August 31, 2005

Spurs win the Finley sweepstakes.:'s Marc Stein reports that Michael Finley has rejected offers by the Suns and Heat and chosen to move straight south down I-35 to San Antonio. I think I just died a little bit inside.

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The Spurs are now offically the best team in the league. They have Duncan, Parker, Ginnaboli, not to mention tons of role players, and now a good player in Steve Finley. They should be unstoppable this year, and easily win the West.

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Steve Finley will be a tremendous defensive replacement off the bench in late innings. And a decent bat in a pinch-hit situation.

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I think this move hurt the Suns more than it helped the Spurs. The Suns need someone bad to replace Q and Johnson. A veteran like Finley would have really helped. Plus he and Nash already know each others style. No doubt the Spurs have added some offense without losing any defense.

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Chuck Finley might not be the player he once was, but he's still a welcome arm who can eat some middle-relief innings up. Though there's always the chance of him & Tawny Kitaen getting back together, and all the tabloid craziness that would ensue. This is a crapshoot for the Spurs at best. Agreed that this was a move that hurts the Suns more than it helps the Spurs. Not that the Spurs aren't helped by this. That starting five is even more fearsome now.

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I thought he was Denver-bound for sure. So he will start for the Spurs at the small forward? Can he be a reliable role-player with perhaps the 4th most touches on the floor at a given time? I'm not sure this is the slam-dunk some people seem to think it is. And Finley is hardly known for his commitment to defense if his shot isn't falling. But he is another vet who can win you that all important one game in the spring, an my guess is that's all they going to need from him. I guess Brent Barry is pissed.

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I think Finley will come to regret this move. He could have had a big impact in Phoenix or just about any team in the league other than San Antonio or Detroit. He'll get 20 minutes off the bench in San Antonio.

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There are only so many minutes in a game-- do the spurs have enough to go around? Do they have the discipline to share? wait a second... why am I asking these questions? Spurs V. Heat, come june.

posted by markovitch at 10:41 AM on September 01, 2005

IT"S MICHAEL FINLEY you dopes!!!! Steve is a pitcher!!!

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Michael Steve Chuck Finley went to San Antonio to win a ring. As an aging player watching his career wind down, he is going to be less concerned with stats and minutes. My guess is that he will come up huge at the end of the season and do most of his contributing in the playoffs.

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Steve's an outfielder!

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I can't wait for the Spurs to change their team colors to green & yellow, now that Charlie Finley has bought the team. Neon basketballs during night games -- wait, what am I saying? They're all night games!

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All of the Finley brothers are great hockey players. Only kidding. This is a big move for the Spurs, who could use a little help from Finley (the basketball player) to become a real dynasty. But it's a bigger move for Finley because it's his chance to get a ring. At 32, he can afford to wait it out a couple of years if Eva pulls a Yoko Ono and drags the team down this season.

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Charlie Finley owned the ABA's Memphis Tams and they did wear green and gold uniforms!

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See? I was even more right than I thought!

posted by chicobangs at 04:56 PM on September 01, 2005

With all this talk about Finley, poor Nick Van Exel's acquirement by the Spurs has slipped under the shadow of faded glory. He will find companionship there with Gary Payton.

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