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Blackhawks defeat Flyers 4 to 3, win Lord Stanley's Cup

YEAH! Awesome... A Spofite predicted as much Sept. 05 2009 and defended said pick later in the thread. Like I said than "These aren't your Daddy's BlackHawks" Sweet...

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Brodeur's mistakes sink Canadians

It was a well earned victory for "Team" USA. Seriously, it's only 1 step in the process of Olympic Gold. These teams could easily meet again. I know it's borderline heresy for any Canadian to question anything about the future "Best Goal Tender Ever" however Team Canada probably would have been better off having Brodeur backing up Luongo from Game 1. Certainly his performance against Switzerland should have been enough to at least start the conversation, heh? I'm guessing it was a case of collective mis-assumption and lack of Brave leadership to suggest otherwise. Mike Babcock has yet to meld the considerable talent into a cohesive Team and his constant shifting of linemates for Mr.(-3 for the night) Crosby just one symptom. Going with a sentimental choice as your #1 another.

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Streak Spoilers

Blais did a fantastic job Coaching the American Squad. Throughout the tourney he was able to evenly distribute ice time and had some very fresh legs for the final. It showed especially in the 3rd. I was able to stream the game online, anyone know the name of the boisterous voice from Saskatoon who called the game? Great announcing, I could feel every emotional swing (he was quite the Homer ehh?) and the Canadian Fans were such a class act. It just goes to prove Hockey is the Best Sport Ever!

Now, I really can't wait for the Winter Games to get fired up in Vancouver, B.C.

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Puckathon Draft Day Complete! Fun Time Pontifications Here

OK Gang League starts tomorrow! Make sure you set! Good Luck and enjoy the competition. It will be intense. All The Best Paul

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Puckathon Draft Day Complete! Fun Time Pontifications Here

That was great fun. Congrats to the Medicine Hats for pick #1! It can't be a bad thing having Ovechkin on your squad. I got really lucky drafting out of the 13th spot and getting Luongo and than having Vanek still around for the 4th Round! I like my chances. Still this will be a very challenging league the difference from 1st to last will be slim! Goal Tending might just decide this thing.

Thanks Gang and Good Luck

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Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

MeatSaber bad! Sorry rumple....

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Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

Yea rumple it will go auto when you close the java applet where the live draft occurs... Its fantastic to have a full 20 league! Thanks for joining. Good Luck and we'll see everyone 10AM EST Tomorrow...

Best of Luck everyone


On Edit

I just counted and we've only 19. Recheck your sign up can't find your squad.

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Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

OK Gang Just a heads up. Live Draft Tomorrow Sat. the 25th 10AM! See ya there. Good Luck Paul

PS 1 Slot left of 20.

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Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

Thanks Insomnuk. Great to have you on board. One, Uno I said 1 Slot left .....

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Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V


In case you're lurking we'd love to have a 2 time Champion we've only 2 slots left and we draft in 4 days 21hours and 9 minutes. Lets get this league full! Thanks 2 all who've already joined.

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Phil Kessel is finally traded to the Maple Leafs

They'll be better this year. But goaltending still a huge question.

Can't see the improvement you're talking about this year over last. You can just see the way it's going to go down. Vesa Toskala starts the season as starter under the tremendous pressure of playing for a terrible Leafs team in the middle of hockey's Mecca. Already on a short leash with his coach, and a highly-touted rookie that was the prized off-season acquisition for an ego-driven GM, Toskala wilts under the pressure. In steps said rookie, facing no pressure after the Leafs have already shown how weak they are, and Calder nomination ensues. Haha... in your dreams, Leafs fanatics!

But seriously, the Leafs will probably struggle this year with a serious lack of scoring depth, but they do have a stockpile of talented d-men that could help keep the goal totals down. If Gustavsson gets a chance, he could impress. The "Monster", as he's known, is coming off a monster season in the Swedish Elite League, where he was the top goalie during the regular season and continued into the playoffs leading Farjestad to a championship letting in only 14 goals in 13 playoff games with 5 shutouts.

It's got to be a tremendous burden being a Leafs fan, you guys are a patient and beleaguered lot. If Kessel can ever make a difference for you it's not going to be until the later half of his contract. Let's see how patient you guys really are.

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Phil Kessel is finally traded to the Maple Leafs

Can't say this has caught anybody off guard. If and when the only question most of the off season. When Toronto traded with the BlackHawks a few weeks ago for a draft pick this was a forgone conclusion. Still Toronto can't field a competitive team this season and possibly next as well. They'll be facing salary cap issues sooner rather than later with a phelthora of restricted FA's in their pipeline. It's the Matts Sudin deja vue gottya from the early 90's for this Leafs squad except Kessels not the Super Talent Sudin was and his 36 Goals last season will be hard to reproduce on a Leafs squad lacking significant offensive depth and play making Forwards to bang pucks on goal. I give Bruins Brass kudo's on this one. They played the Leafs like Grandpa's favorite fiddle!

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

The Annual State of the Bruins (Video) "Town Hall" Fasinating inside look at a Ritual Pre-Season Tradition. Livewire from BostonBruinsTV. As a BlackHawks fan I can relate. Oh the B's Winter Classic Jersey is the Bomb! Flyers vs. Bruins Winter Classic that will be something to see. OK all you Bruin Fans take heart the season is almost upon us.

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Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

and "The Donnie Dumphys" (chris2sy is a highly competent and skilled player with the hardware to prove it) makes 18 Slots filled. This League will be Historic for it's fierce competition! Our 2009 Champion will be draped in GLORY! Only 2 Slots left.........

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Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V


It's great to have you on board

veuillez m'excuser un moment mais passer cette fois avec vous m'a fait se rend compte combien de temps il a t depuis que j'ai eu ... and it's on....

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Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

Oh Yea! It's the infamous Black Hand. This is when things get really interesting. TBH isn't playing with a full deck! He's a fairly Dangerous Man!

All kidding aside great to have you on board TBH...

Only 4 spots left...

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Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

Most Excellent NoMich! Great to have you onboard... Only 5 spots left to fill...

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Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

It's awesome to have you on board and I always get a kick out of your team names but with the "Hamilton Crackberrys" you've showcased your sense of sarcasm. Well Done! Bravo...
OK 1 missing Champion Down and a Grum to go!



PS I hear Jagr is going to be back in the league this season. Does that still make a Tranny?

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Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

Maybe Gary or rcade can sidebar this?NoMich

rcade and/or justgary: Please consider this a formal request for a sidebar announcement for this league.

Thanks Paul

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Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

Sweet We've got 12 slots filled so far in just a few days, Thanks Gang. We also have 2 former Champions (myself and Qbert) it would be great if we could get the other 2 (Grum and WeedyMcSmokey). The email address I have seems to have bounced or been lost somewhere in the Space of Cyber. If anyone could reach out to them I'd really appreciate it. Thanks

OK 8 spots left I'd really love to see this league full! So, invite your fellow Spofite.

As an aside the Draft is set for Sept 26th Saturday 10AM EST.

That is ALL...

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Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

Hi Howard Glad you're on board. If you can't make the live draft Yahoo's autodraft feature kicks in automatically if your team hasn't signed in. It uses the Yahoo Player Rankings. The beast thing to do is use the player ranking feature and set up your own rankings instead of using the Yahoo. Make sure to rank at least the 1st 200 Players as you see it. Or just leave it and trust the Yahoo Machine. (Not Me)

Good Luck

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Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

Yes will set it for Saturday than Sept. 26th 10AM EST. I'll set it to Live. Great Turnout so far, Thanks Gang, let's fill this league!

I've traced back the history of the Puckathon going back to it's 1st year 2002. You can review the leagues history on the leagues home page by using the drop down menu for Season: (on the right)

Check out past players and our Champions

Past Champions

2002 = Chewbacca Defence 169 Total Points (I have zero idea who that is as the managers name is hidden. Anyone know? I believe it was Grum's 1st Championship)
Commish = Academy of Lies (Name unknown, anyone?)

2003 = Arrogant Champs 112 Total Points (Again hidden manager name but I believe it might have been Grum once again)
Commish = Qbert

2004 = Can't find any data (Anyone know?)

2005 = Los Colecos 142 Points (Qbert )
Commish = Chico Bangs

2006 = Jagr is a Tranny (WeedyMcSmokey) 169 Points
Commish= Chico Bangs

2007 = BHawksDown 152.5 Points (Skydivedad)
Commish = Chico Bangs

Who's gonna run off with the 2009 Honors? Join Now and it could be you!

posted by skydivedad at 12:34 PM on September 08, 2009

Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V


Spitzengle that's max games per position as an example we have 2 LW Positions so the max games would be 164 in total for LW. This is something to watch throughout the season as running out of games can leave you falling rapidly in the standings as the season comes to an end.

It's great to have people joining. Big welcome to all including Qbert and Goddam who've been involved in the past. This is gonna be a blast.

Draft Day is set right now for Sat. 26th 10AM I would prefer Friday 25th at 6:30PM EST! I can change it let me know what works the best.


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Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

Hey Rumple Everyone and anyone can win! Its not a big time consumer if you don't want it to be. Just have to keep an eye on players with a day off and fill in their spot from the bench. Simple eh? The draft itself probably takes around an hour but its a blast. I highly recommend being present for the draft but an auto drafter has won the Championship!

OK, Thanks to all who've joined already. Its filling up quickly! Here's a run down on the scoring rules and settings!

Roster Positions: C, C, LW, LW, RW, RW, D, D, D, D, G, G, BN, BN, BN, IR

Forwards/Defensemen Stat Categories: Goals (G), Assists (A), Plus/Minus (+/-), Penalty Minutes (PIM), Powerplay Points (PPP), Game-Winning Goals (GWG), Shots on Goal (SOG), Faceoffs Won (FW)

Goaltenders Stat Categories: Wins (W), Goals Against Average (GAA), Saves (SV), Shutouts (SHO)

These have pretty much been the rules for most of the Puckathons...

This is gonna rock! All The Best Paul

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Most Amazing Fantasy Hockey Opportunity Ever! SpoFi Puckathon V

SpoFi Puckathon V League ID127713 Password= ripcord

Only 17 Spots remaining
Draft Saturday Sept 26th 10AM EST I'd prefer Friday the 25th at 6:30PM EST

Same Rules and Positions as Puckathon IV as always Rules and settings open for discussion. I'll post the full rules here in a bit.
Good Luck
All The Best

Stupid typo Should read Winner Fly's the SpoFi Puckathon Championship 2009 Banner

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

Isn't it about time for our yearly hockey predictions post? Skater umm...MrFrisby

You know it is. Thanks for the reminder and that thread is like revisiting SportsFilters Old Home Week! How is your toe coming along by the way? I'll see if I can get the 2009 Hockey Prediction thread put up in the Locker Room. I do claim 1st dibs on the ultimate fate of #1 Rookie John Tavares under the guidance of the evil Garth Snow. (Why would he sign Biron and Roloson when they have DePietro? 3 starting Goalies does a trend make...)

posted by skydivedad at 02:48 PM on September 04, 2009

SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

As for the upcoming hockey season, I'm super excited. The NHLPA is in flux, effectively giving Buttman more power...the Pens are defending champs, meaning we gotta listen to national commentators fellate Cindy Crosby even more than normal...the Wings signed Jason Willaims, Patrick Eaves, AND Todd Bertuzzi while losing Samuelsson, Hossa, AND Hudler...I'm so excited I may vomit... MeatSaber

in flux thats an understatement. I thought the firing of Paul Kelly was an inside powerplay by Glenn Healy and he up and resigns yesterday! What a mess.

I'm also not looking forward to the All Crosby all the time banter by the god awful National commentators foisted upon us. He's not even the best player on his team let alone the league. (That would be Melkin and Ovechkin) but someone will surely draft him ahead of both of those guys in most Fantasy Leagues. I've already heard the grumbling about his low chances of wearing the C for Team Canada.

Well as a BlackHawks Fan in a house full of Red Wing nuts can't say I'm to disappointed in all those goals leaving the Joe, I'd also be pissed about Babcock Coaching Team Canada when he has a NHL squad in dire need of his undivided attention. Cheer up I predict Zetterburg (He's the one who suffered most with Hossa on board) and a soon to be super goal scoring Villie Leino will make you forget Mr. Hossa. As a BlackHawks fan I'm excited to have him but the July shoulder surgery won't see him on our ice until December. This is a disappointment and removes him from my draft board.

Anyway, I hear Chris Chelios is looking to hook up with Nashville, talk about weird can you imagine him showing up at the Joe with that sweater on? It might take awhile to clean all that Cheli's Chilli from the ice! I'm heading up north to see the 12th Annual Prospects Tourney in Traverse City it starts Sunday. NoMich your squad "Carolina Hurricanes" is one of the 8 teams. It's their 1st year.

OK, well maybe we have enough interest to get the Spofi Puckathon Rotisserie League rolling again. It disappeared last year after a 4 year run. I would really like a chance to defend my Championship and that would be difficult as the Commissioner. Any Volunteers?

I will put together an Olympic Hockey Pick'em if you guys care to play.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

My own personal response to this is that, ironically (or not), I am actually starting to feel that SpoFi is back. I really fell outta the loop for a while after the move, but the look and feel is really back to the way it was when I got hooked. Part of that is the ongoing discussions about how it should be. Spitzengle

...I suggested the Huddle because there ought to be more stuff to do here...rcade

Well, my hope has been the same Spetzengle. The Spofi Puckathon used to fill up a Yahoo NHL Roto League with 20 players and a few members couldn't get a spot. Past Champions easily had a chance to defend and we always had excellent locker room threads discussing all aspects of the league. Who had the best draft, strength and weakness of each squad, the long slug that is an NHL Hockey season. We also enjoyed the run up to the draft and the effects of various offseason player movements.

We we're especially engaged in the last Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. Olympic Hockey and Curling meant a lot to us. We have another chance this season as Canada Host the 2010 Winter Olympics and the incredible 09 NHL Season looms large. We're only a few weeks away from the 1st preseason game and camps are opening as we speak. Talking about an opportunity to do stuff.

I challenge each and everyone who participated in past Spofi Puckathons to play again this year, despite the loss of Chico as Commissioner, who never got the accolades he deserved for Commishing the league all those years. His effort was outstanding and it would be sweat to have him Commish another Puckathon.

I've tried reaching out to Tony but haven't heard back from him. Yea, I miss the Puckathon, the level of play was right up there with the Expert leagues I participate in and that Championship means more to me than any other. I'd like a chance to defend my Championship! Is there not a single member here willing to take me on? I'll know when this league is reborn that SportsFilter is once again at the top of its game. It would be awful to go through the 2010 Winter Olympics and another NHL Season without hearing Weedy and Grum pontificating in the league chat (and all the others that made this a special place).

As for the huddle, I've no idea what to do with it, so it shouldn't be any different from the rest of the site for me.THX-1138

Glad I'm not alone in that sentiment! So, I'll post this here in the Huddle thread for Friday Sept. 4th, 2009. If it offends anyone with its presence I apologize, It's certainly not my intention.

Any willing Puckathon V participants out here? Anyone feel like commissioning such a league? (Chico Bangs we need you!) Yahoo Sports opened Fantasy Hockey on Sept. 2nd! Anyone besides me excited about Canada's Hosting of the 2010 Winter Olympics and the return of Olympic Hockey and the very intriguing spectacle that is Olympic Curling?

posted by skydivedad at 08:58 AM on September 04, 2009

NHL players fire union chief

Surprised yea maybe but the rumblings started last week at the orientation camp in Calgary. I'm shocked not at all. Kelly's lack of hockey knowledge and his buddy buddy approach to Bettman certainly rubbed many players the wrong way. Kinda smells like an inside power move by Glenn Healey to me especially with the immediate resignation of Pat Flatley. It will be interesting to see if Healey is on the top of the replacement list. The search committee should be announced probably later today.

posted by skydivedad at 02:44 PM on August 31, 2009

NHL places bid to buy Coyotes out of Bankruptcy

While the NHL as represented by Bettman are running ramshackle over U.S. Bankruptcy law and scaring off one of the better prospective owners (Jerry Reinsdorf) of this squad the fate of the Coyote Franchise lingers in purgatory. It's not only the Canadian TV Contract but ownership groups in Toronto and Montreal that dread the possibility of having real competition in Ontario. Than "business as usual" would have to change and the Faithful in Toronto might actually stop supporting a system that has delivered nothing but heart ache decade after decade.

It's really more League thumb nosing at the real "Hockey Fans" who've about had it with our sports kow towing to the casual American fans who don't really understand the game and demand we dismantle its structure so they can watch it on ESPN. I say screw them anyway but supposedly the league thinks they are worth the league shytting on all the tradition that makes Hockey the Amazing Sport it is.

The very best thing that could happen for "Real Hockey" fans is for this franchise to end up in Hamilton. End of Rant!

As a side note: I ran away with the Spofi Roto Fantasy Hockey title 2 years ago. Last year that league didn't happen and I was deprived of the ability to defend my Championship. This League had a long and storied history on SportsFilter. I challenge each and everyone of you (especially former Champions) to a rematch and a rebirth of the Spofi Roto Hockey League. I deserve the right to defend my Championship if my run away victory scared you off I'll ease up (not!) I would gladly do whatever it takes to bring that league back this season. How about it gang, anybody think they can take my crown? All The Best Paul

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Strap it on! Get some! Take a trip to the Hurt Locker! H2H Fantasy Football Awaits!

Good Luck everyone and thanks TBH for putting this together.

I got really lucky in this draft with the Yahoo Auto Draft delivering the top 2 rated WR's (Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson) onto my squad. I guess we will see if a WR top heavy squad can win against RB loaded teams which goes against the standard perceptions of how to win in Fantasy Football. I do have the top rated (by most rating services) Rookie RB (Kwonshon Moreno) who sprained his ankle in last nights preseason game! Oh joy is me...

posted by skydivedad at 07:10 PM on August 22, 2009

Coyotes judge permits Baisallie bid

an estimated $23 in Retail Sales Surcharges for the next fiscal year (should read an estimated $23 Million In Retail Sales...)

posted by skydivedad at 11:14 PM on August 06, 2009

Coyotes judge permits Baisallie bid

This is getting "Coyote Ugly" and the recent leak of confidential Bankruptcy Documents has the League and local (Glendale) officials scrambling to keep one of the few Bidders for the team promising to keep it in the area. Jerry Reinsdorf's (and a consortium of other investors) $148 Million bid is in jeopardy of being withdrawn as the Chicago Sports Mogul expressed his anger over the leak this past weekend. His representative however were in Federal Court speaking with Judge Redfield Baum on Monday the 3rd.

The leak exposed information pertaining to negotiations between the Reinsdorf Group and Glendale officials over an estimated $23 in Retail Sales Surcharges for the next fiscal year Mr. Reinsdorf requested in exchange for keeping the team in Glendale. Further more the agreement called for payments to the Group of $15 Million if the team continued to lose money over the next 5 years or allow the the team to be Sold and/or moved.

Although he denies it observers believe the confidential information was posted publicly through the court's Web site by attorneys for current Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes. A spokesman for Moyes, Steve Roman, said on Monday that the leak was "completely inadvertent and accidental."

"There was no funny business," he said. Moyes of course would prefer the $212.5 Million (U.S.) offer from Balsillie who would move the team to Ontario and Moyes would get some cash as well. The suspicion of Moyes involvement with the leak appear well founded.

Glendale residents are already reeling over the $180 Million investment the city made into the arena. The arena has lost an estimated $30 Million a year already since the Coyotes moved into the facility.

This has Glendale City Manager Ed Beasely scrambling for his political life as he has requested Judge Baum to hold in contempt Moyes' council and remove Mr. Moyes from the bidding process.

Really, it seems no matter the eventual outcome Glendale residents have already lost. By moving the auction to Sept. 10th and opening up the process to Mr. Basillie some of the monetary burden can be diverted from the Glendale taxpayers despite the efforts of NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman.

NHL owners voted on July 29th to block the Basillie Bid. It will be interesting to see how the league and Bettman can justify blocking Basillie when his bid is by far the most favorable. The NHL has been funding many of the Coyote's operation since the move from Winnipeg in 1996 and has lost $10's of millions since.

Like I said it's "Coyote Ugly"

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Oh, it's on. Yes, yes it is.

Hi Gang Thought I'd give this a whirl. I haven't been around here in a while might be a great way to try and get involved around here again. All The Best Paul

TBH Thanks for putting this together.

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NHL Playoffs Pick 'Em, round 1 results.

Montreal over Philly in 6 Games Kovolev, Briere Pittsburg over Rangers in 7 Jagr, Malkin Wings over Aves in 5 Zetterberg, Hejduk Stars over Sharks in 6 Richards, Pavelski I can't believe I sucked so much in round 1 yeeesh

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Fukudome doesn't find racist T-shirts in Wrigleyville funny

Wow, I don't know what happened here. I go away for a few days and this train wreck appears. brandy you certainly have a propensity for the absurd which I find most disconcerting. I realize laughter is an excellent rebuttal for relieving the anxiety of racial discourse but you've taken cognitive absurdities to a whole different level I never imagined possible. It reminds me of part of James Heckman's critique of the Bell Curve.

posted by skydivedad at 11:55 PM on April 22, 2008

Fukudome doesn't find racist T-shirts in Wrigleyville funny

"Easy to give lip service over the Internet. Much more effective example would be through your actions and deeds." posted by giveuptheghost at 5:53 PM CDT on April 19 Isn't that exactly what your comment does! The only person discussed in the article that purchased this shirt turned out to be the daughter of a woman who collects examples of racist images of Asian Americans But the customer in question, Laureen Hom, had no intention of wearing the shirt, she said. ''I bought it for my mom, who has a collection of racist images of Asian Americans,'' she said. And, she added, the fact the creator is Asian ''is no excuse.'' "Would you confront the guy selling the tshirts or the people buying? Easy to give lip service over the Internet. Much more effective example would be through your actions and deeds." posted by giveuptheghost at 5:53 PM CDT on April 19 Yes, I would confront the vendor and anyone indifferent and ignorant enough to wear such filth. Both the vendor and his customers who purchased these are either "sadly ignorant." as the author suggested or callous bigots. I've confronted the KKK in Skokie IL, near Circle Campus in Chicago's Loop, in downtown Kalamazoo Mi as well Gulfport Mississippi and several other locations. I've received death threats for articles I've written and have had urine thrown on me by the same types who would callously chuckle amongst themselves as they demean another culture and dehumanize a fellow human being. I know of several members here on SportsFilter that would have gladly joined me in any of those actions. I have friends who've been badly injured, jailed or beaten for standing up to these bullies. So, whats your point? That by discussing evil online we're all somehow cowards. That it is better we just let these goofballs go unchallenged online as well as off and leave this mess for our children. I think not.

posted by skydivedad at 06:37 PM on April 19, 2008

Fukudome doesn't find racist T-shirts in Wrigleyville funny

When I 1st read this article originally I felt I was in a time warp. Are you kidding me! Cubs Outfielder Kosuke Fukudome is just arrived in our country and as far as most fans of the Ballclub are concerned he's been nothing but a fine example of Class. I just can't imagine how he feels seeing such a blatant display of Racial Bigotry and stereotyping being displayed in the neighborhood and being new here I hope he doesn't judge us all by this outrage. Reading the justification given by this lame brained vendor in defense of the indefensible leaves me angrier and ashamed to think so called Fans of my beloved Cubbies can even consider this an appropriate display of support for the Ballclub and this astounding talent we're blessed with having in a Cubs uniform. As for the Cubs organization they were able to attempt to remove this stain on the Honor of their organization. I can't imagine how Kosuke must feel being so far away from his Homeland and to be treated to one of the lowest forms of American Culture. "Racism for Profit"

posted by skydivedad at 10:58 AM on April 19, 2008

New and Improved NHL Playoffs Pick 'Em Thread.

OK, My Repicks Remain unchanged Habs in 6 Kovalev, Sturm Sens in 7 Heatley, Malkin Caps in 6 Ovechkin, Prospal Rangers in 7 Jagr, Parise Detroit in 5 Zetterburg, Radulov Sharks in 6 Michalek, Iginla Aves in 7 Stastny, Gaboric Ducks in 5 Getzlef, Richards Goalies: Thomas and Giguere

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Fantasy Hockey League Roundup!

Yes, grum, you're on the Fibonacci trail of greatness. Can I have mine with lots of cheese.....I love those grilled Italian Sandwiches, those grill mark stripes are really neat. Thanks Chico for running the league you did an excellent job and Thanks to all the Spofites who managed a squad. Winning the league is a Honor, my squad wasn't even mentioned in the list of contenders posted in the locker room right after draft day. Really the win was the result of a lucky speculation. I look forward to defending the title and becoming the 2nd back to back winner in league history. (Grum did it in year 1 and 2) I'm already preparing data for the spread sheets. Thanks Again everyone it was a really fun season.

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Lindros announces retirement, donates $5,000,000 to Ontario hospital

Wow Phil That's an amazing list of talent that never won a Cup. I'd say your right on most of those guys being better and I had forgotten about several of them when I typed that comment. It's just that I moved to Michigan several years ago and hear that argument about Dino all the time from the Wings fans around here. Yikes......I'm going native....

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Lindros announces retirement, donates $5,000,000 to Ontario hospital

Ah, they're so inclusive it's hard to suggest there are any real milestones - though 500 goals is close to a lock. So is a career average of over a point a game. Not a lot of guys do those thing........ I think 500 goals is an exclusive enough club that anyone who has hit that milestone....... The Hockey HOF works a little differently than those in other sports. Dino Ciccarelli has 608 career goals and 1200 points and is the North Stars all-time goals scorer yet isn't a member of the Hall. He also is considered by many as the best player no never win a Cup. His career was tainted by several off the ice incidents that include arrest and conviction for indecent exposure and assaults on members of the media. He's also remembered for a vicious stick attack on Leaf's D'man Luke Richardson. I believe these issues have been used by the induction committee to exclude Ciccarelli from the Hall. The Induction Committee is an 18 Member Selection Committee of HOF'ers and Media Personalities. Only a relatively short 3 year period is required after retirement. (This was waived for 10 players considered exceptional). There are many that believe the current standards are too lax. It's also criticized for having an over representation of Original 6 Inductee's at the expense of WHA and International Players. As for Lindros many won't forget his disdain for the Nordiques on Draft Day with "nasty comments" and refusing to wear the jersey. His career will be marked as incomplete by some due to the his many injury shortened seasons and career. He does have 2 or 3 great years and 1 League MVP Honor. His career reminds me most of Cam Neely (2005 Inductee) and the numbers are similar as are the rash of injuries both suffered through-out their careers. I believe Lindros worthy of induction but the committee will probably make him wait more than 3 years.

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American Idol: Modano Breaks NHL American Scoring Record

I was watching his progress through-out the start of this season and maybe enjoying it more than I should considering my disappointment in the Stars for moving this franchise. I guess they've been in Dallas long enough now that it seems OK and Minni does have a new Wild squad. I watched Modano many times early in his career when the North Stars rolled into the Old Chicago Stadium to take on the Blackhawks. We always knew Modano would get a goal or two no matter what the Blackhawks did to the rest of the N. Star squad. He's the kind of player that could strike quickly and unexpectedly, you could never take your eyes off him. It was a great rivalry. Greatest American scorer yes but maybe not the greatest American born player. IMHO that distinction belongs to Chris Chelios. Anyway, Congratulation Mike Modano.

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Coudal Partners

Fab Find! Thanks a ton Good Doctor. It's pretty neat to see the players interact in these spots and sending Kane for the Soda was extra kewl........ It's a start and a well done one indeed........ This FPP definitely deserves a Double Good Flag!

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Sports Junkies: Go With TriviaFix!!!

Clean up on aisle 4..........

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New Hockeytown USA

Third, the Wings are victims of their own success. That's a great point holden and doesn't bode well for a pick up in attendance this year. The Red Wings hold the longest current playoff streak of all professional North American sports teams, at 16 consecutive seasons. Don't get me started on a rant about the NHL Schedule. It's beyond logic! I do want to point out the current Minnesota Squad has had some playoff disappointments and a 1st round exit last year included but it hasn't diminished their fan base in the least , however I don't buy into the anointment by McKeon of the Twin Cities as the "New Hockeytown" USA. You can't have "Hockeytown USA without a Cup in my view, until such time I'd say the distinction is still up for grabs, if not still presiding in Detroit.

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New Hockeytown USA

but losing took its toll over time. That hasn't happened in Detroit. The Red Wings continue there winning ways. Certainly a 1st round exit against 8th seeded Edmonton 2 years ago may have been painful for their fans but they did go all the way to the Western Conference finals last year. The 3 year gap between Cups from 97-98 and 01-02 only saw a rabid fans base continue their sell-out ways. This years squad is arguably the best in all of the NHL at least the best in the west. Some have argued the retirement of Steve Yzerman and the lack of a Strong North American Face for the franchise has hurt the attendance but with Henrik Zetterberg leading the NHL in points and with Lidstrom (a certain HOF'er) wearing the C how can a fan not be excited?

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World Series confidence pool final standings

Mine was.....I was rooting for anyone but the Tigers........ oh that was last year.

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Bruins' Patrice Bergeron Leaves Game on Stretcher

Which bunch of statements are you referencing yerfatma? I count one that was a counter to the accusation that I only watch amateur hockey and was directed at a poster other than YYM. He stuck his nose in where it wasn't invited, much like you have in your reply. I "kinda" owe you or YYM nada, zip, nothing. I'm willing to overlook the last few insults and let this drop but I doubt you have that capacity. Really, if anyone on this sight considers himself an omnipotent "authority" it's probably you above all others.

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Bruins' Patrice Bergeron Leaves Game on Stretcher

I don't need to prove a thing to you YYM. Grow Up!

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Bruins' Patrice Bergeron Leaves Game on Stretcher

I have absolutely zero doubt I've seen tons more NHL Games than you have by an exponential # and not just my homer squad. That Flyer Kool-Aide seems to have clouded your judgement. Stop blaming the victim and Randy Jones deserves the bulk of the blame. Here's my final word on this stuff. Savagery doesn't belong in the game. Legal clean hard hitting and enforcing does.

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Bruins' Patrice Bergeron Leaves Game on Stretcher

Darien Hatcher. Now there's a trusted source of all that is dirty in the NHL. Kind of like Mike Tyson discussing the merit of low blows and ear biting. Cluade Julian summed it up perfectly. It wasn't clean in the view of Bruins head coach Claude Julien. "I don't think that's accidental," he said Saturday. "So, yes, it was a dirty hit." Colin Campbell needs to do the right thing and soon.

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Hockey Sweater Showdown! #1 Montreal Canadians vs. #2 Chicago Blackhawks

Here's that link to gfinsf. Great Site Thanks for the Heads-up. Chico, if your still heading to the NHL Store this afternoon let me know which jersey your wearing and I can't wait to see those pics. Thanks

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Hockey Sweater Showdown! #1 Montreal Canadians vs. #2 Chicago Blackhawks

Not to derail the thread, but anyone want to volunteer their most regrettable hockey shirt purchase? That's easy, the Game Worn Blackhawk "Rookie Savard" Home Sweater now in the hands of my ex........

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Hockey Sweater Showdown! #1 Montreal Canadians vs. #2 Chicago Blackhawks

Chico I was hoping to get a report from a New Yorker on the NHL Store. (Pics Please) Were you there for the opening a few weeks ago? What's the vibe like and please prance about the Store Front in your finest NHL Jersey as Don Lagrecka and TJ do the XM NHL Center Ice Radio Show from that locale 12PM-2PM EST M-F. I listen everyday. If you don't have XM there's a link to the broadcast on (Bottom Right on Home Page) It's the best hockey show on the air! Don't forget a SportsFilter Call-out! Seems like a must see for any future Spofite NYC Hook-up. Oh yea! The Coyotes Home Jersey rocks for sure but let's be real. The best NHL Jersey belongs to the Chicago Squad...........

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Bruins' Patrice Bergeron Leaves Game on Stretcher

Randy Jones' action on the ice in this incident certainly is out of character for him, your sarcasm aside, which just belays the point. The team encouraged his action directly or not and they should also be held accountable. In MLB the manager can get suspended when he has his pitcher hit a batter something similar in the NHL is in order.

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Bruins' Patrice Bergeron Leaves Game on Stretcher

This play happens at least 15 times a game. I haven't an idea what sport your watching but this kind of buffoonery doesn't even happen 15 times league wide in a season. It is complete thuggery, a disgrace to the league and to the great game of Hockey! We issue lifetime bans in the adult leagues I play in for a lot less.

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Bruins' Patrice Bergeron Leaves Game on Stretcher

All these Flyer apologist should take a break from defending this inexcusable violence. There is absolutely no room in the game for this thuggery! It's no coincidence this Flyer squad has had 3 Major incidences of this type in only 10 Games. Unfortunately the mandate from on top to keep it physical but "clean" hasn't seemed to translate to the players on the ice. The Flyer turn-around this season could be something special instead it's being diminished by this unacceptable rebirth of the "Broad Street Bullies" it wasn't acceptable the 1st time around and this version even less so. I guess the Hockey God's weren't looking because the Flyers managed to win this game and if a broken nose and severe concussion is catching a break from what could have been a life threatening injury or career ending makes Jones somehow less culpable is an absurdity beyond belief. I think Grum's suggestions to have the team share some of the punishment is perfectly in line with the display put on by the Flyers. To say the team atmosphere doesn't encourage these incidents is to deny the truth! If I were a Flyer Fan I'd be embarrassed.

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It's TV Time for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Do you and sdm get to any of the games, sdd? SDM is a Die hard Wings Fan and wouldn't be caught dead at the United Center unless it was to see a Wings Hawks fling. I was a season ticket holder from 1981 until I lost them in a divorce settlement in the early 90's. Unfornuately my beloved bride has corrupted our son as he also is a Wing Nut. I figure when we start kicking their butt in a few years I can win him over!

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It's TV Time for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Way over due is an understatement. This should have happened 2 decades ago. This does make a positive statement by Rocky Wirtz about his leadership as owner of this original 6 franchise. It hasn't been an issue for me since I moved to Michigan some 8 years ago and I watch a ton of Blackhawk games on my Center Ice Package. The thing is I always got the oppositions telecast. Hopefully they can rehire HOF announcer Pat Foley! It will be a real treat for Home fans to get a view of the amazing talent Toews and Kane bring to this squad. I saw the sick move Toews laid on the Avalanche the best goal of the season to date.

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