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UK mourns 'Mr. Wildcat' Bill Keightley: Bill Keightley, the longtime equipment manager for the University of Kentucky men's basketball team -- known throughout the college basketball world as "Mr. Wildcat" -- died last night in Cincinnati. He was 81.

posted by ampto11 to basketball at 11:14 AM on April 01, 2008 - 4 comments

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Losing Wisconsin Coach Laments 'Rent-a-Player' Trend

I hope young players start to approach the likes of Darius Miller, Deandre Liggins, Doron Lamb, Marquis Teague, and others who have been sold on and then spit out of the "one and done" factories for advice before committing to these types of programs.

Darius Miller played 4 years for the University of Kentucky. DeAndre Liggins played 3 years at UK before moving on to the NBA, Doron Lamb, Terrence Jones, Patrick Patterson all played 2 or more years. Not every draft pick produced by the Calipari coached Wildcats has been a "one and done" player.

posted by ampto11 at 06:06 PM on April 08, 2015

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Do the Giants actually need to have a QB on the field for this game?

Yeah, JaMarcus Russell.

posted by ampto11 at 09:01 AM on October 09, 2009

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

I believe Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl in their first season in Texas Stadium,..... 71 maybe??

posted by ampto11 at 01:26 PM on October 08, 2009

Arkansas player ends game with noble gesture

Cave City's coach told his athletes that rules don't matter by bringing him in.

I understand why you would say that but I feel that it's also telling his athletes that people who make mistakes, especially young adults, deserve a second chance. It sounds like the coach is trying to reach out to the kid and help him to be a more productive part of a society. I don't believe it's in the same district as his former school so I don't have much of an issue with his playing football his senior year or feel that it's a blatant disregard for rules in general. I applaud the coach and school/community for getting involved in this young man's life. I hope the coach is successful in helping to rebuild the image of this young man.

posted by ampto11 at 01:48 PM on September 25, 2009

Teen is running out of innings, but the game still isn't over

Thanks BI. This is a great story and one that I most likely would have missed had it not been posted here. I sure do appreciate this young man's attitude and courage. I know I could not display the same grace and dignity as this young man if faced with such a challenge. He, and his family will be in my prayers.

posted by ampto11 at 01:55 PM on May 07, 2008

UK mourns 'Mr. Wildcat' Bill Keightley

RIP Mr. are already missed. I hope the university will keep your seat vacant for years to come. You represented the University with nothing but class for so many years. Every UK basketball fans mourns your passing, but we all know you are in Big Blue heaven looking down on us.

posted by ampto11 at 11:16 AM on April 01, 2008

Pavlik beats Taylor. Again.

I admire Marvin Hagler so much that I named my dog Hagler. Seriously. What a great champion. Hagler was a beast. I'll go to the grave contesting the outcome of the Leonard fight. Ray knows the Marvelous One won the fight. He may never admit it publicy but he knows. The Hagler v. Hearns remains the most exciting three rounds I have ever seen...what a fight.

posted by ampto11 at 04:34 PM on February 20, 2008

Pro Football Hall of Fame announces the Class of 2008.

But I only need one question answered appropriately: Was he great? I think there has to a qualifier somewhere in that question. Was he great for a season? A game? Converting 3rd downs? Was does great mean? As far as Terrell Davis, yes he was great for a couple of years. Was Jamal Anderson great? I think he was for a year or two. Did he often propel his teams to victories despite themselves? Sure he did. Was he ever the best player on the team? I would say yes. Is he a HOF RB? Not even close. See there has to be something to define the greatness. I agree it's not all about championships or longevity necessarily, but to me it is about consistancy and I don't believe Terrell Davis was consistantly a great RB.

posted by ampto11 at 05:45 PM on February 04, 2008

Pro Football Hall of Fame announces the Class of 2008.

I'm a 30 year Bronco fan, so my gut instinct is to say "hell yeah." However... Nice stats zddoodah. I asked the question for this type of response. I can certainly see by your comparison to Campbell that a case can be made for Davis' enshrinement. But I guess I never really considered him to be great but for 2 seasons. He was spent after the 2,000 yard season in 98 and barely reached 1,000 combined rushing yards the next three. So we're talking about 2 great seasons, 1 above average, 1 average and three poor seasons marred by injuries. I guess when I think of HOF running backs I think of names such as Brown, Payton, Dickerson, Allen, Dorsett, Smith, Sanders, maybe Curtis Martin guys who played at the highest level for more than a few years in a row. To me, durability is huge at that position when considering the HOF. Save maybe the offensive and defensive linemen, no one takes more punishment over a career than a RB. He was a phenomenal player though when healthy and one of the reasons Elway was finally able to get his rings.

posted by ampto11 at 05:26 PM on February 04, 2008

Giants Win Superbowl!

If another defender would have come in and laid a hit on him while he was in their grasp he would have gotten an unnecessary roughness penalty. Thats my perspective I couldn't disagree more. If the hit was legal, not helmet to helmet and not at his knees, I don't see the refs throwing a flag on the play. You play through the whistle, or at least you're supposed to. It wasn't as though there were several Patriots players prepared to hit him and suddenly made the decision not to for fear of being penalized. He got out of the grasp of the defenders and threw long. Terrific play by Manning, spectacular catch by Tyree.

posted by ampto11 at 12:56 PM on February 04, 2008

Pro Football Hall of Fame announces the Class of 2008.

Charles Haley is a name I believe is long overdue. The only player to have won 5 Super Bowls. I would put him in ahead of most of the other guys mentioned, with the exception of Ray Guy. Certainly before Terrell Davis, Chris Carter, and maybe even Derrick Thomas. I don't have his stats in front of me so maybe I'm wrong but is Terrell Davis really deserving of the Hall of Fame? I know he won 2 rings with the Broncos and surpassed 2,000 rushing yards one season and those are tremendous accomplishments, but apparently most any back is good for 1,000 yards in that system and his career was cut short due to injury. Did he do enough in that period of time to justify enshrinement?

posted by ampto11 at 12:47 PM on February 04, 2008

Adolf Hitler, Cowboys Fan

Put me in line with RCade and BornIcon. Even my allegiance to the Pokes cannot prevent me from enjoying this and sending it on to others.

posted by ampto11 at 02:06 PM on January 28, 2008

The Joy of Six

I really enjoyed Talladega Nights. I watched it without any pre-conceived notions about it having anything legitimate to do with NASCAR. Classic Will Ferrell. Loved it. I agree with Any Given Sunday and Tin Cup being on the list. Haven't seen the other ones though but doesn't sound like I am missing much.

posted by ampto11 at 04:07 PM on January 25, 2008

Bill Walsh Traded To Angels

There was a time when I could not stand Walsh or Montana...of course I am a Cowboys fan so it wasn't too hard. That being said, I'm not sure any other coach has done more for the modern era of football then did Bill Walsh. His innovations on offense were vital in launching football toward becoming the #1 American sport. His impact will continue to be felt through the accomplishments of his many assistants who themselves have gone on to be some of the best coaches in the game. His corporate approach to coaching was also innovative and his teams almost always reflected poise and classiness. The NFL has lost another great one. Damn you cancer! on preview, what Texan said.

posted by ampto11 at 03:02 PM on July 30, 2007

St. Louis Cardinals Reliever, Josh Hancock, Dies in Car Crash.

Let him rest and let his family grieve in there way. Nothing being said here should in anyway prevent his family from grieving. It's not as if we are going to the funeral holding signs saying Hancock was a drunk. We are merely giving our opinions on the story and how it makes us feel. And even though it was his fault if someone walked up to us even now and said well if he wasn't being stupid he would still be alive, that would be hurtful almost to the point of hateful. Yet it would also be an accurate assessment. I am not trying to be hurtful towards you MindyK, not at all. Your point of view is shaped by past experiences and is certainly justified. I too have lost young family members, one of which was murdered at age 18, but I know that personal choices we make have a direct impact on our lives and our families. I would not want to listen to someone call out my brother-in-law for choosing the lifestyle which led to his being killed, but at the same time if his life was being discussed on a public forum such as this one, I should expect some to be of that opinion.

posted by ampto11 at 01:25 PM on May 03, 2007