February 22, 2006

Culpepper and Brees likely to become free agents: Daunte Culpepper and Drew Brees are likely to become free agents and will have many teams looking to sign them.

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Brees might go to Miami. Miami is willing to spend some money on a quarterback but most likely won't give Brees the 10m he wanted. Culpepper will be the cheaper QB and might go to the Jets who need a QB but don't have the money to get Brees.

posted by nort_12345 at 11:38 AM on February 22, 2006

Remember Culpepper will not be ready to play until perhaps October. I believe the Jets will draft a QB at number 4 and bypass Daunte.

posted by wdminott at 11:42 AM on February 22, 2006

Wouldn't keeping Daunte right now make sense? He's a questionable talent in that he has looked great, he's big, strong, and fast, but he's also had a really bad year supporting the "Randy made him look good" theory, and he got hurt pretty bad too. Sell high, buy low right? He's loooooow right now. Build up his value, then trade him. Re: the other FA's this year...Is it just me, or is everyone going to Chicago?

posted by Pabo at 11:47 AM on February 22, 2006

Don't forget, Baltimore needs a QB in the worst way. I think Culpepper will end up there.

posted by dbt302 at 11:56 AM on February 22, 2006

daunte blew out three ligaments in his knee. he may never play again, at least not with the versatility he had before, so i'm not sure his value can be built up for a trade.

posted by ninjavshippo at 11:58 AM on February 22, 2006

Don"t forget the Jets might go after one of them.Because theres no way Chad is going to take a 8 million cut,plus I don"t think his arm is any good any more

posted by steelers101 at 12:07 PM on February 22, 2006

I'm a Vikings fan and former Daunte Culpepper fan. He led the Vikings to a horrible 2-4 start (in a season where some analysts had picked them to go to the Super Bowl), threw more interceptions than touchdowns, got busted on the Love Boat, and missed most of the season due to injury. Meanwhile Brad Johnson saved their season and took them to the playoffs. Then Culpepper demanded a salary increase, at least three times. (I really don't have any sympathy for crybaby millionaires who try to get increases on their already-insane contracts.) Of course, Brad Johnson used to be the Vikings quarterback, then they let him go and he won the Super Bowl with the Buccaneers.

posted by kirkaracha at 12:07 PM on February 22, 2006

Don't forget the Raiders need a Quarterback. I can't see them going with Kerry Collins again.

posted by jtrluva at 12:21 PM on February 22, 2006

I don"t think his arm is any good any more Was his arm every good? People liked to call him the "smartest" QB (a distiction thats about as good as having as being the cutest guy in prision) in the game with his use of trick plays and fast, short yardage plays. I think this was just a smoke and mirrors act to cover up a weak arm. Of the two QB's mentioned in this thread I know absolutley nothing about Bree's but I have heard a thing or two about this Daunte feller. Culpepper suffered a sever knee injury that could hound him for the rest of his career. This guy has to be seen as a huge gamble with the prospect of re-injury and perhaps never playing again.

posted by HATER 187 at 12:26 PM on February 22, 2006

I see alot of you saying Drew is going to Miami Culpepper to Jets or Raiders....I see non of that. If you remember the rumords from last year when Brees contract was up. I see Brees going to Green Bay as for Culpepper he could end up anywhere but I don't think Raiders or jets will take him. Both Teams will go after the top Qb's in the draft I am sure. With the Jets haveing the 4th pick I see them getting 1 of the 3 top Qbs. Oakland may trade up to get one but if not they have a more pressing need at the Deffense side of teh ball. I see them staying with Collins for 1 more season. I can see Miami going after Culpepper. They were going to try and trade Ricky for a Qb this year and with that out the window they probally will go after Culpepper. Even though I would love to see either Qb come to Detroit

posted by ajpurdue at 12:42 PM on February 22, 2006

I am lighting a candle that the Jets come to training camp with an able-bodied QB, be he from college or free agency. I'm no longer picky. Culpepper would be great, as would be Brees if he's really and truly healed. I'm hesitant to get on Chad Pennington for being brittle. He worked awful hard and got maximum mileage out of his skill set, and if he hadn't had a couple of freaky breaks ,he would hae been plenty good enough to hold up his end for a few more years at least. (But if, if, if. If Brokeback Mountain had Volkswagens in it, it would be Herbie Fully Loaded.)

posted by chicobangs at 12:58 PM on February 22, 2006

Culpepper sucks as a QB. It's no fluke that the Vikings turned their season around the minute Culpepper went out. Not great to begin with, now he is damaged goods. I hope he enjoys his new role as a back up QB somewhere because he is no starter, unless he wants to go to Oakland and let Moss chase down his lousy passes.

posted by Atheist at 01:13 PM on February 22, 2006

Culpepper is washed up. It is rare even for athletes of his caliber to come back from two injuries of this type in the same 12 months. It is even rarer for an NFL team to take a chance on someone they may never get any performance out of. He himself admits he may never play again, and news reports from his team reflect the same. So who the hell is really of the opinion he will really draw ANY dollars, aside from bench warmer duty pay?

posted by mrhockey at 01:20 PM on February 22, 2006

brees and the cowboys a dream i had since the draft. maybe.possibly?

posted by miguel22 at 01:21 PM on February 22, 2006

I must have lost my memory or something,because the Vikings did not make the playoffs. The Bears won the North, while Washington & Carolina were the wildcards.

posted by steelers101 at 01:33 PM on February 22, 2006

The Vikes are going to have a tough time unloading Culpepper on anybody, considering the rehab project he's currently on. As far as the Raiders go, neither Culpepper nor Moss want to see each other in the same uniform again. The enmity between the two of them runs fairly deep at this point in their respective careers. I've said it before, I'll say it again. The San Diego front office and the Miami front office have a pretty good working relationship, and if you keep up with Dolphins football, Brees' name gets mentioned quite a bit by people behind the scenes. I'm not saying it's going to happen, but I also won't be surprised at all if it does. I still think they'd like to see Jay Cutler available in the draft, regardless.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 01:47 PM on February 22, 2006

I still think I'd be happier with a lame Culpepper then a healthy Harrington. Even if he just hopped around on one foot I don't think he could be as bad as Joey. Then again sometimes I think my pet dog would probably be better then Joey!

posted by commander cody at 03:49 PM on February 24, 2006

Atheist is right: Culpepper is damaged goods. The commander is right: Harrington is HORRIBLE. Black_Hand is right: Moss wants nothing to do with Culpepper. What do you all think of the Brees / Rivers comparison? I know that the contract issues are whoppers for Brees(?), but that aside, who is the QB you keep?

posted by THX-1138 at 05:03 PM on February 24, 2006

Commander Cody- Harrington isn't that bad of a QB; he just has a terrible o-line. same with david carr. i think harrington could produce if the lions would improve the o-line.

posted by nort_12345 at 06:12 PM on February 24, 2006

The Lions do have a bad line, but when he's out there it just means they have a bad backfield. he was a great college QB, but I think he rose to his level of incompatence. I don't think he has the leadership (or many or the other tools) needed to earn his teams respect. He's just not a pro-level QB.

posted by commander cody at 07:44 PM on February 24, 2006

San Diego is in a tough situation. Turns out that Brees is one of those guys who responds when you go out and get him some competition (51 TD passes over the past two years). Rivers is sitting on a six year contract worth over fifty million dollars ($40.5 mil salary, $14.25 mil signing bonus), and Brees will get at least $9 mil this year if they keep him around. That's a lot of money to pay for two quarterbacks, even though the Chargers are about $25 mil under the cap. Comes down to Schottenheimer and Smith. Marty loves to have a veteran quarterback, but I don't think Smith is going to let this situation continue to play out. They could get rid of either guy and get plenty in return, or they can let Brees bail and get nothing for him. As a Dolphins fan, this interests me a lot, since I've heard time and time again that we'll be the frontrunner for whoever loses the starting battle in San Diego. I'd rather see us get Brees; he's a smart guy, a veteran, and the Miami offense is predicated around the running game, so they don't need a quarterback with a cannon for an arm. Brees has good touch on short to medium routes, and he can throw the deep ball, just not as well as Rivers.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 05:24 AM on February 25, 2006

it would be funny to see culpepper with moss again at raiders camp

posted by defrag3x at 09:56 AM on February 25, 2006

it would be funny to see culpepper with moss again at raiders camp In sort of a World Wide Wrestling vs NFL kind of way. Would be entertaining for sure.

posted by commander cody at 01:59 PM on February 25, 2006

whoever gets brees or culpepper will win a super bowl before peyton manning and his happy ass feet anyway! hard to believe sd would let brees go, he's proven. theres more to being a winning qb than throwing the ball 90 yds downfield. culpepper would be good for oakland, regardless of moss. Hes an improvement over collins in every way.

posted by aaa76 at 05:40 PM on February 25, 2006

yeah right aaa76 who ever gets them will not make the super bowl

posted by kyjac1 at 05:16 PM on February 28, 2006

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