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Seeing Aston Villa FC win the premiership for the sixth time in a row by beating Manchester United 3-0 at Old Trafford was the most memorable event for me.
Someone else: "This never actually happened did it?"
Look, leave me alone in my fantasy world, it's much pleasanter in here.

My monicker comes from a fantastic album of the same name by a band called Morcheeba. Comes highly recommended.

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The Final Ashes test!: Follow all the action from the guardian right now. England only need a draw to win the series and therefore the coveted little urn. History of the ashes here.

posted by BigCalm to other at 07:23 AM on September 09, 2005 - 12 comments

England win by 2 runs!: In a tense and nail-biting 4th day, England bowl out the Aussies and win by 2 runs to level the ashes at 1-1.

posted by BigCalm to other at 02:28 PM on August 07, 2005 - 10 comments

The complexities of Human Sport: by McSweeney's. I especially liked the Hockey one.

posted by BigCalm to general at 09:01 AM on July 20, 2005 - 13 comments

All-new, all-female, all-punk Roller Derby: Another Steven Wells column for you all.

posted by BigCalm to other at 04:31 AM on May 26, 2005 - 11 comments

EPL Fantasy Football Winner - Squealy!: Congratulations to all who took part, and I'll see you all again next season.

posted by BigCalm to fantasy at 03:23 AM on May 16, 2005 - 27 comments

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EPL Fantasy Premier League

Hello, long time since I checked in. I'm not doing very well am I? Perhaps I'll change my team for next season eh? I'm still beating Starfucker even though I haven't looked at my team in months. Oh and squelchy's winning again?!? Well, blues fans need something to cheer them up at the moment i guess :-p

posted by BigCalm at 05:28 AM on March 16, 2006

The smallest trophy, the biggest prize


posted by BigCalm at 03:16 AM on September 13, 2005

The Final Ashes test!

Looks like England are doing their best to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Hold on there!

posted by BigCalm at 06:35 AM on September 12, 2005

The Final Ashes test!

Mm, bad light, and the Aussies took it. Unusual decision that one, given that they need to win it. 112-0 isn't bad I suppose, but they're going to have to score lots of runs quickly tomorrow and put England back in.

posted by BigCalm at 09:42 AM on September 09, 2005

The Final Ashes test!

Yeah, but their run rate is very slow. Is it too early to start praying for rain?

posted by BigCalm at 08:52 AM on September 09, 2005

Northern Ireland beat England

One thing I can never understand is how if you lose one game everyone goes batty and starts calling for Sven's head It's just the English disease, we beat someone we'll be world champions next year, we lose to someone, we're the worst in the world and the manager should be sacked. It's just the way we are. But he should be sacked. 5 million quid for watching football every weekend, picking whoever The Sun (or Mr. Beckham) tells you to pick and then getting a mate (Steve McLaren) to do the team talk at half time. Er, can I have that job please? Good on the Irish, we deserved a thumping for that performance.

posted by BigCalm at 08:44 AM on September 08, 2005

God Cheated in the 1986 World Cup

Don't forget the second goal scored in that match. Now that surely was influenced by god.

posted by BigCalm at 09:05 AM on August 23, 2005

Baros to Villa for GBP6.5m.

I think he's not a bad buy for us. We shall just have to wait and see.

posted by BigCalm at 04:05 AM on August 23, 2005

Football fans are idiots

but he has - liverpool /runs off and hides

posted by BigCalm at 06:49 PM on August 19, 2005

Football fans are idiots

off topic, but it looks like motorsport is the most watched sport, football (with the feet guys, not the helmets) is the most played with table tennis (!) behind that.

posted by BigCalm at 09:30 AM on August 19, 2005

Football fans are idiots

was trying to find some numbers to dispute the fact the "Leave the #1 team sport in the world out of your mouths" statement (it's not even the #1 sport in the US, let alone the world where it's barely played), and I found, ladies and gentlemen, that we're linked off The wikipedia entry for sport. Go us!

posted by BigCalm at 09:28 AM on August 19, 2005

Football fans are idiots

Yes, good article, what fun is there in a three horse race if you're supporting horse number 14? The relegation dogfights are far more interesting than the top-spot nowadays. I'm with squealy on this, I go down to Solihull Borough more often than the Villa now, sure, they're crap (bottom out of 24 teams last season, hoping for any kind of improvement this season), but it's a fiver to get in AND there's a bacon-butty van at the side of the pitch.

posted by BigCalm at 07:43 AM on August 19, 2005

Australia hang on for the draw,

...So the fielders don't have positions ... on the contrary, they have quite a bewildering number of names for every possible fielding position on the cricket pitch examples: silly mid-off, long-off, square-leg, fine gully, point, and a whole host of others that confuse anyone who isn't versed in cricket-lore.

posted by BigCalm at 05:57 PM on August 16, 2005

England win by 2 runs!

that's it bill. normally when a test fails to finish in time, it's normally due to rain, or obstructive batting practises, or both.

posted by BigCalm at 06:50 PM on August 09, 2005

The Worst Team in Britain?

Beat me to it! (except I was going to post something snarky about Celtic at the same time, hehee). I read the article at the Guardian and thought this is good, and nearly double posted it here. I'm a bit of a Solihull Borough fan (as well as the Villa of course) and they managed to finish bottom last season. I can totally sympathise with East Stirlingshire's plight - Solihull get about the same number of fans as them. And they tend to be just as sarcastic. I've been to home games where the away support has outnumbered the home fans too.

posted by BigCalm at 03:21 AM on July 28, 2005