising that he won his fifth straight gold glove.

posted by bdf1010 at 09:59 PM on November 01, 2005

Report: Coach K to Lead USA Basketball

I personally think they need to take the next step and put the top college players on the Olympic team. In the last Olympics, the professionals seemed to have no pride in their country, they just wanted to look good individually. If the top college players were selected, they would know how to pass and play defense, and I think they would have much more to prove so they would play harder. Maybe I am wrong, but after the dismal showing in the last Games, it would never hurt to try.

posted by bdf1010 at 12:12 AM on October 14, 2005

The "Ironman" record will be hard to break.

To go along with weedy's comment, what people forget is that his streak did not make him a great player, rather him being a great player allowed for the streak to be possible.

posted by bdf1010 at 02:48 PM on September 07, 2005

The "Ironman" record will be hard to break.

It will be more than "hard." I know that no one should ever say a record is unbreakable, but this is record is probably closer to unbreakable than any other record in the history of baseball. Tejada, as the closest active player to the streak, would have to play every game from now until he was 39. Miguel is already saying he is tired, and he has not even reached 1,000 games. I see this record standing for a very long time. But in all due respect to Tejada, his achievements with his streak should be noted and respected. In an era where baseball players have regularly scheduled days off, and refuse to play on those days even if his team needs him, this active streak deserves much acknowledgement.

posted by bdf1010 at 07:29 AM on September 07, 2005

Has Katrina ended the Saints season before it started?

Good point.

posted by bdf1010 at 10:51 PM on August 31, 2005

Pass the plate for Peerless?

Going back to the contract situation, if a player signs a contract, which is a legal document, then he/she should honor it. No arbitration, no hold outs, no nothing. You get what you agreed to, and if a multi-million dollar contract is not enough, then your a pathetic representative of the human race.

posted by bdf1010 at 10:49 PM on August 31, 2005

Has Katrina ended the Saints season before it started?

There will be a huge dip in revenue. I would not be surprised if the Saints find themselves in the red for the year. But in this certain situation, there are more important things. Most of the time teams should ignore the distractions, but this one will be hard to do. Things will not, and should not, be back to normal until New Orleans is up and running again.

posted by bdf1010 at 10:41 PM on August 31, 2005

Spurs win the Finley sweepstakes.

I think this move hurt the Suns more than it helped the Spurs. The Suns need someone bad to replace Q and Johnson. A veteran like Finley would have really helped. Plus he and Nash already know each others style. No doubt the Spurs have added some offense without losing any defense.

posted by bdf1010 at 10:32 PM on August 31, 2005

Pedro vs. Curt and who got their $ worth?

I like Schilling; there is no more tougher pitcher in the Bigs than him. Most pitchers look for excuses to get days off, but Schilling plays through everything. He has not had a good year, but you gotta give him props for trying. On the other hand, Pedro is on my fantasy team, and there is no way I would ever trade him for Schilling. The Mets are now in the Wild Card hunt, and they owe Pedro a big thanks for what he has done for that team. Beltran certainly has not helped them. I don't think it is too early to say that this move turned out better for the Mets; if they somehow squeeze into the postseason, even if its just for this one year, that will prove that they knew what they were doing.

posted by bdf1010 at 07:31 AM on August 31, 2005

here comes the phillies

The Phillies will not win the wild card, but I don't know that Houston will either. I would love to see them make it, but while they do have one of the best rotations in baseball, and one of the best bullpens for that matter, they simply cannot give their pitchers enough run support. Clemens has 9 no decision starts this year with a 1.3 something era. That is insane. If you can't score 2 runs a game, you don't have a chance. I think the Marlins have the best chance right now. While their run support is not great, it is better than the Astros'; Burnett is 7-1 in his last eight starts; Willis is finally doing something in the second half of the season, and Beckett has the ability to shut out any team on any night. They will win the NL WC with superb pitching and just enough offense.

posted by bdf1010 at 09:11 AM on August 26, 2005

Will The Phoenix Suns Be Any Good?

The Suns lost more than a defender and reserve player in Johnson. I also consider him more of a 3-point threat than Richardson. Johnson hit 48% of his attempts from downtown, good enough for second in the NBA. Richardson only hit 38% of his. Johnson was also the third leading scorer, and a starter, not a reserve. At the same time, I have to question Johnson's decision to leave the Suns. Nash found Johnson open to hit the threes. I am not sure that Johnson is good enough, or mature enough, to handle being the number 1 on a team. I guess we'll see.

posted by bdf1010 at 08:44 AM on August 26, 2005