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February 28, 2006

This is your ballplayer and this is your ballplayer on 'roids. Any questions?: I knew the 'riods are supposed to make your testes shrink, but I didn't know they made ya grow boobs too!

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Upshaw says NFL labor talks break down again: These people can't agree on the time of day half the time. What makes us think they can agree on this?

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It's dope, not doping!: American wheelchair player banned 3-1/2 months for doping.

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Schmidt: McGwire should be in Hall; Palmeiro tougher: Phillies great and Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt is talks about his upcoming book release, Big Mac, "Vitamin B" Palmeiro and Pete Rose Purgatory.

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Chelsea kicked in the Ballacks.: Gotta love that headline. Bayern Munich and Germany captain Michael Ballacks reportedly turns down the chance to sign a 4-year deal worth GBP25m with Chelsea.

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EPL Fantasy Premier League.: Results through Week 27.

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How do you score?: A sample of the Wonderlic IQ Test.

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Dance of the Sugarplum Referee: Sending them off in style.

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Why Hate on Love?: This was posted earlier today on the PGA news wire and it got me thinking: Why hate on Love? It's easy to sit back and recognize talent, but golf isn't a game that allows the most talented player to win each week so how can we expect any golfer to meet unrealistic expectations? And what were/are the expectations for a player as talented as DL3? 18 victories is pretty impressive. More majors? More victories? During the match play someone stated that Love finished second 29 times. If he wins half of those tournaments, this article probably doesn't get written, and that seems unfair.

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World Baseball Classic Confidence Points Pick 'Em:

So! Apparently we all like the idea of confidence points pools for international sporting tournaments. Who knew? The good news for us is that there's ANOTHER international tournament starting up this week! Woo hoo!

The bad news is that SpoFi has had bouts of instability recently, and the tournament starts on Thursday night, so time is of the essence. However, qbert72 has generously set up a backup site for us, so if the Locker Room comments aren't working, make your picks over here. I've listed the rules, teams and schedule there too, just in case I can't comment here after I post this. Make your picks either here (if available) or there, doesn't matter to me. Or both, if you want.

Good luck!

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February 27, 2006

How to follow soccer in Europe.: A nice three-part guide to the national league and cup competitions, UEFA competitions, as well as how to enjoy a match. Includes a comparison of American sports leagues and Euro soccer leagues. That's my PSA this week. (via coudal)

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First woman elected to Baseball Hall of Fame: Effa Manley and 16 other Negro Leaguers get their due. Buck O'Neil and Minnie Minoso get passed over.

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KG gets ejected for tossed ball: KG has been known to toss balls at the bottom of the basket when he gets called for a foul. No big deal. I hope the league doesn't suspend him. Not because I'm a huge KG and T'Wolves fan, but because it would be ridiculous.

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February 26, 2006

Now that's the (Olympic) spirit: "How can you be proud of a medal if you win when someone else's equipment is not working? You have to help." [via Metachat]

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White Sox GM slams Thomas: Angry and disgusted with the latest comments from former slugger Frank Thomas, Chicago White Sox general manager Kenny Williams fired back Sunday, calling the two-time MVP "an idiot."

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Men's Hockey Olympicks Wrap-up.: Winners inside. Please limit your speeches to three minutes in length. You may collect your medals at the reception desk.

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Racism in Europe once again rears its ugly head: Barcelona and Cameroon international Samuel Eto'o threatens to walk off the field with 13 minutes remaining after Real Zaragoza fans bombard him with monkey chants.

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Athletes dumber than Spice Girls?!: Beckham can't help his six year old son with math, and apparently won't be able to in Grammar either. "I think it was maths, actually. It's done totally differently to what I was teached..."

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So his coach offers support? Buy him a jockstrap.: Why do NFL coaches abound that refuse to hold behavioral standards for their players? It's simple. Their employers don't require it. Supporting this guy (and his appeals) is dumb. If he wins his appeal, how much you want to bet he gets caught again NEXT season?

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Behavior will bring change to U.S. Ski Team: Picabo Street puts the U.S. Ski Team in their place.

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Sweden captures Olympic hockey gold: Finland had been unbeaten in seven Olympic games in Turin, playing near-perfect hockey, but again couldn't beat the team it wants to beat most.

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February 25, 2006

Langill Just Happy to Have a Jersey: For those of you who think all ballplayers are greedy or play for the money, check this guy out.

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Bode "rocked" at the Olympics: Even though he didn't even finish several of the events he was expected to medal in and left the Turin empty-handed, Bode Miller enjoyed his Olympic experience, particularly his time at crazy bars.

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Ex-USC player dies in prison: Why does it seem like every other day when you open the paper there is a story like this? I was terribile athlete in school, so I can't imagine throwing away so much talent and such a bright future over something so stupid. Esp when I see the story of the autisic high school basketball player it makes me want to scream at guys like this. Too late now though. Sad, sad, sad.

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Lewis wants to cut Bengal who leaked outburst: Lewis vows to release player who leaked to the media reports of an explosion by star wide receiver Chad Johnson at halftime of a Jan. 8 wild-card playoff game.

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The Olympics We Missed: "It's a damn shame NBC has messed up the Winter Olympics, because there has been drama a-plenty, enough to satisfy even a nation of reality TV junkies."

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New take on the classic "Mean-Joe" coke comercial.: When you get to the link click on the Joe Mauer ad and enjoy.

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Canadian Men Triumphantly Capture Curling Gold at Torino: In a masterful display of prowess, the Canadian Men's Curling Team brings home the Gold Medal in a historic matchup for the ages. Defeating Finland 10-4 with one of the most spectacular ends in the history of the sport.

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February 24, 2006

US MEN Win Curling Bronze 8-6 over Britain: on the last shot in the 10th end for the first time in olympic history and the first in major compitition since 1978. Curling will be a sport on the rise in the future although it wont be anything like it is in Canada where it is second behind hockey. GO USA!!!

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49ers Win!!!: San Francisco's "victory" over the Oakland Raiders on Friday, in a coin toss to determine the sixth and seventh overall choices in the draft, still felt pretty important to 49ers officials.

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Last call for HTH: We now have 14 teams which, is a respectable number, If anybody else wants to join the passwordis ChuckThe league number is available on the link. Sign up )deadline is March 10th)here"> but I anticipate close the team long before that. Draft date is MArch 18, at 1130 a.m. cst. ANYBODY who wants to still join the ROTO League, I am willing to give up my sopt in the league. My heart just inst into the Roto fomat anymore. Anyone who is already in the HTH league we are having an active discussion on the rules and such on the site!

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EPL Fantasy Premier League: Results through Week 26.

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Swedes rout Czechs, now they wait.: Apparantly some of the press called this one wrong, too. Now they get either Russia or Finland in the finals, and somebody else is waiting to see who gets the scoop.

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Taking stock of a hockey Titanic: Why the U.S. should be freaking and Canada relaxing after the Olympics

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Awesome short video from last night's CBS News: an autistic student being called into his first basketball game. Watch it until the end, it kicks ass.

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Portland trades away the last of the Jailblazers: and preps for the future, while the owner--Mr. Seventh Richest Man in the World--whines that he's losing too much money.

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February 23, 2006

Wrestling With Life After Death: AJ Detwiler is one of the top prep wrestlers in Pennsylvania. He's also grappling with an unimaginable family tragedy.

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And then I read this, and I laughed out loud.: Lately here I have been accused by others of 'Modano bashing'. This morning, I read this column, and I offer it as evidence of my case in point. This may be the reason the US and Canada team organizers need to recoup their thought processes before trying this again.

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Well, it looks like North America is out.: Russia ousts Canada, and Gretzky blames himself. But he's thinking of the wrong things. Everyone speculates his 'gambling wife' syndrome did it, but it's the silly keeping of the oldies that did it to Canada.

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February 22, 2006

Woods Finishes Off Ames at Match Play : If Tiger plays that good the rest of the week, no one will come close. Tiger was awesome today.

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"I was focused on the game. You gotta be focused on the game. Not anything else,": An uplifting high school basketball story.

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Steve Francis. Knick?: GM Thomas trades the expiring contract of Penny Hardaway and SF Trevor Ariza to the Orlando Magic for Steve Francis.

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Team USA Iced: There will be no miracle for Team USA. The U.S. is out of the Olympics after a 4-3 loss to Finland in the quarters. The ugly American totals: Six games, one victory, one quick exit, no medal.

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Yet another fantasy baseball league: As discussed at the end of last season, I'm setting up an additional league. This league is intended to use an auction-style draft and keepers to keep the league running as a regular yearly event. Some have already expressed interest, but there will be additional space. More inside.

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Culpepper and Brees likely to become free agents: Daunte Culpepper and Drew Brees are likely to become free agents and will have many teams looking to sign them.

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NFL Combine Kicks Off Today!: We get our first whiff of football today! Combine runs from February 22-28.

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February 21, 2006

Polar bear interrupts hockey game: Mom takes matters into her own hands;: Lydia Angyiou - Mother of two wrestles a 700 pound polar bear and saves the lives of kids in her small Quebec town while playing hockey. Bear's career stats: One game played, no goals, no assists, five minutes for fighting.

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Real Madrid 0 Arsenal 1: As a Gooner, I've pretty much waited all my life for this. But what actually does it say about sports commentary?

The subtext is dodgy Premiership team beats the might of La Liga ... the truth is a team built to beat Real Madrid triumphs at its first opportunity ... ???

Still: feels damn good!

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First Ever Womans Golf Rankings: Michelle wie was determined to be no. 3 in the world. Is fifteen tourneys enough to determine how good one really is? I smell a marketing scheme here to get Wie into the US Open without having to qualify, lol.

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Knaus suspended through Atlanta: I'm not surprised by the penalty but I am surprised they didn't take points away from him.

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Free LIVE World Cup telecasts.: My PSA for the year: You can get all World Cup 2006 matches LIVE for free ... well, for a nominal poor man's cable subscription (no ESPN or Fox Sports), thanks to Univision and Telefutura. This works for cheapskates like me, who also appreciate the free Spanish lessons. Also, thanks to for providing the one reliable place to get TV schedules for soccer telecasts in the US. Full text inside.

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Why skating is not a sport: And I'm not sure that I agree with his opinion. I think all sports are competitive or you don't have a game, match or whatever.

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Father of Mine: After American skier Toby Dawson won a bronze medal in the moguls last week, a South Korean man came forward claiming that he was Toby's biological father. He said his son had gone missing during a shopping trip with his mother near a market in Busan 25 years ago, and Dawson, who was adopted by two ski instructors in Colorado in 1981, is actually his son. (Other prospective parents have come forward as well.)

Children's Services people in Korea and the United States are looking into the matter.

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February 20, 2006

Ice Dancing Results: Spoiler inside.........

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Said it before, now someone agrees.: Finally someone agrees that the pros should be yanked from the Olympics. Unfortunately, nobody will do anything about it. Perhaps the NHL should pay attention, their fans would be happier.

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Curt Gowdy dies: He talked a good game.

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Bode's a bust: Maybe he needs to stay out of the bars at night.

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Doping Dragnet: A midnight raid, a search and seizure, and a car crashing into a police roadblock. Combined with the inquiry into the Pyleva case, I'd say that athletes' fears about Italy's anti-doping laws have come home to roost. No charges have yet been laid in the case against the Austrian nordic team.

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February 19, 2006

Bonds Clarifies Retirement Talk: Here we go already. He's already backing off comments he made earlier in the day."If I can play [in 2007], I'm going to play; if I can't I won't,"

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Stewart's aggressive side resurfaces at Daytona: DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. (AP) -- After drawing praise all week for acting as NASCAR's calming voice of reason, Tony Stewart took out three top contenders in the Daytona 500 -- Jeff Gordon, Matt Kenseth and perhaps himself.

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Bonds says 2006 will be his last season.: "I want to play this year out, hopefully win, and once the season is over, go home and be with my family. Maybe then everybody can just forget about me."

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US loses another 2-1 game: At 1-2-1, the US has looked pretty darn bad. We are solid defensively, but absolutely horrible in the opponents zone. To have two long 5-on-3 powerplays and not even get a decent scoring opportunity is just pitiful.

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February 18, 2006

Davis blazes trail with gold: Congrats, but what is this guys problem?

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My All-Star fun has peaked.: A 7 footer wins the 3-point competition, and a 5'-9"er wins the slam dunks. Welcome to the new NBA, home of the versatile player.

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Liverpool add more misery to ManU's terrible week.: In a week when United was bumped from the top pro soccer money-earners spot by Real Madrid, Liverpool achieved their first Cup win over Manchester Utd in 85 years, leaving mighty Man U with no real silverware to play for beyond next weekend's League Cup (erm, Carling Cup) final against Wigan. In addition, Man U's Alan Smith suffered a horrific Cisse-like leg break and dislocated ankle minutes after coming on as substitute in the match. The Glasers must be enjoying 2006.

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Men's hockey: Canada falls to Switzerland: Former NHL forward Paul DiPietro scored two goals to help Switzerland to a stunning 2-0 victory over Canada at the Winter Olympics on Saturday.

Talk about a heart-breaker. Canada had two (yes, two) goals disallowed on (my opinion) controversial calls.

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Welcome to Soap Opera Saturday in Torino: It's Soap Opera Saturday in Torino, Italy at the Winter Olympics. Tune in for answers to these questions. Can Chad ever forgive Shani? Can Apolo forget the past? Can Bode finally find happiness and_ a gold medal?

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Options Narrow as Chargers Rule Out Tagging Brees: The Chargers have all but ruled out the possibility of placing the franchise or transition tag on quarterback Drew Brees, leaving them only two options: signing him to a new contract or letting him hit the free-agent market.

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Drivers, teams sound off on cheating issue at Daytona: Instead of emulating "The Fast and the Furious," some of the NASCAR Nextel Cup competitors in Sunday's 48th Daytona 500 might be better suited on an episode of "Cheaters." Now that Chad Knaus has been caught cheating several times in 2005 and now the first race of 2006, I think he deserves a more severe penalty. Like 100 driver and owner points, suspension for the next five races, and forfieture of any race winnings.

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February 17, 2006

Darren Daulton, Moonbat: "Reality is created and guarded by numeric patterns that overlap and awaken human consciousness, like a giant matrix or hologram," writes the .245 lifetime hitter.

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Not only banned, but busted too?: Russian biathlete Olga Pyleva, was suspended for 2-years after testing positive for a stimulant. Is it ethical for a government to then press drug charges against the athlete?

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Albert Belle Arrested on stalking charges.: Albert Belle has always had a dark side but stalking an ex-girlfriend is beyond low.

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Sweden vs USA Women's Hockey Semifinal: Spoiler inside.

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Oh, Those Wacky Snowboarders (SPOILER): "Jacobellis won silver, but should have had the gold. She was well, well ahead of Frieden, and the other two women in the four-rider final had fallen long before. Snowboarding is about style, though, so Jacobellis decided to show off for the fans in front of the grandstand near the end of her ride. But after she landed from her grab, she caught an edge, then went tumbling outside the blue line. When she recovered, she trailed Frieden over the finish line, then put her hands on her knees and held her palms up."

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Week 1 MLB power rankings released.: Now that spring training has officially started, where does your favorite team rank and do you agree with their placement?

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Ozzie Calls A-Rod A-Hypocrite: "Alex was kissing Latino peoples' asses. He knew he wasn't going to play for the Dominicans; he's not a Dominican!"

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Bryant Gumbel Torches Olympics: "Count me among those who don't like them and won't watch them ... Because they're so trying, maybe over the next three weeks we should all try too. Like, try not to be incredulous when someone attempts to link these games to those of the ancient Greeks who never heard of skating or skiing. Try not to laugh when someone says these are the world's greatest athletes, despite a paucity of blacks that makes the Winter Games look like a GOP convention. Try not to point out that something's not really a sport if a pseudo-athlete waits in what's called a kiss-and-cry area, while some panel of subjective judges decides who won ... So if only to hasten the arrival of the day they're done, when we can move on to March Madness -- for God's sake, let the games begin."

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February 16, 2006

Get 'em while they're young!: Start teaching them in middle-school what sports are really all about these days. No wonder many athletes come into pro sports already thinking the world revolves around money. Except in this case they're paying NOT to join in.

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Men's Hockey: Swiss shock Czechs: David Aebischer got stronger with each Czech shot that smacked against his pads. He turned aside 40 shots - including 20 in the second period - and carried Switzerland to one of its greatest hockey victories, a 3-2 win Thursday over the world champion Czechs. If Hasek is out, do the Czechs really have a chance for another gold?

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More Falls And Skating Scrapes For NBC's Olympics: On Tuesday, "Idol" skated off with a crushing 11.4 rating/29 share to NBC's out-of-the-running 5.6 rating/14 share among adult 18-49 viewers. Even Fox's next show, "House," bested the Olympics with a 7.7/14. Worse still, NBC aired two of its most popular events--ice skating and downhill skiing....Younger viewers prefer, and are more loyal to, their TV shows.

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Air Canada Centre confiscates sign from 10-year-old terrorist: Toronto Maple Leafs fan Brody Smith, 10, had his homemade sign taken away by ACC security before a recent game as it was deemed a potential weapon. Mission accomplished!

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Ever wonder who creates those annoying pop-up ads?: It turns out one of them is now an Olympic gold medallist.

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Mike Davis resigns as Indiana University basketball coach.: Most stories say the resignation will be effective at the end of the season, others say it will take effect immediately. IU has called a news conference at 3:30pm EST today. IU President Adam Herbert and AD Rick Greenspan will also be in attendance. Who's next for Indiana, and what's next for Davis?

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Beneath The Big Leagues: A review of MVP06 NCAA Baseball: by Wil Wheaton. Yes, thee Wil Wheaton. I think he has a boy crush on Scott Boras.

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Stanford Mascot Felled by Alcohol: A student portraying the Stanford Tree has been axed after she was caught with 0.157 blood-alcohol content at halftime of last Thursday's loss to Berkeley in men's basketball. The school paper interviewed Erin Lashnits just three weeks ago. "The bad-ass tongue ring and smell of evergreen and alcohol are unmistakable. She orders a pitcher of half-Bud-half-Bud-Light, and a straw."

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Why Women’s Hockey Should Stay: There's a growing movement that says women's hockey doesn't belong in the Olympics. Amateur’s not one of them.

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Why Women's Hockey Should Stay: There's a growing movement that says women's hockey doesn't belong in the Olympics. I'm not getting on the bandwagon.

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Nash Must Be The MVP: Steve Nash is having a better season than a year ago. If he doesn't win the MVP, something is seriously wrong.

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Ty Law...Free Agent: Headed to the Lions now? I hope! I think he has at least a few more ProBowl seasons in him and Lord knows Detriot could use the help!

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February 15, 2006

Slammin' Sammy likely to retire: Sosa rejects an offer from the Nationals. Agent says "we have likely seen him in uniform for the last time".

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The long awaited Yahoo Roto Baseball League: First, please declare who your team is in this thread after you register. If a team goes "unclaimed" it will be removed a week before the draft to allow for someone else to take the spot. This is to ensure that actual SpoFites, and not lurkers or deadbeats, are taking up room. Plus it's a good "Get to know who is who" deal too. That seem fair?

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Moore Files Second Suit vs. Bertuzzi, Seeks $15 Million : TORONTO -- Former NHL player Steve Moore filed another lawsuit against Todd Bertuzzi for the on-ice attack by the Vancouver Canucks forward nearly two years ago. Wow, is that in U.S. dollars or Canadian?

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Piss(ton)ing away a No. 2 overall pick?: The Detroit Pistons and the Orlando Magic are apparently close to pulling off a deal that would send former No. 2 overall pick Darko Milicic south with Carlos Arroyo for Kelvin Cato and a first-round selection. Does Milicic have a future in the NBA, and is he the biggest draft bust of the new millenium, no matter the league?

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The Rocket to represent the United States.: Roger Clemens, who has currently not said whether he will play another season, has been picked to be on the United States team in the World Baseball Classic.

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Don't Believe in Miracles: Four men's teams are skating for the gold medal in the Winter Olympics, according to SportsFilter columnist Weedy McSmokey. They aren't Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia and Switzerland.

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Olympic Men's Hockey: Many Will Enter, Four May Win: Weedy McSmokey earned his hockey expertise one Canadian beer at a time

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1836 Has Been 86'ed: The owners of Houston's Major League Soccer franchise learned something unexpected when they chose the name 1836 to honor soccer tradition and a historic year in Texas, which included the city's founding and Texas independence: Some people think the wrong side won that war. "For Mexicans, Texas secession started the process of American conquest culminating in the invasion of Mexico in 1846 and the loss of almost half its territory," writes Raul Ramos.

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Johnny Mac coming back: John McEnroe will play doubles with Jonas Bjorkman in an ATP event in San Jose. It will be interesting to see if he can control his temper. Personally, I hope he doesn't. Mens tennis needs someone with a little 'personality'.

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Beast from the East Puts Off WBA Title Defense Due to Knee Injury: Russian heavyweight boxer Nikolai Valuev has postponed the defense of his WBA title from April 1 to May 27 due to knee surgery he underwent three weeks ago, All Boxing News web-site reported. The operation was successful, but the boxer said he needed more time to recover.

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Fighting Artichokes?: Ok, so I took some courses at Scottsdale Community College a few years back. At the time was and I guess I still am convinced that they had they single most weird team name. Anyone want to challenge that?

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February 14, 2006

DOWNHILL SPIRAL: The case behind Bode Miller's fifth-place finish. : Look at Miller's season in downhill: Seven races, one podium. His average finish is ninth. Throw out his outlying 22nd in Lake Louise on Thanksgiving and his average finish is still no better than sixth. All season long he has linked occasionally sick turns, won splits and hinted at greatness past while falling short. Blame it on the beers if you like. Blame it on the belly. Or blame it on the brain. Truth is: Miller's Olympic downhill was precisely what his entire season has been. Nothing more and nothing less.

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An Olympic champion donates prize money.: US speedskater Joey Cheek will donate the US$25,000 he will receive from the US Olympic Committee for his victory to Right to Play, an athlete-driven charity organization, with the money earmarked for the battle-ravaged Darfur region. "I can take the time to sit up here and gush or I can do something worthwhile."

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Ruggiero: Canadian women should tone it down: In what almost frighteningly mirrors men's hockey at the inaugural Winter Olympics in Chamonix, the unavoidable gold medal showdown between Canada and the USA is sparking some lively debate as to whether there is a place in the Olympics for lopsided victories or top-heavy sports at all.

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Tainted Steel: Our mission is to raise money to put up a billboard in front of Heinz Field in which the truth will be on display for all to see. Its location will draw attention from the national media and embarass the NFL.

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Top 25 Baseball Innovations: In case you didn't notice, the game has changed quite a bit in the past 25 years.

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DFL: Celebrating last-place finishes at the Olympics. Because they're there, and you're not.

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Who is the Yankees best lead-off hitter?: Tom Verducci thinks Jeter should bat ahead of Damon.

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Gonzaga: Home o' Sexual Taunts: Students cheering on Gonzaga's basketball team have been asked to stop yelling "Brokeback Mountain!" at opponents. "Apparently, a picture of one of the other team's players kissing another guy had been apprehended from the Internet, made into fliers, and handed out to members of the Kennel Club," a student wrote in a letter to the Jesuit school's paper.

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February 13, 2006

True Grit in the Pairs Figure Skating Finals: [spoilers inside]

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The Boss has a heart!: Arkansas kid was saving up to go to a Yankees game, but instead gave the money up to keep his school open. Steinbrenner heard about it and...

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Olympic Men's Hockey Confidence Points Pick 'Em: All picks made so far are posted inside; please double-check yours to make sure they're what you want. Haven't picked yet? Get 'em in by the first puck drop, which is Wednesday morning, at 5:30 AM EST. We'll use this thread to post updates on the pool play games.

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The Agony of Defeat.: Lots of crashes on the luge track for the women. Also mentioned in the men's coverage was a training run crash by Gold Medalist Zoeggler, and the 52 year old Venezuelan competitor. I understand not showing horrific NFL hits so that players aren't tempted to engange in undue violence to get camera coverage, but it seems something happened to the old Wide World Of Sports style Agony of Defeat moments. I understand the respect for privacy in an especially bad accident, perhaps like the one described in the link. But it seems to me that once upon a time, footage of Zoeggler's crash in training would have been shown before each of his runs. Is NBC hurting their ratings by not indulging the morbid curiosity factor?

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Head-to-Head and Roto Fantasy Basketball: Updated standings tables and trash talk inside. About a month and a half to the playoffs for the head-to-head league.

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Wake me for the final: Olympic women's hockey? : "Three medals, two teams. ... This is not competitive imbalance. This is farce."

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SpoFi Baseball League: I have Started a private league on Yahoo. Its a twenty team head to head league. Draft is schedule for march 13th. Final settings will be set when the league is full. I will take oldies and newbies (what ever they are). We want be who will be active. League number= 90802 password= chuck

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February 12, 2006

Timing of Wiretap Backs Gretzky : The New Jersey Attorney General's Office and state police said Sunday the agencies would not comment on a pending criminal investigation. Yeah, now that they have released what appears to be false information (the wiretap in the last month was actually just a few days before and after the gambling investigation was revealed) and attempted their typical character assassination in the press, they finally say they are going to shut up.

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Stewart Rips NASCAR For 'Dangerous' Racing: Defending Nextel Cup series champion Tony Stewart criticized superspeedway racing following his third-place finish in the Budweiser Shootout on Sunday, saying ``we're going to hurt somebody really, really bad.'' Is restrictor-plate racing too dangerous?

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Buck O'Neil headed to baseball's Hall?: He and 30 other former Negro Leaguers are up for what is likely to be their last chance at induction.

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Grandma Luge.: Anne Abernathy, 52, US Virgin Islands luger is competing in her sixth Olympics. Affectionately nicknamed "Grandma Luge" in recognition of her age, she has broken several records: first in any Olympics to use an onboard camera during a race, first to create a blog during the Games. She races on Monday and Tuesday in her new lime-green suit.

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Sponsorships cause conflicts between athlete and national team: Athletes need the money, but so do their teams. See what kinds of conflicts occur.

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Men's Cross Country Pursuit: Now that's racing! Spoilers inside -- but if you get a chance to watch any of today's men's 30 km pursuit from Torino, do.

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Richardson plays swan song for Phils: Brings a tear to my eye and a laugh to my soul.

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February 11, 2006

Who dares jumps: "The ski jumps of Calgary in Canada, once the preserve of Olympic athletes, could soon be open to tourists. Charles Starmer-Smith describes how he boldly went where Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards had been before."

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The next Derrek Lee?: Michael Young? David Wright? Who will be the next baseball player to make the jump to superstar status?

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Kwan In Pain: Quite honestly, I hope that Michelle Kwan can continue with her skating. She's put a lot of work into her sport and has been the best at her craft for nearly 10 years. Its a shame to hear about her going out like this.

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Finding the Bradman of bowling.: Using statistics to find the best Test bowler of all time. That's cricket to you. Number of wickets? Average? Strike rate? Richie Benaud ponders the question.

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February 10, 2006

Raiders look to the past for a coach,: with Art Shell taking the job. The last time Shell coached the Raiders was in 1994, when he was fired by Al Davis. This hiring came, of course, after several candidates turned down Davis, who many call the real coach of team. The ol' Silver and Black don't have the luster they once had, so good luck to Shell in his second go-around with the team. He'll need it.

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Mexico skier qualifies, gets denied trip to Games: "I've been training for three years for this, I've got my qualification points and then they tell me a few days before the Games that they aren't going to send a team, it is really annoying..."

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Eight cross-country Olympians suspended: for five days for having an "elevated red blood cell count." The eight include German Evi Sachenbacher, France's Jean-Marc Gaillard, Sean Crooks of Canada, Belarus duo Sergei Dalidovich and Aleksandr Lazutkin, Russian Natalia Matveeva, and Americans Kikkan Randall and Leif Zimmermann.

There is unconfirmed speculation that the elevated levels are due to EPO.

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Online multimedia coverage of Torino games: Just in case TV (and our very own SpoFi coverage) ain't enough, here's some other online avenues for you.

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The poetry of JJ Redick: No bandage can cover my scars/ It's hard living a life behind invisible bars

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U.S. Skeleton team takes another hit: of Propecia. Lund sent packing.

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EPL Fantasy Premier League: Update through week 25. **New packaging! Tin label actually reflects contents. Low sodium version!**

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"Newfangled pseudo-sports are our lifeblood.": Felix Gillette of outlines a four-point plan for US world domination at the Winter Olympics. Tactic number 4: invent sports that no one else cares about.

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Let the Games Begin: 2006 Torino Winter Games Opening Ceremony: With your guide, sportsfilter columnist skydivedad.

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NHL player gives a little back to the community.: The NHL has been getting some negative press lately. Here's a guy that shows professional hockey players can make a positive impact on society. Rob Skrlac is not the only one. Are your favorite teams doing anything for your community?

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Let the Games Begin: 2006 Torino Winter Games Opening Ceremony

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Craigslist, Spofi Edition: Dear New York Spofites, I have an extra ticket to see the Rangers/Leafs game tomorrow night. The seats are cheap but well-placed, and drinks afterward are on me. Anyone wanna go?

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February 09, 2006

NBA Reserves Named:: The coaches have weighed in and four Pistons have been added to the Eastern All-Stars. In the West, both Pau Gasol and Tony Parker will be making their first appearances.

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Theo is either a doper or balding: Habs Goalie Jose Theodore has tested positive for a banned substance - propecia, the popular hair loss product, which is also a masking agent for steroids.

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Great One Hoped Wife Would Skate: Wayne Gretzky lied on Tuesday when he claimed no knowledge of his wife Janet Jones' link to the gambling ring allegedly financed by Phoenix Coyotes assistant coach Rick Tocchet. A wiretap caught Gretzky discussing with Tocchet how Jones could avoid being implicated, a source told The Associated Press today.

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There is more than one way to eliminate the Yankees.: It becomes an issue where kids are devastated when they find out they are on the Yankees. Many kids actually pray they will not be on the Yankees when the rosters and teams are announced. Heh...

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Mark Cuban: I Own Phil Jackson: A little trash-talk between two NBA figureheads.

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Take Me Out of This Broadcast Booth: Harry Caray was a "miserable human being," former Cardinals and Cubs partner Milo Hamilton writes in his new autobiography. "Harry's handling of people was poor, to say the least. It didn't matter if he was dealing with the starting pitcher, traveling secretary, the public relations person or an usher. He treated everyone the same way."

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Wie can "earn" exemption to U.S. Women's Open,: which is the stance of the USGA at this current time. Apparently the 16-year-old can earn yet another free pass if she plays well enough in the LPGA events leading up to the Open. Fellow teen phenom Morgan Pressel thinks Wie should go through qualifying. I think she should too. Her free rides should end. Time to start earning her spot.

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February 08, 2006

Rucker League Ref Keeps Rolling: Congrats to Dickie B. Dick Bavetta makes history tonight. Officiating his 2,135th game.

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Lions ink Mike Martz as Offensive Coordinator : ALLEN PARK - The Detroit Lions today announced that they have reached agreement with former St. Louis Rams head coach Mike Martz as the team's offensive coordinator. Terms were undisclosed but is believed to be a three-year deal worth just over $4 million. SWEEEEEEEET...

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The Curse of the Host City.: Maybe cities shouldn't get all hot and bothered about winning the right to host Olympic Games. The ones that are big to begin with tend to benefit afterwards, while those that have to spend crazily to get ready tend to suffer many years after.

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Venezuela Wins Caribbean Baseball Series: You have to see the clip of the last play. The ball is hit high to short left field, the shortstop goes for it but loses it and the ball wacks him on the end (ouch). His own left fielder could not contain himself and laughed at the play.... Gonzalez ends up scoring the winning run to give Venezuela the title!

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ESPN names new MNF broadcast team.: Oh my. This should truly be a Monday Nightmare.

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What would it take to ride one of these?: Think about it...what would you require in terms of monetary or any other kind of reward to jump on one of those 40 or 50-foot monster waves at Mavericks? Personally, no amount would get me out there...ok, maybe a date with Jessica Alba...

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Mithered Mido:: gets subbed, calls coach a donkey, gets called a donkey in return, becomes even more upset and then gets thrown out of the Egypt squad and banned for 6 months. No faffing about, no enquiries, no mealy mouthed platitudes, just "on your bike, son". I wish Svens balls were as large as those possessed by the Egypt coach.

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Cross Country Checkup: No air time, no style points, and gravity is not your ally. If you're a fan of the X-Games, this might not be for you. But if you want to see some of the world's fittest athletes go head-to-head on skis, head on out to Prageleto, site of the cross country skiing for 2006.

Sportsfilter's 2006 Winter Olympic preview continues with sportsfilter columnist Amateur.

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February 07, 2006

Cross Country Checkup: Sportsfilter's 2006 Winter Olympic preview continues

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Super Bowl watched in second-most homes behind final episode of M*A*S*H,: which is kind of astounding in today's day and age of hundreds of cable (or dish) channels, not to mention video games, DVDs, and all kinds of other distractions. Guess that proves the NFL is truly America's pastime now, once and for all?

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Jets to replace GM Bradway with Tannenbaum: In another *genius* move by Jets owner Woody Johnson (after driving Bill Belichick away, trying to build a stadium in New York City where fans will be unable to drive to it and tailgate, and moving all of the operations to New Jersey, thus alienating their core fans, the Long Islanders), the Jets fire GM Terry Bradway and replace him with Assistant GM Mike Tannenbaum.

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Play on, says grieving father.: Lomana Lua-Lua returned to England this weekend from the African Nations Cup championships in Egypt after finding out his 18-month-old son died of illness two weeks ago. Lua-Lua has asked to be included in relegation strugglers Portsmouth's team for this Saturday's EPL match against Man U. Wow. (btw, if anyone needs another reason to root against Man U, this is it.)

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Fans win battle with NHL over Stanley Cup.: Two fans settled their suit against the NHL out of court, which included such provisions as the Stanley Cup is awarded at the trustees' discretion in the event of another NHL lockout.

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Test Your (Winter) Olympic Knowledge: Question #12 -- Before the Soviet Union won gold in 1956, which was the only country besides Canada to finish first in Olympic hockey? A. Great Britain, B. United States, C. Sweden.

And 19 other questions.

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Coyotes' Rick Tocchet implicated in sports gambling ring.: Phoenix Coyotes assistant coach Rick Tocchet financed a nationwide sports gambling ring in which about a dozen current NHL players placed bets, authorities said Tuesday. Among those thought to be involved are the Penguins' Mark Recchi, Wayne Gretzky's wife Janet Jones, and the ring could also be tied to the crime family of Bruno Scarfo.

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Roughing It In the Athletes Village: "Princessy" figure skater Johnny Weir calls his room in the village "cold and dusty," while skiers Miller and Rahlves take a BYO approach to accommodation. Jacques Rogge says his room is nice and comfy.

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16 year old Adu to Chelsea?: Freddie Adu can't even get into the starting line-up for DC United yet Chelsea might sign him?

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How about a Men's Olympic Hockey pool.: The schedule is set and we know the teams playing. I learned a new system that might work well with this tournament. Details inside.

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Anybody interested in doing some fantasy Baseball!: I'll oraganize a Yahoo league if anybody would be interested?!? In your responses let me know some details as to th type of league you would like

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Cheeky Charlie: amusing clip of the Chelsea mascot playing the oldest trick in the book on Steven Gerrard. Nice to see Gerrard appear to take it like a man.

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Is Detroit as deep as they used to be?: For several years the Red Wings were the team that aging superstars on sub-par teams came to to get a place on the Cup. Are they, or any team for that matter, as good as before the cap? Can they, or anyone, truely put together a dynasty team any longer? Or as in football will the cap suck talent away before it can happen.

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February 06, 2006

Game's Third team Upstaged Steelers, Seahawks: Three weeks ago, after the Steelers held on to upset Indianapolis, Joey Porter was unhappy about the overturning of Troy Polamalu's fourth-quarter interception that could have sealed the win much earlier. Believing that deep down the league preferred Peyton Manning and the Colts to win, Porter publicly criticized the game officials, asking them not to "take the game from us."

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Young lady wins state wrestling championship:
Michaela Hutchison joins her older brother Eli in capturing the state wrestling championship in her weight class (103lbs) by defeating Aaron Boss 1-0. She finished the season 41-4, with 33 pins.

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Slip Sliding Away: A quick and dirty preview of Olympic luge: It's the only Winter Olympic event timed to the thousandth of a second. G-Forces like a roller coaster. No brakes. Blink and you’ll miss it. You won’t want to. A column by sportsfilter member rainbaby.

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Slip Sliding Away: A quick and dirty preview of Olympic luge

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Reliving near misses: Can any of you guys think of a time where your team was a game, drive, play, call, shot, pitch, out, run, or goal away from making a championship, winning a championship, or in a rivalry game?

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Remember the last time the Clips were 11 games over .500?: That's right, you don't. They've never been. Unless you remember them as the Buffalo Braves. (Poor Raptors, making hoops history for LA franchises yet again)

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Youth Hockey Runs Into Concerns over Checking: Bodychecking should not be allowed for hockey players under age 14 because of the risk of serious injury, according to Toronto study of 4,700 hockey injuries. "If they start young, you have all those years of childhood when concussions can be repeated," orthopedic surgeon Andrew Howard said. "That's the worrying aspect of checking injuries." A SafeHockey site voices similar concerns, while another study suggests otherwise.

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Most Valuable Players Wanted More Valuable Paycheck: Four MVPs were missing during last night's Super Bowl pre-game ceremony: the late Harvey Martin, an Australia-vacationing Jake Scott, and quarterbacks Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana, both of whom reportedly wanted more money.

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Woods beats Els in playoff to win Dubai Classic: Tiger is 2 for 2. How many can he win this year?

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February 05, 2006

A glove affair: New methods shed light on evaluating defense:

The multitude of new systems and their unfamiliar numbers can frighten even the statistics-friendly baseball fan. It's sort of like voting for eighth-grade president -- the class might be full of young Lincolns, but it takes time to get to know them. We're talking 'bout the next generation, coming of age and waiting for acceptance. The new fielding systems take some time to get to know, it's true. But baseball is a game without a clock, after all. We've got nothing but time.

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NFL 2006 Pick 'Em Playoffs, FINAL RESULTS:

The final results are in! Smithers is our winner overall with 43 points, while grum@work and willthrill72 demonstrated almost supernatural futility to take home the Costanza in a tie for last with 16 points. Full write-up and banners/plaques can be found on the LEADERBOARD.

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Steelers Won Super Bowl XL: Pittsburgh won its 5th Super Bowl in team history by beating Seattle 21- 10. What a game!

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February 04, 2006

The fight for John Obi Mikel.: Chelsea and Manchester United are in a struggle over a talented Nigerian 18 year old that involves a youth contract in Norway, alleged "hijackings", "kidnappings", and "removals to a 'safe hotel'". More from the Times UK. Sickening. (via the Sports Economist)

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Satellite Super Bowl: Match all of the teams that have won the Super Bowl with satellite photos of the stadiums they currently play in. Super Bowl stadiums revealed has the answers.

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SpoFi Yahoo Fantasy Iced Hockey League: I would give an update on the standings, complete with anti-trash talk ('cause my team sucks hindtit), but I can't even log in. I keep getting a 'server not found' type of error. What about you?

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There's no excuse for teams to pass on black coaches: When it comes to hiring black head coaches, the NFL stands for No Fair-hiring League. What a disgrace.

If there was ever any proof of that, it has been this offseason. With 10 head-coaching vacancies -- the Oakland Raiders job is still open -- and the feeling that owners were looking for new blood, not retreads, many believed two or three new African-American coaches would be hired. Instead, blacks were shut out. Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

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Venezuela rolls over Mexico:

The 2006 Caribbean Series started off with both Venezuela and The Dominican Republic defeating Puerto Rico and Mexico....

Today, the two undefeated teams will face off for the first time in the series.

These teams are gearing up for the World Series to be held in the USA in March 06'.

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Recruit: A&M Gives You 'Plenty of Money': "They take care of you down there. I know from my brother they keep your pockets full, give you plenty of money, keep feeding you meals." -- newly signed Texas A&M recruit Terrence McCoy, younger brother of A&M freshman quarterback Jamie McCoy

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Knicks trade Davis- get Rose: In another trade by I. Thomas, the Kincks aquire Rose, a first round pick, and cash. Does this trade make the Knicks ANY better?

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This is getting ridiculous: Now Nomah's out. Cano and Pettitte have bowed out -- Cano because he knows he'll be on the bench. And anyone who shows up this year and is slighted by their playing time will certainly have second thoughts the next time around. How can this tournament be saved? Someone (Curt Schilling?) suggested having it every four years at the All-Star break. But is breaking up the season for 2-3 weeks reasonable? What about holding it in October, when everyone out of the playoffs is in shape and ready to go?

posted by BullpenPro to baseball at 01:11 AM - 31 comments

Emmitt Smith:: "Vote in Michael Irvin now." Michael Irvin is among the 15 finalists who will be considered for election to the Pro Football Hall of Fame when the Hall's Board of Selectors meets in Detroit on Saturday. Irvin is the most controversial of the Cowboy triplets and Smith claims bias could be keeping him out. To that some claim Balderdash!

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February 03, 2006

AT&T: Yet another name for Giants ballpark: Delivered.: "The San Francisco Giants said Friday their ballpark will be known as AT&T Park beginning March 1." ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. From PacBell Park to SBC Park to AT&T Park. Did anybody really care about the name? What's the best pro ballpark name that's still being used?

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D. A. DAY (Day After Day): "Make the day after the Big Game a Holiday." It's a White Castle stunt, but they've already got on the local news (that's not saying much) tonight. That being said, it still does seem rather relevant. How many of youze will be calling in sick on Monday?

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A Game by Any Other Name Sells as Sweet: Call it the Championship, the Big Kahuna and, most certainly, the Big Game. It doesn't matter what you call the Super Bowl. Unless you're an advertiser. Then, actually, it does.

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February 02, 2006

EPL Fantasy Premier League update, through Week 23.: Does what it says on the tin.

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Gene Doping in Turin.: Sports scientists have long seen it coming, but now it seems that the next level of performance enhancement is already here. And it's almost undetectable. A court case in Germany may just be the tip of the iceberg.

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The Ten Best NFL Teams of All Time: Please read the site's selection criteria before commenting.

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Warriors fire PR manager over "Ghetto Prom" email: Eric Govan meant to send an interesting email to his wife, but accidentally sent it to the Warriors’ entire media distribution list. He was fired shortly after.

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Newcastle chop Souey: You know the editors had the headline ready for this not-so-surprising move. One of the biggest clubs in England (remember when?) lays down the axe on their manager.

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Ben Roethlisberger blogs the Super Bowl!: Blogging quarterbacks is definitely a movement I support. Yeah. Blog previously mentioned here, but this is some fresh content, and deserves a mention.

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113!: Coach Ed Grezinsky noted, "We didn't start off like that to set a record], but she had 58 at halftime. At that point, I said, 'Just let her go.'"

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The semi-annual Barry Sanders questions. Why and why not come back?: Personally I think that even for him 37 is just too old.

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February 01, 2006

As if anyone needed extra motivation.: Jerramy Stevens guarrantees victory on sunday.

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Big Ben Parties Like A Champ!: Like the caption says, It's good to be Ben!

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NFL 2006 Pick 'Em Playoffs, Superbowl Edition!:

Congrats to all our players who've been with us since the beginning... this is the final week to decide the overall winner and the Costanza winner!!! Please have your picks in by Sunday, 2/5, 6:00PM EST (just before the game starts)!

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Del Rio hires old friend and one-time teammate.: Mike Tice is the Assistant Head Coach for the Jags. Could be a good fit for Tice.

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'Do you believe in voodoo, and can I have a lock of your hair?': Not sure why this is a photo essay instead of a column, but SI has put together some of the dumber questions asked during the circus of Super Bowl Media Day.

This year brought no special gems, though there was that guy from Mexican TV asking questions through his puppet.

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January transfer window closes with few surprises.: The EPL's (and other English soccer leagues') last opportunity to buy and sell players this season ended yesterday. What were your surprise transfers? What was the best transfer and why?

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ISU kicks Berryman off team: Jason Berryman, jailed a few years ago, was given a second chance and let back in to school and on to the Iowa State football team this year. He was a model citizen this year, but a few days ago was cited for being in a bar underage. Since his return to the team was contingent on staying out of trouble, he was kicked off the team. I believe in giving people second chances, especially when they truly realize they screwed up and want to do better, but I don't ever seem to hear of any cases where an athlete actually makes the most of his second chance (i.e. Marcus Vick). I couldn't believe Berryman's dad's quotes in the article about how he things this is a harsh punishment, seeing as many people didn't think he should have been let back on the team in the first place. Seems like his dad's attitude might be part of the reason he doesn't seem to be able to stay out of trouble.

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My Lunch With Tyson Tomko: SportsFilter columnist rcade had lunch at Chick-fil-a yesterday with Tyson Tomko -- and lived to tell about it.

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My Lunch With Tyson Tomko: He had the chicken; I was too chicken

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NASCAR and Harlequin Books team up for racing-themed romance novels.: Think there will be any "alternative-lifestyle" titles starring Jeff Gordon? via Off Wing Opinion:

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Mike Tyson not suitable for NHL hockey: The Ottawa Senators, backstopped by Ray Emery, lose 5-0 to the Bruins on Monday night. Emery was wearing his Mike Tyson mask in the losing effort. Tuesday it is announced that he will no longer don this mask after a discussion about right and wrong with GM John Muckler.

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