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It's like Brad and Jen all over again...: Each generation has its cultural touchstones, those moments when everyone remembers where they were, at that specific moment, from that second until the day that they die. Late at night, at a dinner party or social function, someone will mention the event, and the party will hush, and recollections will be shared with whispers, as quiet as possible, so as not to upset the delicate nature of such sacred memories. This is one of those moments: According to her publicist, Anna Benson has filed for divorce from her husband, Baltimore Orioles pitcher Kris Benson. She says the marriage is "irrevocably broken." You were there. Let's all share this moment. Let us never forget. Only with time will these wounds heal.

posted by Marla Singer to baseball at 04:21 AM on March 31, 2006 - 36 comments

Gary Sheffield is a cranky man: "The 17-year veteran blasts the media for hyping team captain Jeter and third baseman Alex Rodriguez over every other player on the team - and says the Yankees lack family values, chemistry and trust. "Why shouldn't I tell the truth?" Sheffield told writer Stephen Rodrick. "I ain't trying to get no Pepsi commercial."

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Baseball has another Lowe-down cheater: Dodger's pitcher Derek Lowe abandons wife and kids for local TV reporter.

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The Selling of a Red Sox Nation : "Now that the World Series hangover has lifted, the Boston Red Sox are not quite the same team. This is the team with the second highest payroll in baseball, ...There is little, in the way of advantages, that separates the Red Sox from the hated rivals. This is not "America's team," as a bandwagoning Tom Hanks called them during the World Series. Although most Red Sox fans are knowledgeable and respectful (though almost obsessively passionate), a select percentage have managed gained the reputation in the media as among the most boorish and offensive in the sport"

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Is the Shilling/Damon beef all about neck scarves?: "The Inside Track today speculates as to where the turmoil between Schilling and Damon might stem from: a fight over scarves between Michelle Damon and Shonda Schilling last October. " (scroll down)

posted by Marla Singer to baseball at 12:30 PM on July 08, 2005 - 31 comments

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Baseball has another Lowe-down cheater

1997 article about Lowe's arrest for 4th degree domestic violence

posted by Marla Singer at 01:21 PM on August 05, 2005

Baseball has another Lowe-down cheater

From the article: Our MetroWest Daily News colleague Lenny Megliola reports today that Sox owner John Henry was less than impressed when Lowe brought a galpal not wife Trinka to a Boston event they both attended last year. We'll have to wait and see if Henry resigns Damon. Or maybe Damon gets a pass since he married his mistress.

posted by Marla Singer at 10:36 AM on August 05, 2005

Baseball has another Lowe-down cheater

Apparently, DLowe had a reputation as a boozing whore in Boston too.

posted by Marla Singer at 10:32 AM on August 05, 2005

Giambi considering Yankees' request to go to minors

Marla, maybe they changed it since you posted this but the headline I see now is a little different and changes the meaning significantly Thanks, they did change the headline on me.

posted by Marla Singer at 01:27 PM on May 11, 2005

The few, the proud: Number of black starters dwindles in majors.

Well it kinda bothers me a little, speaking as a black woman who is a big baseball fan. There's such a tradition of great Black American players in the sport. Nowadays, I'm lucky if I see more than a handful of other black fans in the stands much less on the field. I wonder if my (as yet unborn) kids will even be interested in it. Granted my kids will also be mixed race and I need someone out there more appealing than slimeball Derek Jeter. More than anything, I'm just curious about the causes of the decline. ESPN2 did a article about this a year or two ago too.

posted by Marla Singer at 01:43 PM on May 07, 2004

Didn't Boris once claim that the Russian model "stole" his sperm after their oral encounter in the cloak room? Boris makes Ben Affleck look classy.

posted by Marla Singer at 07:27 PM on December 01, 2003

Moving A-Rod.

I don't want A-Rod or his frosted hair anywhere near my Red Sox. Nomar may be overrated but he's still the heart of the team IMO. Is Nomar married yet?

posted by Marla Singer at 05:01 PM on November 30, 2003