February 01, 2006

Del Rio hires old friend and one-time teammate.: Mike Tice is the Assistant Head Coach for the Jags. Could be a good fit for Tice.

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Being from Minnesota, and having been a Viking fan for along time, my only comment is "they can have him". He may be a good line coach, but he was a lousy head coach. I wish him no ill, but I'm glad he is gone.

posted by bobrolloff at 03:27 PM on February 01, 2006

Here is a perfect example of someone hiring a person they know. They are aware of the persons track record, accomplishments and failures. The theme here is chemistry and darn-it I think this is a good way to build your staff. As A Cowboy Fan I don't care for Del Rio and agree with the previous poster that Tice is a buffoon--but I understand the choice.

posted by Termite at 04:03 PM on February 01, 2006

As A Cowboy Fan I don't care for Del Rio and agree with the previous poster that Tice is a buffoon--but I understand the choice. Just curious as to why you don't care for him. I am also a Cowboys fan and appreciated the time Del Rio spent as a linebacker with the team. I also think he's a pretty darn good coach. I'm wondering if I missed something, or if you did.

posted by sumokenobi at 05:27 PM on February 01, 2006

Good question, sumokenobi. I had to think about it so that I gave you a decent answer. Here goes..In 1989 Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys and hired Jimmy Johnson as Head Coach. Jimmy decided that he needed linebacking help and signed Jack Del Rio who had retired from the K.C. Cheifs after the 1986 season to a 2 year contract. While I'm not completely clear on the exact circumstances Jack was unhappy with his coaches, the game plans, Coach Johnson and was disruptive in general. It was beleived that Jack thought that he was already an NFL caliber coach. After 2 tumultuous seasons in Dallas when Jerry Jones was asked about Jack--Jerry said that Jack Del Rio would never be a Dallas Cowboy again. The way I remember Jones saying that told me all I needed to know about Jack Del Rio. You are very aware of the sucess that Jimmy and Jerry had once they got things rolling.

posted by Termite at 06:55 PM on February 01, 2006

Wrong thread. Or if you were trying to spam other threads, then just go away.

posted by yerfatma at 06:05 AM on February 02, 2006

I was going to say that there was wrong turn taken somewhere in this thread. Wow I thought this news was interesting, as a successful time with the Jags could give Tice an opportunity to be a Head coach again. I think this will happen sooner or later. Tice was a scapegoat for everything that went wrong in MN. I look at him to be a head coach again,within 3-5 years.

posted by daddisamm at 08:20 AM on February 02, 2006

Thanks Termite

posted by sumokenobi at 05:39 PM on February 02, 2006

Mike Tice is a terrible coach whether he is the head coach or some coordinator he couldnt win with the best wr int he game, what is he gonna do with the jags

posted by Clevelander32 at 06:45 PM on February 03, 2006

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