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Native Bostonian, with all attendant baggage still attached. Braves fan until they left for Milwaukee (yes, I'm that old), then it was the BoSox by default. Love all sports, but the favorites are baseball, hockey, football, and hoop, in that order. Used to umpire baseball at the Babe Ruth, Legion, and High School level. At my age, there are too many sports memories to really pick a favorite. Maybe it is Bill Russell's first game in Boston Garden. Another is the time when I was just back from Viet Nam and my dad took me to a Bruins game. This was in the glory days of Orr. Toronto was the opponent, they started 5 defensemen (really), and the fight started within the first minute or so.

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Rusty Staub Dead at 73: A sad note on opening day, Le Grand Orange has passed away. His career spanned 23 seasons, mainly with the Montreal Expos and the New York Mets.

posted by Howard_T to baseball at 09:28 PM on March 29, 2018 - 3 comments

Roger Bannister has Passed Away: Roger Bannister, the first man to run a mile in less than 4 minutes has died. The feat was accomplished in 1954. We had a small black and white TV, and film of it was shown on the sports news. I also remember seeing it in the newsreels at the movies. It was a really big deal then, but now even high school kids are running under 4 minutes

posted by Howard_T to other at 04:05 PM on March 04, 2018 - 4 comments

...and Maybe the Dynamite Fizzles: Cleveland is having second thoughts about the Thomas-Irving trade after Isaiah Thomas took his physical. What's up here?

posted by Howard_T to basketball at 03:47 PM on August 26, 2017 - 10 comments

Boom goes the dynamite.: After promising off-season fireworks for the past few years, the Boston Celtics have delivered. A trade of Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Anton Zizic, and the unprotected first round draft pick from Brooklyn in exchange for Cleveland's Kyrie Irving has been announced. Does this put Boston into the NBA finals? What is Cleveland thinking? 2017-18 will be an interesting season.

posted by Howard_T to basketball at 08:49 PM on August 22, 2017 - 7 comments

Aviation Loses a Legend: This might have only a tangential relation to sports, but Bob Hoover's long time promotion of the Reno Air Races and his former captaincy on the US Aerobatic Team should qualify. Bob Hoover died on October 25 at the age of 94. He was a former Naval aviator, aerobatic performer, and corporate test pilot for North American Aviation. One of his "signature" performances was his demonstration of the capabilities of the North American "Shrike" Commander, a variant of the twin turboprop corporate Aero Commander business aircraft. He would take the aircraft through a series of maneuvers, and for the climax he would kill both engines, feather the props, execute a full loop, and land the aircraft precisely "on the numbers" (that is, the numbers at the end of the runway). His skills were unmatched. My working life was spent for the most part being in, on, under, and generally around aircraft, and Mr. Hoover was one of the giants I respected greatly.

posted by Howard_T to other at 04:17 PM on October 26, 2016 - 3 comments

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Truly, there is nothing new under the sun. Card Erskine shares some history about sign stealing. Yes, I am old enough to have seen him pitch.

posted by Howard_T at 02:29 PM on January 16, 2020

NBA Pick 'Em Week 13: Under Armour Embiid 1 Edition

Last week surprised me. The surprise is that I actually came out with a plus score, and had I not been too late to enter a pick on Boston vs Philadelphia, I would certainly been in negative territory. Maybe this week will go better.

Wednesday, Jan. 15:

Kyrie is back and Embiid isn't. So? Philadelphia by 9

Rockets are at home on the second night of a back-to-back with travel after a tough loss to Memphis. Rest advantage to Portland, but they're too inconsistent to make use of it. Houston by 12 SLAM

Thursday, Jan. 16:

This does not look good for Celtics. He is out tonight against Detroit with "tendinitis", but he is expected to go against Bucks. In addition to Tatum and a rest disadvantage, Daniel Theis has been hurt, and he would be the main low post defender. Milwaukee by 14 SLAM

Warriors have to face a team that is #6 in the power rankings, but one that has under-performed on occasion. They face a cross-country trip from Boston to play this end of a back-to-back. Still, the Warriors have just not been good. Golden State by 8

Friday, Jan. 17:

Bulls will charge at the matador's cape, but they will not lay a horn on him. They hung around long enough against Celtics Monday to make something of a game out of it, but the 4th quarter was extended garbage time. Philadelphia by 11 SLAM

The grand tour of Texas continues for Trail Blazers, but the results won't get much better. Dallas is without Poryzingis, but Doncic makes up for that. Dallas by 10

Saturday, Jan. 18:

Behold, Zion, we await the day of thy coming. Zion will arrive, just not for this one. Los Angeles (non-purple) by 12

Meanwhile, just little way to the west, another invader from LA comes in. This could actually be a tight game, but one team has too much talent. Los Angeles (purple) by 6

Monday, Jan 20:

Do bears eat Pelicans? Bears will eat anything they want. Ja Morant can actually play some hoop. Memphis by 11

It has been a blood rivalry back to my teens, about 60 years, and in Boston it never seems to diminish. This time both teams have legitimate post-season chances, and sub-plots abound. Celtics will have been at home for several days, while Lakers are on the road. I see no rest advantage here, though. Boston by 4

Up the left coast go the Warriors. There they will blaze no new trail. Portland by 15 SLAM

posted by Howard_T at 04:34 PM on January 15, 2020

Astros fire A.J. Hinch, Jeff Luhnow after MLB report into sign-stealing

the extra team punishment should be the rehiring of Bobby Valentine for the 2020 season.


Based on what the local (Boston) scribes and talking heads are saying, Cora should be upgrading his resume. Lists of prospective successors have already appeared. One of the names considered most likely is Ron Roenicke, currently a coach with the Red Sox. The problem is that Cora and Roenicke go back a long way, Cora hired Roenicke to fill his current position, and some of the smell from "the unauthorized intercept and use of clandestine communications" might be clinging to him.

posted by Howard_T at 05:29 PM on January 14, 2020

NFL Playoff Pick Em: Divisional Round

I seem to have waited until the last minute this week. It's been crazy, with extra church services, a good friend needing transportation for a couple of days after cataract surgery, and the usual stuff to do around home. Anyway, here goes.

Vikings outperformed expectations last week. They will do well again, but not well enough. San Francisco by 6

New England fans are asking themselves, "What the hell are the Titans doing playing in this game?" By 8:00 tonight Tennessee fans might ask the same question. Baltimore by 17 SLAM

Chiefs started out in the AFC as the Texans in Dallas. You might say that they are playing against themselves. Kansas City by 14 SLAM

Seahawks should have migrated south, not to Wisconsin. It's cold and snowy there. Green Bay by 6

Prop bets:

Passer: Garoppalo, San Francisco

Rusher: Ingram, Baltimore

Receiver: Hill, Kansas City

Sack: Bosa, San Francisco

Most points: Baltimore

posted by Howard_T at 02:05 PM on January 11, 2020

NBA Pick 'Em Week 12: Reseeding Recedes Edition

Too late for 76ers vs Celtics. After their last 2 games, I was worried about the Green Team, but they look ok so far.

Thursday, Jan. 9:

Lots of plot lines in this one. Houston by 14 SLAM

Friday,. Jan. 10::

Some New team will get this one. New Orleans by 6

Doncic is playing well and Anthony Davis has a bruised sacrum. Neither is good news for Lakers. Dallas by 9

posted by Howard_T at 07:57 PM on January 09, 2020

NBA Pick 'Em Week 12: Reseeding Recedes Edition

Dallas by 7

Milwaukee by 13 SLAM

At TD Garden waiting for Spurs at Celtics. More tomorrow.

posted by Howard_T at 07:02 PM on January 08, 2020

SportsFilter: The Sunday Huddle

If indeed last night saw Tom Brady's last game in Gillette Stadium, then the last few words of T. S. Elliott's The Hollow Men are particularly appropriate.

This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but with a whimper

posted by Howard_T at 06:15 AM on January 05, 2020

Enter the SportsFilter NFL Playoff Pick 'Em

I have a few minutes before I have to put some food together to feed a starving wife, so I guess there's time to lead off the proceedings. Perhaps I will have a bit more success in the playoffs than I had in the regular season. Perhaps the blind hog will find the acorn.

This rivalry goes back to the days when the Houston team wore oil derricks decals on their helmets. Much has changed since those days, but there will be 2 very good teams on the field. This one is the upset special of the wild card round. Buffalo by 6

Titans do all the things on offense for which the Patriots have problems on defense. This could see the wild card team advancing, but the Foxborough, Brady, Belichick combination might just be enough to keep it from happening. New England by 4

Vikings were in the running for a chance to rest this week but failed at the end. Saints were likewise looking at a week of rest, but were betrayed by another questionable pass interference call, this time against Seattle. Vikings will pay for it. New Orleans by 16 LOCK

The back alley brawl that was the NFC East has been settled, and the Eagles have survived. Another bird comes to town to steal the nest. Seattle by 12 LOCK

Now for the prop bets:

Passing yards: Drew Breese, Saints

Rushing yards: Derrick Henry, Titans

Receiving yards: Michael Thomas, Saints

Interception: Johnathan Jones, Patriots

Most points: New Orleans

posted by Howard_T at 05:32 PM on January 02, 2020

NFL Pick 'Em Champion: Tron7

Great battle between tron7 and jagsnumberone for the regular season title. My one really great week got me to 4th, so I consider that a moral victory. Thanks to rcade for running this once again. I hope all have a happy New Year and do well in the playoff pick 'em.

posted by Howard_T at 04:31 PM on January 02, 2020

NBA Pick 'Em Week 11: Pelicans Winning Streak Edition

I had put together a post with my picks for last week while sitting in church on Christmas Eve awaiting the 3rd service (High Mass). I had worked at the first 2, and I needed to sit through one for spiritual refreshment and a change. For some unknown reason, the picks didn't get posted. Either I didn't click on the Post Comment button or the parish WiFi didn't connect (probably the former), but in review I think not posting, thus getting a zero for the week, was a bit of a Christmas gift to myself. It would have been a disaster. Let's see if we can do better this week.

Thursday, Jan. 2:

Raptors face the very hot Heat, and might become leftover Christmas turkey. Miami by 7

Looks like the Detroit engine has some damaged pistons. Los Angeles (non-purple) by 15 SLAM

Friday, Jan. 3:

76ers seem to have a few problems gelling into the team they should be, while Rockets seem to score at will. Houston by 11

Pelicans go to meet old friend Anthony while they await the impending coming of Zion. Los Angeles (purple) by 18 SLAM

Monday, Jan. 6:

(12th Day of Christmas is done; Feast of the Epiphany; Magi finally make it to Bethlehem)

Thunder rumbles in the City of Brotherly Love, but the sound is muted. Philadelphia by 9

When a Warrior attacks a King, he must strike to kill. Ain't likely to happen. Sacramento by 12 SLAM

posted by Howard_T at 04:24 PM on January 02, 2020

SportsFilter: The Tuesday Huddle

It's time to get in one final complaint for 2019. For the past few days I have been listening to sports announcers and talking heads go on and on about this and that all decade team, play, player, game, and so on. Not to bust anyone's bubble, but 2019 is not the last year of the decade. The common calendar is reckoned from the year of Christ's birth, and the years since are called AD, or more recently the politically correct CE. The first year of CE was not year 0; it was year 1. Thus, 10 years elapsed, and the second decade began in the year 11. Continue the pattern for another 2000+ years, and it should follow that the next decade begins on January 1, 2021. This same mass misconception was prevalent in 1999, when so many thought that the 20th century ended in 1999. It's called the 20th century because it ended after 2,000 years, not 1,999 years.

Thus endeth the lesson.

May I use the last few hours of this year to wish all of you the very best in the coming year. May you enjoy good health, boundless happiness, prosperity suitable to satisfy your needs. May your favorite teams win, your favorite players excel, and your efforts in the pick 'em contests be rewarded. God bless you all in the new year.

posted by Howard_T at 09:03 PM on December 31, 2019

NFL Pick 'Em Week 17: Crunch Time Edition

There are 2 occasions when I should never do my NFL picks. The first is when I am tired, and the second is when my wife is in the room and wants to talk to me. Both were the case Friday night when I did my picks, and I managed to omit 2 games. Please add the following:

Raiders want to stay alive, even though they will never return to the Bay. Oakland by 6

William S. Hart, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, and Randolph Scott will not be on the Cowboys' side in this Western Movie. Nonetheless the Native Americans will suffer yet another defeat. Dallas by 17 LOCK

posted by Howard_T at 11:02 AM on December 29, 2019

NFL Pick 'Em Week 17: Crunch Time Edition

Well that was certainly refreshing; 116 points with a 10 point deduction for a blown lock. I can't believe you did that to me, Seattle.

Vikings will do what Norsemen have done for centuries, slay bears. Minnesota by 16 LOCK

The Ohio championship trophy will rest near Lake Erie. Cleveland by 12 LOCK

Chiefs will be playing for a bye week, but only if Patriots lose. Kansas City by 17 LOCK

Dolphins do not win in Foxborough in December. New England by 13 LOCK

Falcons fly south, but this is not a migratory trip. Tampa Bay by 9

Jets shuffle off to Buffalo but stumble once they get there. Buffalo by 13

Packers put some Lion meat in the can. Green Bay by 16 LOCK

3 teams looking for the NFC bye week, and Saints are one of them. New Orleans by 14 LOCK

The passes on I-5 and I-15 leading out of LA were blocked by snow. Maybe the desert dwellers should stay home. Los Angeles (National Conference) by 13 LOCK

Perhaps we can call this one the "Cure for Insomnia Bowl" Jacksonville by 6

And this one might be called the "New Jersey Turnpike Toll Booth Bowl" Philadelphia by 9

Ravens might have their taxi squad in to play this one. Baltimore by 18 LOCK

Titans need this one for a shot at the wild card. Tennessee by 3

Seahawks could put 49ers into the wild card game while clinching a home game for themselves. Seattle by 7

posted by Howard_T at 10:23 PM on December 27, 2019

SportsFilter: The Monday Huddle

Did the edibles kick in or something?

More likely it's the fortified liquids.

posted by Howard_T at 01:24 AM on December 24, 2019

NFL Pick 'Em Week 16: Another Fine Mess in Jacksonville Edition

Back in the pack 1c23b, nomich, and I are locked in a death struggle for 8th 9th, and 10th place. ic23b's lead is tenuous at best. We'll see if we can get by them here in the last 2 laps.

Texans are still strong for a playoff spot, but could blow it all against the Buccs. Houston by 12

Could the Bills possibly become the first team to win the AFC East other than Patriots in a very long time? New England by 10

For supremacy in the NFC West, California branch. Ssn Francisco by 7

Bengals, you are on the clock. Miami by 14 LOCK

There are many things wrong in DC, and that includes the football team. New York (National Conference) by 9

It's a short trip to the big city for the Jags, but it won't be fun. Atlanta by 13 LOCK

Other than Indianapolis, where do the Panthers go from here? Indianapolis by 6

This should be a layup for the Ravens, but you never really know. Baltimore by 17 LOCK

Can the Saints play any better than they did in their last game? New Orleans by 10 LOCK

If it could go wrong in Pittsburgh, it has. Now they have a player arrested after a bar brawl for making terrorist threats. New York (American Conference) by 7

Lions try to attack the horses but fail. Denver by 13

Another battle for state supremacy within the conference. Los Angeles (American Conference) by 10

The red birds of the desert won't do well in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Seattle by 15 LOCK

Will the real Dallas Cowboys please identify themselves. Philadelphia by 6

The Chiefs have a successful Bear hunt. Kansas City by 12 LOCK

This one is for the championship of what was called The Northwest in the early years of the USA. Green Bay by 3

posted by Howard_T at 08:04 PM on December 20, 2019