February 12, 2006

Richardson plays swan song for Phils: Brings a tear to my eye and a laugh to my soul.

posted by GoBirds to baseball at 06:20 AM - 5 comments

As a season ticket holder, I've been to many Phillies games and have heard Mr. Richardson play. I wish ballparks were less "rock and roll," and would return to the organ playing of "Charge!" Anyway, "Thank you" and "Good Luck," Mr. Richardson--it was a great run...I am sorry that after 35 years of service you were relegated to the concourse of the new ballpark...if the organization wanted to put you closer to the fans, that's fine...but they could've at least thrown in a view of the game.

posted by barclen at 07:47 AM on February 12, 2006

who cares? certainly not MLB.. living in Cleveland I can tell you they care nothing about these people.. John Adams banged his drum for twenty years in Municipal stadium rooting on one of the worst teams in all of professional sports.. what happened when the Tribe moved to the newly built Jacobs Field?? little drummer boy was forced to buy his seat AND a seat for his drum!! they could have cared less..

posted by JohnRodder at 01:27 PM on February 12, 2006

It is always nice to hear a story like this. Now days it seems like it is more about the money than anything else. I hope the Phillies replace him and let someone else have 30 years of memories like his. That sucks about Cleveland. Sounds like what happened to the towelboy at Savis Center. He throws out a Blues towel after each Blue's goal(not to many thrown this year). They was wanting him to stop doing it. After an uproar, the Blues relented and even gave him the seat. Yes, he was actually paying for his seat to do this when he started.

posted by dropzone at 02:09 PM on February 12, 2006

Hey John, you do know you are talking about Cleveland.

posted by target1 at 03:02 PM on February 12, 2006

Adams is a PAIN in the ASS to sit next to when you want to watch the dam GAME. I sat at the old stadium for years next to his pain the ass drums! Why should he not pay to watch! I yell and scream for over 42yrs,do I get to get in for FREE?

posted by cds1 at 04:10 PM on February 12, 2006

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