February 10, 2006

Let the Games Begin: 2006 Torino Winter Games Opening Ceremony

Tonight on NBC is the Opening Ceremonies for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games, Torino Italy. NBC coverage begins at 8PM EST with the Parade of Nations and the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron. If you can't wait until 8PM you can catch the Olympic Figure Skating preview "Olympic Ice" with Mary Cirillo, Dick Buttons, and Scott Hamilton on the USA Network 6PM EST. NBC describes it as "an all access pass inside the world of Figure Skating, with a mix of breaking-news, in-depth analysis and athlete interviews." Wow, Dick Buttons making his NBC Olympic debut! Come on be honest now all you manly men, you know your gonna watch it! Just to maybe catch a glimps of Russian Hottie Totyana Totmiyanina, the one who did the "Ultimate" face plant, falling 10 feet face first onto the ice after her pairs partner missed the catch during the 2004 Worlds. She was all the rage on Oprah, and living in the Chicago area we are allowed to oogle! If the torch relay makes into the Torino area without being highjacked by some sort of European protestor will be able to watch the Olympic Cauldron go up in Flames marking the Official Opening of these games. Then oh boy, oh boy, I can hardly restrain myself, we will be treated to the Italian Maestro Himself and a guy who only needs one name and everybody knows who your talking about, Pavarotti is going to treat the World and close the ceremony with a Rousing performance of a Puccini aria. Don't miss it! Ok I'm done, Here's your 2006 Winter Games "Quick Hits" for opening day. Hurry, Right now, Run out to your favorite Sporting Goods Store to Purchase the "Official USA Olympic Beret by Roots" If I see Katie Curic wearing it you know I gotta have one. If you haven't planned on taking a day off work Feb. 22nd consider calling in sick. I here by declare it "Play Hokey to Watch Olympic Hockey Day" as the 1/4 finals with the 8 finest National Hockey Teams in the World squaring off. All 4 Games will be broadcast live by NBC. Consider joining the SportsFilter Olympic Hockey Pool as the worst pick'em picker will reciecve the vaunted Costanza Trophy to proudly display on their SportsFilter Bio Page. Speaking of Olmpic Hockey and the overwhelming favorites Canada, can their coach "Wayne Gretzky" keep his wife away from the 22,000 licensed Italian gambling Halls... Will Chris Chelios the Captain of Team USA Hockey be able to keep the Americans from trashing another foriegn Hotel... i.e. Nagono? With American Mens Figure Skating Favorite crying about the acommedations in the Olympic Village, Diva Johnny Weir, he's pissed about having to "Rough it". My guess is his Louis Viutton Sequined gown arrived wrinkled and we just can't have that! I like a confident man. Chad Hendrick Skates in the 5000 Meter Final Saturday, one of 4 Finals Saturday. Probably the 1st Gold for Team USA. "I won the World Cup (5000) here in November by four seconds and I don't expect anything but Gold" One more then I got to go.. Telemondo is showing reruns of Team Finland's qualifying for "Ice Dancing" The four events with finals Saturday: Mens 5000 Meter Speed Skating Mens 20km Biathlon, Who the hell wants to go 20km on cross country skies luging a rifle and shoot at targets... kicks my ass just thinking about it... Womens Moguls.... I'd say something about Sports Bra's but I don't want to hear about it... Noric Combined. I have no idea what that is.. somebody help me out here.....

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