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Puckathon Draft Day Complete! Fun Time Pontifications Here: It's was an intense Draft Day for the Spofie Puckathon V. Draft is now complete and the League seems wide open. Who managed to put together the winning squad. Opinions and miscellaneous rants welcomed! Rank the Squads gang. Thank's everyone!

posted by skydivedad to fantasy at 11:01 AM on September 26, 2009 - 18 comments

Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V: Do to popular demand the Most Challenging of all Fantasy Hockey Leagues, SpoFi Puckathon is being reborn. This is a take no prisoners, it's all about winning Yahoo Rotisserie Scoring Format. No Gimmicks just straight up face the challenge of defeating SportsFilters Finest Fantasy Sport Players in the Sports Toughest format Roto Hockey! 20 Teams battle for the title. Winners Fly's the SpoFi Puckathon V Championship 2009 Banner!

No Rain Checks Accepted
Details Inside

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Early Predictions for the Upcoming 2009-2010 NHL Season! : The Annual SportsFilter "It's to Early" National Hockey League Predictions. We've missed a few years but what the hey there's nothing like reaching back for Old Traditions and making them live again! Once again we've got a ton to talk about with the upcoming Winter Olympics and a crazy amount of Off Season movements and various other Hockey Happenings. So go ahead ponder and pontificate, give it your best and remember "Hockey is for Everyone". (am I the only one that finds this disturbing?)

posted by skydivedad to navel gazing at 12:17 PM on September 05, 2009 - 13 comments

American Idol: Modano Breaks NHL American Scoring Record: Mike Modano needed less than five minutes to break Phil Housley's NHL record for the most points by a U.S.-born player with two goals in the Stars 3-1 win over the San Jose Sharks. Congrats to this Michigan Born Native.

posted by skydivedad to hockey at 11:46 AM on November 08, 2007 - 6 comments

New Hockeytown USA: If Detroit isn't Hockeytown USA anymore, then what city is? From Hockeytown to Ghost Town. Holy Octopi, what the heck is happening to this tradition-rich Original 6 city? Who has displaced them as an American Hockey Mecca? Columnist Ross McKeon weighs in.

posted by skydivedad to hockey at 06:44 AM on November 04, 2007 - 20 comments

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Blackhawks defeat Flyers 4 to 3, win Lord Stanley's Cup

YEAH! Awesome... A Spofite predicted as much Sept. 05 2009 and defended said pick later in the thread. Like I said than "These aren't your Daddy's BlackHawks" Sweet...

posted by skydivedad at 06:09 PM on June 10, 2010

Brodeur's mistakes sink Canadians

It was a well earned victory for "Team" USA. Seriously, it's only 1 step in the process of Olympic Gold. These teams could easily meet again. I know it's borderline heresy for any Canadian to question anything about the future "Best Goal Tender Ever" however Team Canada probably would have been better off having Brodeur backing up Luongo from Game 1. Certainly his performance against Switzerland should have been enough to at least start the conversation, heh? I'm guessing it was a case of collective mis-assumption and lack of Brave leadership to suggest otherwise. Mike Babcock has yet to meld the considerable talent into a cohesive Team and his constant shifting of linemates for Mr.(-3 for the night) Crosby just one symptom. Going with a sentimental choice as your #1 another.

posted by skydivedad at 08:47 PM on February 22, 2010

Streak Spoilers

Blais did a fantastic job Coaching the American Squad. Throughout the tourney he was able to evenly distribute ice time and had some very fresh legs for the final. It showed especially in the 3rd. I was able to stream the game online, anyone know the name of the boisterous voice from Saskatoon who called the game? Great announcing, I could feel every emotional swing (he was quite the Homer ehh?) and the Canadian Fans were such a class act. It just goes to prove Hockey is the Best Sport Ever!

Now, I really can't wait for the Winter Games to get fired up in Vancouver, B.C.

posted by skydivedad at 08:04 PM on January 06, 2010

Puckathon Draft Day Complete! Fun Time Pontifications Here

OK Gang League starts tomorrow! Make sure you set! Good Luck and enjoy the competition. It will be intense. All The Best Paul

posted by skydivedad at 12:18 PM on September 30, 2009

Puckathon Draft Day Complete! Fun Time Pontifications Here

That was great fun. Congrats to the Medicine Hats for pick #1! It can't be a bad thing having Ovechkin on your squad. I got really lucky drafting out of the 13th spot and getting Luongo and than having Vanek still around for the 4th Round! I like my chances. Still this will be a very challenging league the difference from 1st to last will be slim! Goal Tending might just decide this thing.

Thanks Gang and Good Luck

posted by skydivedad at 11:13 AM on September 26, 2009

Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

MeatSaber bad! Sorry rumple....

posted by skydivedad at 08:03 AM on September 26, 2009

Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

Yea rumple it will go auto when you close the java applet where the live draft occurs... Its fantastic to have a full 20 league! Thanks for joining. Good Luck and we'll see everyone 10AM EST Tomorrow...

Best of Luck everyone


On Edit

I just counted and we've only 19. Recheck your sign up can't find your squad.

posted by skydivedad at 11:36 PM on September 25, 2009

Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

OK Gang Just a heads up. Live Draft Tomorrow Sat. the 25th 10AM! See ya there. Good Luck Paul

PS 1 Slot left of 20.

posted by skydivedad at 03:32 PM on September 25, 2009

Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

Thanks Insomnuk. Great to have you on board. One, Uno I said 1 Slot left .....

posted by skydivedad at 12:27 AM on September 25, 2009

Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V


In case you're lurking we'd love to have a 2 time Champion we've only 2 slots left and we draft in 4 days 21hours and 9 minutes. Lets get this league full! Thanks 2 all who've already joined.

posted by skydivedad at 12:51 PM on September 21, 2009

Phil Kessel is finally traded to the Maple Leafs

They'll be better this year. But goaltending still a huge question.

Can't see the improvement you're talking about this year over last. You can just see the way it's going to go down. Vesa Toskala starts the season as starter under the tremendous pressure of playing for a terrible Leafs team in the middle of hockey's Mecca. Already on a short leash with his coach, and a highly-touted rookie that was the prized off-season acquisition for an ego-driven GM, Toskala wilts under the pressure. In steps said rookie, facing no pressure after the Leafs have already shown how weak they are, and Calder nomination ensues. Haha... in your dreams, Leafs fanatics!

But seriously, the Leafs will probably struggle this year with a serious lack of scoring depth, but they do have a stockpile of talented d-men that could help keep the goal totals down. If Gustavsson gets a chance, he could impress. The "Monster", as he's known, is coming off a monster season in the Swedish Elite League, where he was the top goalie during the regular season and continued into the playoffs leading Farjestad to a championship letting in only 14 goals in 13 playoff games with 5 shutouts.

It's got to be a tremendous burden being a Leafs fan, you guys are a patient and beleaguered lot. If Kessel can ever make a difference for you it's not going to be until the later half of his contract. Let's see how patient you guys really are.

posted by skydivedad at 06:41 PM on September 19, 2009

Phil Kessel is finally traded to the Maple Leafs

Can't say this has caught anybody off guard. If and when the only question most of the off season. When Toronto traded with the BlackHawks a few weeks ago for a draft pick this was a forgone conclusion. Still Toronto can't field a competitive team this season and possibly next as well. They'll be facing salary cap issues sooner rather than later with a phelthora of restricted FA's in their pipeline. It's the Matts Sudin deja vue gottya from the early 90's for this Leafs squad except Kessels not the Super Talent Sudin was and his 36 Goals last season will be hard to reproduce on a Leafs squad lacking significant offensive depth and play making Forwards to bang pucks on goal. I give Bruins Brass kudo's on this one. They played the Leafs like Grandpa's favorite fiddle!

posted by skydivedad at 04:53 PM on September 19, 2009

SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

The Annual State of the Bruins (Video) "Town Hall" Fasinating inside look at a Ritual Pre-Season Tradition. Livewire from BostonBruinsTV. As a BlackHawks fan I can relate. Oh the B's Winter Classic Jersey is the Bomb! Flyers vs. Bruins Winter Classic that will be something to see. OK all you Bruin Fans take heart the season is almost upon us.

posted by skydivedad at 07:44 PM on September 17, 2009

Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

and "The Donnie Dumphys" (chris2sy is a highly competent and skilled player with the hardware to prove it) makes 18 Slots filled. This League will be Historic for it's fierce competition! Our 2009 Champion will be draped in GLORY! Only 2 Slots left.........

posted by skydivedad at 07:31 PM on September 16, 2009

Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V


It's great to have you on board

veuillez m'excuser un moment mais passer cette fois avec vous m'a fait se rend compte combien de temps il a t depuis que j'ai eu ... and it's on....

posted by skydivedad at 11:05 PM on September 15, 2009