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Ochoa completes golf's clean sweep: "Lorena Ochoa has been named Associated Press Female Athlete of the Year, completing a clean sweep of the awards by the world's golfers. " Making Mexicans very proud!

posted by zippinglou to golf at 04:44 AM on December 27, 2006 - 2 comments

English fans turn win into 'home' match: You will never see this much excitement in any other sport. To think this is just their first game of the Cup... What a party!

posted by zippinglou to football at 02:39 PM on June 10, 2006 - 28 comments

AL Central the best ... so far: By the end of next week, Chicago should be at the top looking at the Tigers from the rear view mirror.....

posted by zippinglou to baseball at 01:19 AM on May 30, 2006 - 22 comments

Win or lose, Guillen stays the same: "He's a player's manager, and you have to love playing for him."

posted by zippinglou to baseball at 02:29 PM on April 28, 2006 - 14 comments

Pena has mentors in Ortiz, Manny:
"Born and raised in Laguna Salada in the Dominican Republic (Ortiz and Ramirez are from Santo Domingo), Pena grew up in a modest home with his brother, Hannsel, now a Minor League player with the Reds, and two sisters. He was signed to a Major League contract by the Yankees at the age of 17 in 1998 in a move that later proved to be a blessing and a curse. The good part is that the money helped the Penas out of poverty. The not-so-good part of the big-money deal was that it rushed his development, exposing him to Major League competition before he was ready.

He's off to a good start! Mo doubled and brought in & scored a run in his only at bat....

posted by zippinglou to baseball at 12:32 AM on April 07, 2006 - 10 comments

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In Praise of 'Soccer'

List of countries by beer consumption per capita Rank Country Consumption (L/yr) 1 Czech Republic 156.9 2 Republic of Ireland 131.1 3 Germany 115.8 4 Australia 109.9 5 Austria 108.3 6 United Kingdom 99.0

posted by zippinglou at 12:40 AM on June 18, 2007

In Praise of 'Soccer'

Baseball Champs = Japan / Cuba Basketball Champs = Argentina / Spain Two of the most traditional American sports have now foreign Champs! Itīs great to see the bar being raised for all!

posted by zippinglou at 01:50 PM on June 16, 2007

Man beats world hot dog eating record

An"American" sport with an American champion.All is right in the world. posted by sickleguy at 7:38 AM CDT on June 4 Hot Dogs are as "American" as Pizza, for that matter! "The city of Vienna traces the lineage of the hot dog to the wienerwurst or Viennese sausage, the city of Frankfurt to the frankfurter wurst, which it claims was invented in the 1480s; the hot dog has also been attributed to Johann Georghehner, a 17th century butcher from the Bavarian city of Coburg who is said to have invented the "dachshund" or "little-dog" sausage and brought it to Frankfurt.[1]" [1]

posted by zippinglou at 07:43 PM on June 04, 2007

Bloody mess: Schilling's sock called into question

"Who is going to pay for a DNA test?"posted by The Crafty Sousepaw What kind of idiot would bring up some crap like this on Curt. posted by TelamarketersBeware If Curt Shilling has nothing to hide and wants to prove Thorne wrong, he has the money to pay for the DNA test and all the right to sue the guy for defaming him.

posted by zippinglou at 09:53 PM on April 26, 2007

Bloody mess: Schilling's sock called into question

Transcript from the game: "Jim Palmer: He's 40 years old. He asked the Red Sox to pick up an option for next year. And Theo Epstein said we're not in the business of picking up options for 41-year old pitchers, but if you pitch well, we'd love to have you back. Gary Thorne: 0-2 delivery in the dirt. Palmer: Of course, he announced it on his blog. Thorne: Oh yeah. Well nothing's done by Curt Schilling unless it's on his blog. Palmer: Well, there's a great line here. It says "No mere sports reporter could hope to be as authoritative on the subject as Schilling himself. For the avid fan, reading Schilling on Schilling may offer the sort of enlightment an art historian might expect if a diary were to suddenly be discovered in which Rembrandt set down self-critical evaluations of every brush stroke shortly after removing his smock and cleaning his brushes." That was an editorial in the Globe ... Thorne: And there was no puncutation in that by the way. Palmer: No, no. Thorne: Bako's got a 1-2 count here. Palmer (laughs): Well, 2 strikes, 2 outs, I had to get it in there in a hurry. Thorne: It's good. Palmer: But the Globe's just talking, I mean that's Curt. Thorne: Well, the press hates him in Boston -- Palmer: Yeah. Thorne: -- because he doesn't cooperate. 1-2 delivery and that one's taken in the dirt. The great story we were talking about the other night was that famous red stocking that he wore when they finally won, the blood on his stocking. Nah. It was painted. Doug Mirabelli confessed up to it after. It was all for PR. Two ball, two strike count. Palmer: Yeah, that was the 2004 World Series. Thorne: Yeah. Palmer: That second appearance. Thorne: 2 and 2, 2 down. Orioles struggling here just trying to get somebody on and get something going against him. He wanted that call, didn't get it, did a little jump step, 3-2 count." ---------------------- Thorne also said about Schilling of how "the press hates him up in Boston" because he does not cooperate with them and talks to the fans directly via his blog. Jim Palmer, Thorneīs partner has mentioned earlier in the interview that it had been Nolan Ryan who who gave Curt the "straight talk" that got his career back on track when in fact it had been Roger Clemens. So why the lies? --------------------- These two seem have a conspiracy vs. Curt Schilling! I would do a DNA test on the sock, and if it is in fact blood, with that proof Iīd sue Thorn for slander.

posted by zippinglou at 10:24 AM on April 26, 2007

The New Color Line in American Baseball is Green

Wow! This explains the rise in Latin American ball players! j/k.

posted by zippinglou at 12:36 AM on April 23, 2007

Leo Messi does a Maradona.

Great goal, and the Messi goal was MUCH more impressive than the Maradona. posted by sfts2 at 7:37 AM CDT on April 21 Maradonaīs goal came in a World Cup and against its archrival England... The quality of the English defenders is far superior than those from the Getafe. So I donīt get how you view Messiīs goal as "MUCH" more impressive. Impressive it was, but not more than Diegoīs.

posted by zippinglou at 01:05 AM on April 22, 2007

Referee Suspended Indefinitely

("ucla512" says:) If Duncan can't be a man and get in Crawfords face after the so called challenge then don't do anything. Maybe put groves on them and have at it for 2 rounds of 3 minutes each to settle it. Once a crybaby always a crybaby...Grow up Duncan and do your own fighting for a change... ("ucla512" says:) No matter how you look at it Crawford is the one at fault if Duncan didn't do anything. ... I refuse to take either side here because there has been to many things going on with the NBA Rules and Refs over the last several years. Itīs a good thing you refused to take sides. But what a way to show it, for Peteīs sake! Make up your mind!

posted by zippinglou at 07:26 PM on April 17, 2007

Myark Cubyan Slyams Dwyane Wyade

Did you take any English classes at either the University of Pittsburgh of Indiana University? posted by wfrazerjr at 2:26 PM CST on February 10 You bash Cuban for grammatical mistakes while you make one of your own. Be it a typo or not, it leaves you looking foolish!

posted by zippinglou at 04:49 PM on February 10, 2007

Federer Beats Gonzalez, Wins Aussie Open

I think both sports would be improved if you were allowed to tackle your opponent. posted by JJ at 10:58 AM CST on January 29 Wish granted:

posted by zippinglou at 05:13 AM on January 30, 2007

Federer Beats Gonzalez, Wins Aussie Open

posted by zippinglou at 05:06 AM on January 30, 2007

Federer Beats Gonzalez, Wins Aussie Open

I'd love to see him win the French Open That tournament has the Spaniards name written all over it, "NADAL"! Well, at least Gonzalez didn’t get the spanking Roger’s other opponents got! Tiger Woods, being the best ever in Golf, has no opponents to rival his #1 spot, but even he loses a tournament every now and then. Federer is just amazing, what heīs doing is just unbelievable, and the comparison is just to put it into some sort of comprehensible perspective, if thatīs possible!

posted by zippinglou at 10:49 AM on January 28, 2007

After getting spanked by Federer, Roddick lights up the post-game news conference

But the only thing that can help Roddick save face is if the red-hot Gonzalez goes down in straight sets as well. I donīt think thereīs anything that can save the face of this: “I got broken. Then I got broken three more times. Then I got broken two more times in the third set. Then it was over 26 minutes later."

posted by zippinglou at 07:53 AM on January 26, 2007

Davids to bank it like Beckham?

Considering the far weaker defenses he will encounter in America, Beckham should perform very well.

posted by zippinglou at 05:09 AM on January 12, 2007

Zito Breaks the Bank.

Thereīs word Zito WILL NOT SIGN, until SF guarantees him a subscription to ESPN the Magazine! :o

posted by zippinglou at 11:08 AM on December 29, 2006