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ISU kicks Berryman off team: Jason Berryman, jailed a few years ago, was given a second chance and let back in to school and on to the Iowa State football team this year. He was a model citizen this year, but a few days ago was cited for being in a bar underage. Since his return to the team was contingent on staying out of trouble, he was kicked off the team. I believe in giving people second chances, especially when they truly realize they screwed up and want to do better, but I don't ever seem to hear of any cases where an athlete actually makes the most of his second chance (i.e. Marcus Vick). I couldn't believe Berryman's dad's quotes in the article about how he things this is a harsh punishment, seeing as many people didn't think he should have been let back on the team in the first place. Seems like his dad's attitude might be part of the reason he doesn't seem to be able to stay out of trouble.

posted by BradBehleISU to football at 10:53 AM on February 01, 2006 - 12 comments

Video of the speedstacking world record holder: Click on the video on the left of this page titled: "Watch as World Champion Stacker Emily sets the world record!" I'd never heard of this sport, but watching this video I was impressed. At first I questioned whether I cosidered speed stacking an actual sport, but if you consider bowling a sport, then it's hard to deny speed stacking fits in the category.

posted by BradBehleISU to other at 02:02 PM on November 13, 2005 - 11 comments

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How Not to Write a Sports Column

Wow, what a disgusting column. Some things just aren't meant to be made fun of. How could this get past an editor? On a side note, if you remove all the comments about Jaycee, the look at the past 18 years of sports is actually mildly entertaining.

posted by BradBehleISU at 04:50 PM on September 09, 2009

Two Vikings claim discrimination.

Here's an article that more fully explains the reason that the two white men weren't charged (read the last 5 paragraphs). It seems like a reasonable explanation to me.

posted by BradBehleISU at 03:58 PM on March 02, 2006

ISU kicks Berryman off team

I see your point of view, Sailorus. However, Berryman had already been convicted of assault, spent time in jail, and was reinstated to the team (with a scholarship), with the understanding that he stay out of trouble. The coach and many others took a chance with him, as many people didn't think he would change. Berryman claimed in the press that he realized the errors of his ways, and was very greatful for his second chance. I question how much he changed if he decided to do something that he must have known would result in him getting kicked off the team if he got caught. Also, I believe he still gets to keep his scholarship, so even though he isn't on the team, he still has another chance to complete his school and get a good job. I hope he does.

posted by BradBehleISU at 05:13 PM on February 01, 2006

Paul Shirley blogs

I knew (of) Paul when he was at ISU. He was on a full Academic (not Athletic) scholarship and managed to get a Mechanical Engineering degree (and I think maybe his MBA), so I'm not sure if he has the skills to be an insurance/car salesman. I'm guessing he can find something else to do to make a few bucks once his NBA days are done.

posted by BradBehleISU at 12:21 PM on March 25, 2005