July 30, 2007

Bill Walsh Traded To Angels: Bill Walsh, legendary coach of the San Francisco 49ers, joins the list of sports names to pass away in recent days. He was 75.

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I've pretty much about had it with cancer. Walsh and Montana together made it near impossible to hate a dynasty -- no small feat. And his is a legacy that I think will endure for some time.

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RIP Coach Walsh. You helped turn an ordinary franchise into a Champion. Even a Cowboy fan could admire your genius.

posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 02:55 PM on July 30

Thus passes one of the greats.

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RIP Mr. Walsh.

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There was a time when I could not stand Walsh or Montana...of course I am a Cowboys fan so it wasn't too hard. That being said, I'm not sure any other coach has done more for the modern era of football then did Bill Walsh. His innovations on offense were vital in launching football toward becoming the #1 American sport. His impact will continue to be felt through the accomplishments of his many assistants who themselves have gone on to be some of the best coaches in the game. His corporate approach to coaching was also innovative and his teams almost always reflected poise and classiness. The NFL has lost another great one. Damn you cancer! on preview, what Texan said.

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Growing up a 49ers fan, Bill Walsh brought me many a happy moment. If only he could guide the niners this year from above.

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What a fracking day! Bill Walsh and (completely non-sports) Ingmar Bergman both gone, what huge losses. Two men who were immense innovators and developers of talent in their respective fields, who made their games different.

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Not sure how to directly link to it, but this article has a link (in the top sidebar -- click "Launch") to a graphical representation of the Bill Walsh coaching tree. It's pretty amazing to see the breadth of his impact on the modern NFL, and that piece is four or five years old.

posted by holden at 03:18 PM on July 30

Thanks Coach, Thank You for all you've done both on and off the field!!!!!! GOD Bless...

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I could never stand the 49rs but always respected Montana, Rice, Young and especially Bill Walsh. During the 80's, no matter how I felt about them, it was fun to watch an average team become a force. I do believe that Walsh made most of it possible with a great coaching style. Rest In Peace...

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Great link Holden. It's incredible to see how Walsh has impacted a large amount of coaches around the NFL, several of which can be considered top tier coaches.

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As a life-long Niner fan, this is a death in the family and a major loss to football. May the West Coast Offense live forever.

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Walsh is the best ever,period

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As a life-long Niner fan, this is a death in the family and a major loss to football. May the West Coast Offense live forever. As an N.F.L. football fan, this is a death in the family and a major loss to football. May the West Coast Offence live forever.

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I grew up watching the 49ers and Montana win all those Super Bowls. There's never been a classier organization, and the Niners were among the last of the old-school dynasties. We'll never see this again. RIP Bill, we'll miss you more than you'll ever know.

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r. i .p coach walsh i watched your 49ers beat my rams team many many times atruely great coach you will be missed

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R.I.P. Mr. Walsh. Holden great link, I was thinking of it as soon as I saw this FPP. Truly a sad day for football and its fans everywhere.

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Sad. Bill Walsh was a great coach but I'm also a Cowboys fan, therefore I'm torn but Walsh was a classy gentleman. R.I.P. Coach .

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See ya Bill. I'll miss you.

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If it wasn't for Bill Walsh, football played in the 80s & 90s wouldn't have been the same. Not only did his team win three Super Bowls, his successor won another two, and his protegees (Holmgren, Shanahan, Gruden) won another four. That's not to mention other places that were at or near the top (Reid in Philly, Green in Minnesota) and the rivalries that were created (Redskins/49ers, Cowboys/49ers, Bears/49ers, Cowboys/Packers, 49ers/Giants). If any one person was responsible for NFC dominance for two decades, it was Bill Walsh. And, he did it with class.

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If Michael McCambridge's book "America's Game" has it right Walsh should've been an NFL head coach long before San Francisco came calling. Thank you Paul Brown. .

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