February 25, 2006

New take on the classic "Mean-Joe" coke comercial.: When you get to the link click on the Joe Mauer ad and enjoy.

posted by daddisamm to baseball at 09:34 AM - 11 comments

Those are too funny! Good one daddisamm.

posted by kcfan4life at 11:56 AM on February 25, 2006

Very good commercial.

posted by grum@work at 12:14 PM on February 25, 2006

Haven't the Twins had really good TV ad campaigns for at least a few years? Seems like at least one more year.

posted by yerfatma at 12:24 PM on February 25, 2006

Loved it, even as a Tigers fan (God help me)

posted by commander cody at 01:04 PM on February 25, 2006

Great commercial - thanks daddisamm. I really enjoyed the fact that the water was blank and they weren't trying to slip in a promo for some water company.

posted by skydivemom at 01:11 PM on February 25, 2006

I thought the Joe Mauer was going to be corny until he ripped his 'burns off, then I was rolling! The Torii Hunter one was also a sidesplitter.

posted by wingnut4life at 01:19 PM on February 25, 2006

I liked the Hunter spot...the Mauer a dud...

posted by phillyolhead at 01:24 PM on February 25, 2006

Okay, the look on the birthday kid's face when Torii appears is WAY beyond hilarious.

posted by grum@work at 02:18 PM on February 25, 2006

Not as good as his face at the end though!

posted by skydivemom at 03:04 PM on February 25, 2006

i bet that hurt his face

posted by aaa76 at 05:22 PM on February 25, 2006

Thanks, samm ... good stuff!

posted by wfrazerjr at 12:01 PM on February 26, 2006

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