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Name: Rich Shafer
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Bronze medalist in the 2006 SpoFi Olympicks

MY FAVORITE SPORTS MEMORY: That would be the 1997 Stanley Cup Finals. I was stuck on afternoon shift, so I hadn't been able to see too many playoff games. During game four against Philadelphia, I got the break of a lifetime. My buddy gave me an hour break just so I could run up to the local bar and catch some of the game. It couldn't have been timed any better! Not even ten minutes after I walked in, my all-time favorite player Darren McCarty scored the Stanley Cup Winning goal! This ended the 42 year drought for the Red Wings, and it couldn't have happened to a better player.

TEAM I AM MOST PASSIONATE ABOUT: That would be THE Detroit Red Wings. I eat, sleep, and breathe Red Wings. Ever since I got TiVo two years ago, I have not missed a single hockey game. I have put every single Red Wings goal, fight, good hit, and good save on a VCR tape.

NCAA Football - Michigan Wolverines
NCAA Hockey - Michigan Wolverines
NCAA Basketball - Michigan Wolverines
NFL - Detroit Lions
NBA - Deeeeeetroit Basketball!
MLB - Detroit Tigers

Yup, I'm a "homer" and proud of it.

Pssst! Guess what. I've got a fever, and the only prescription is....

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Junior to announce departure from DEI: Dale Earnhardt Jr. is expected to announce Thursday morning that he will leave Dale Earnhardt Inc. after this season and possibly form his own Nextel Cup team.

posted by wingnut4life to auto racing at 12:50 AM on May 10, 2007 - 15 comments

Former NHLer Gaetan Duchesne collapses, dies at 44: Gaetan Duchesne, who played in the NHL for 14 seasons and helped the Minnesota North Stars reach the 1991 Stanley Cup final, died while training at a gym Monday. He was 44.

posted by wingnut4life to hockey at 04:48 AM on April 17, 2007 - 1 comment

Happy Easter, everyone!: I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter. If you have kids, good luck with the sugar high.

posted by wingnut4life to navel gazing at 08:34 AM on April 08, 2007 - 7 comments

NHL Coaches On The Hot Seat (Maybe...): No coach is untouchable. Just ask Claude Julien.

posted by wingnut4life to hockey at 10:00 AM on April 07, 2007 - 14 comments

Brett Favre Coming Back For 17th Season: "We have a good nucleus of young players. We were 8-8 last year, and that's encouraging."

posted by wingnut4life to football at 04:10 PM on February 03, 2007 - 40 comments

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Congrats. Pass the flaxseed oil.

posted by wingnut4life at 05:49 AM on August 05, 2007

Bill Walsh Traded To Angels


posted by wingnut4life at 02:55 AM on July 31, 2007

Eric Staal's bachelor party nets fourteen arrests.

''It was a bachelor's party gone awry.'' Ah, those were the days... Bachelor party's are supposed to be loud and rambunctious. That's just the way it is. They were trying to have a good time, not trying to hurt anyone.

posted by wingnut4life at 01:07 AM on July 26, 2007

John Ferguson dead of cancer. NHL tough guy had heart of lion


posted by wingnut4life at 07:35 PM on July 15, 2007

NHL Stanley Cup Finals Pick 'Em

Ottawa in 6. Alfredsson. GPG 6.3 Go Sens Go...

posted by wingnut4life at 12:47 AM on May 25, 2007

Sabres 1

What a bummer. Lilja scores the only Red Wing goal, then turns it over in OT for the loss. Talk about your highs and lows. The Ducks were the more aggressive team most of the game, and their hard work paid off. Damn.

posted by wingnut4life at 12:33 AM on May 21, 2007

Sabres 0

Of course, we'll see how much egg is on my face after tonight. MOO-HOO-HAH-HAH!! (popup blocker should be disabled).

posted by wingnut4life at 12:57 AM on May 16, 2007

Sabres 0

Anybody get the sense that the Ducks' OT goal in game two pretty much decided the series right there? I curse you, mkn. May you lose tremendously in any confidence pool for the next 1,000 years. The Wings are still probing their adversary for weaknesses. They will split the series in Anaheim, regain home ice and win the series in six.

posted by wingnut4life at 05:23 PM on May 14, 2007

Quality of Links Decreasing. Discuss.

Don't post the ESPN or AP newswire version of the story; find articles from local newspapers or local blogs. If you can only find the not so obscure stories on ESPN/Yahoo/AP newswire, then maybe it's not worth posting. I am one of the guiltiest parties on this one. I work in a factory and don't get too much time in front of the computer. I usually scan through the stories, see something interesting, and post it. If I had more time to find the story in the local paper, I would. Sorry.

posted by wingnut4life at 03:09 PM on May 10, 2007

Junior to announce departure from DEI

Bulletin from the news conference.

posted by wingnut4life at 10:27 AM on May 10, 2007

For Rickey, catching foul ball in 'Frisco not kid stuff

Try as I might, I can't find a single instance in that article where Rickey referred to Rickey in the third person. Rickey be Rickey.

posted by wingnut4life at 01:00 AM on May 10, 2007

NHL playoffs confidence pool update

My new goal is to defeat my old nemesis, sk8r. Although my current score (666) is pretty

posted by wingnut4life at 12:42 AM on May 09, 2007

Ice Hockey gets its own Champions League

I was thinking the same thing, bill. How are they going to get the NHL team together with the offseason transactions (i.e. trades, contracts, training camp)?

posted by wingnut4life at 12:38 AM on May 09, 2007

'Dear Mr. Dork ...'

I love reading stories about the interaction between the heckler and the player. It brings a certain down-to-earth feel to the game. Kudos to Wells, and kudos to Raycher for working his craft.

posted by wingnut4life at 12:34 AM on May 09, 2007

NHL Conference Finals Pick 'Em

Ottawa in 7 epic games. Detroit in 6. Franzen Numminen Chelios Thanks for the all the hard work that you've done, Doc.

posted by wingnut4life at 04:14 PM on May 08, 2007