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September 05, 2009

Early Predictions for the Upcoming 2009-2010 NHL Season! : The Annual SportsFilter "It's to Early" National Hockey League Predictions. We've missed a few years but what the hey there's nothing like reaching back for Old Traditions and making them live again! Once again we've got a ton to talk about with the upcoming Winter Olympics and a crazy amount of Off Season movements and various other Hockey Happenings. So go ahead ponder and pontificate, give it your best and remember "Hockey is for Everyone". (am I the only one that finds this disturbing?)

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October 01, 2007

MLB Divisional Playoffs Link Dump......: I'm looking for all the great links from you guys. I want the best of Red Sox, Yankees, Indians, Angels, Cubbies, Phillies, Diamond Backs, Rockies, Padres. Give a shout-out whatever.....

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November 21, 2006

Victory for Online Free Speech!: Libel Ruling Victory for Online Free Speech! Seems like rcade is standing on firm legal ground after this California Ruling: Bloggers and US internet providers cannot be liable for posting defamatory comments written by third parties, the California Supreme Court has ruled. Common sense prevails.

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September 21, 2006

Sunday Campfire Meet-Up:: Sunday Night Baseball=Cards @ Stros....... Sunday Night Football= Broncos @ Pats..... NHL Sunday Night Pre-season Hockey= Red Wings vs Panthers to be Broadcast throughout Canada (supposedly) and some U.S. coverage. Sports Overload Sunday.......... BYOB...... Hockey kicks off the action at 7PM EST...... other games to follow..... gonna be a party! C'ya in the campfire.....

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September 01, 2006

Is it to early to make Predictions for the upcoming 2006-07 NHL Season?: What say you SportsFilter Folks? Is it? Howard Berger, writing out of Toronto and writes for that Eklund Guy's Hockey Blog seems to think it isn't. He had his out in early August. I've got mine ready, anxiously waiting to share them with the world but my own best hockey buddy (skydivemom) insist it's way to early. I've got a ton of "Hockey Happenings" (like the NHL not going to the tighter fitting {sleek} jersey we saw in the Olympics this year but waiting for 2007-08) I want to talk about and nobody to listen or debate. Maybe she's right, maybe I'm just a sick hockey addict experiencing withdrawl in need of a fix. I can't be the only one, am I?

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August 24, 2006

Column Submitting Form Appy Borked: The column submittion appy thingy wouldn't take the column I've been tryingh to submit. It keeps throwing up a page saying: "Sorry, We had trouble adding the category" We saw a similar problem around the time of the Winter Olympics. If I'm doing something wrong let me know but as far as I can see there isn't a check box or jump menu for category anywhere on this app.

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July 30, 2006

Spofite Hockeynut hook-up at the NHL Prospects Tournament: Prospects Tournament. The Red Wings are hosting their annual NHL Prospects Tournament in Travis City, MI starting Sept. 8th and running through Sept. 12th. Rookie prospects from Detroit, Atlanta, St. Louis, NY Rangers, Columbus, Minnesota, Dallas and Tampa Bay are going to be playing 4 games a day plus scheduled team practice times daily. The practice and games are open to the public but room is limited. One ticket is good for all practices and all 4 games daily and at 5 bucks a ticket it's a hockeynut's dream as we endure the off season. I have a few extra tickets that were made available only in person at Centre Ice on July 29th. Additional tickets are going to be made available by fax only August 1st. They sell out fast! Lets get together and check out the incoming talent and get a hockey fix. In the past this tournament has been great and the players are readily accessible to the fans. Bring a Jersey for an autograph and a camera for some great pics. I'll post the Tournament Schedule in my comment. Any takers my email address is on my profile.

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February 22, 2006

Olympic Hockey 1/4 Finals .......: 2006 Olympic Hockey 1/4 Finals GameTime Thread for 1/4 Finals. The single elimination, no holds barred, loser go home.... The 8 Finest National Hockey Teams on the Planet play for the Gold! 4 Big Games, Enjoy.....

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February 21, 2006

Olympic Hockey, Hockey, Hockey: Olympic Hockey, Hockey, Hockey: GameTime thread for the Final Day of Round Robin Play....... Can grum@work successfully pursue redsnare and the current Leader nomich?.... it's real tight with 15 players within 7.5 pts of the lead............Can skydivemom and rainbaby give chico a run for the costanza? Enjoy

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February 10, 2006

Torino Games 2006 Opening Ceremony GameTime Locker Room Chat: Torino Games 2006 Opening Ceremony:Join in as we sit in amazement at all the Pagentry of the 2006 Torino Winter Olympic Opening Ceremony! God Bless Italy, you know how the Italians love a Goudy Display of Pagentry! Time for some Olympic Smack Talk. Don't forget to cast your vote in our GameTime Polls........ 8PM EST...Tonite

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February 06, 2006

SportsFilter Olympic Coverage: SportsFilter Olympic Coverage Where are we at with the Torino Games Coverage? It seems our Editor in Chief is MIA. I've written a few more columns and I was looking forward to reading the columns from the l_b_b and others. Is this project comatose, or not merely dead but sincerely dead? Just looking for some clarity before I invest further in this endevor. Are we still using the GameTime looker room for the opening ceremonies, it's only a few days away?

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January 15, 2006

NFL Pick'em Playoffs Week 2 Day 2 (Divisional Round):SportsFilter Lounge: NFL Pick'em Playoffs Week 2 Day 2 (Divisional Round:Indianapolis vs. Pittsburg 1:00 EST, Carolina vs. Chicago 4:30 EST. Here's a Spofite Lounge for day 2 Divisional Round Action Game Time Smack Talk. Our fearless "Commish"(Hal) has the leaderboard updated. Thanks Hal, Who's going to win the Top Honors as the field narrows? Let the Games Begin.

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January 14, 2006

NFL 2006 Pick'em Playoffs Week 2 Day 1 (Divisional Round): NFL 2006 Pick'em Playoffs Week 2 Day 1 SporsFilter Lounge: Washington vs. Seatle 4:30 EST, New England vs. Denver 8:00 EST. Here's a SpoFite Lounge for live Game Time Smack Talk. Kudo's to rcade for making room in the Locker Room. Hal Thanks "Great Commish" It's Parley Weekend here at SportsFilter. Let the Games Begin.

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January 10, 2006

Torina, Italy Febuary 10-26 2006: 2006 SportsFilter Winter Olympic Coverage: I have a few articles ready for publication on the sport I'm covering and I was wondering how we should proceed. I've heard talk of some graphics to include or perhaps an Olympic Preview FPP post where several of the articles from differant writers could be included or whatever Little_Brown_Bat would prefer. Just looking for some guidance on how to proceed. L_B_B awaiting your instructions. Thanks

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