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Richardson plays swan song for Phils

who cares? certainly not MLB.. living in Cleveland I can tell you they care nothing about these people.. John Adams banged his drum for twenty years in Municipal stadium rooting on one of the worst teams in all of professional sports.. what happened when the Tribe moved to the newly built Jacobs Field?? little drummer boy was forced to buy his seat AND a seat for his drum!! they could have cared less..

posted by JohnRodder at 01:27 PM on February 12, 2006

Great One Hoped Wife Would Skate

boy, oh boy, I sure miss Janet as an actress and that fantastic movie she was in with Mitch Gaylord.. I hope she launches a comeback from the minimum security prison she is sure to live in soon..

posted by JohnRodder at 06:17 PM on February 09, 2006

Mark Cuban: I Own Phil Jackson

Why does everyone compare Lebron to Jordan in the first place? LeBron's game is in no way similar to Jordans. Kobe is more like Jordan. Kobe's only downfall is he lacks the ability to get his teammates involved.. to make them all better.. like all the great ones had... the Bird's, the Magic's.. If you're going to compare LeBron to someone, let it be Bird or Magic.. If LeBron had any teammates to get involved, he clearly is special in that regard. The kid is halfway into his third year.. The franchise he plays for was among the worst ever.. in any sport.. EVER.. that doesn't get turned around that quickly.. especially if you change directions (new coach, new GM).. the Cavs roster is still pretty pathetic.. to say he'll never win anything is crazy.. unless you have some crystal ball.. in his two and a half years he has the Cavs ranked 5-8 in the NBA in most power polls I see.. and he now has an owner and GM willing to take the chances that will give him many good opportunities to win a championship.. you just don't go from worst to first that quickly.. LeBron's not Jordan.. but he's tremendous in his own ways.. He's not the shooter/scorer Jordan was. But he's tremendously versatile.. he can fill it up.. he can handle the rock.. he can pass like Magic.. he's even had to tone it down as his teammates (i.e. Gooden) can't handle his passes.. he makes everyone around him better.. if you actually watched him play live a few times it would be more than obvious he's as special as the Birds, the Magics, and the Jordans.. Oscar Robinson said the kid could average a triple double.. and he's already been as close to that feat as anyone who's EVER played.. some guy said it took Jordan 8 years to win it all.. I think it was more like 6, but he would have been 9 years removed from high school.. Lebron is only 2 and a half.. he's going to have GREAT OPPORTUNITIES to win a championship even quicker than Jordan did.. and why does Horace Grant get no credit for helping Jordan win? didn't Horace also win in L.A.? and play on an Orlando team that got there? he was probably more important than Pippen.. he just didn't last the whole time like Pippen did..

posted by JohnRodder at 05:32 PM on February 09, 2006