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Richardson plays swan song for Phils

Hey John, you do know you are talking about Cleveland.

posted by target1 at 03:02 PM on February 12, 2006

MLB Cracks Down

To continue on what I was saying earlier in greater detail. mjkredliner I was not commenting on your thread personally, It is that over the years I've heard TOO many people, including some doctors say that steriods do no enhance performance or hand eye cooridination, when I have seen it, and done it. (To be clear on my past so not to mislead anyone I played 9 years in the Minor Leagues 4 of which were in AAA, with 3 years in Major League camp, plus a few winter league stints in the Dominican.) On hand eye coordination there are drills that without drugs, will improve muscle response times and focus,and with enhancement drugs they are accelerated and enhanced, if done correctly. As for pitchers there a certian steriods Anavar and Winstrol if taken seaprately or stacked together have a particular affect on fast twich muscles, I have watch pitchers with velocities of 87-91 go to 90-94. That will make go from average velocity to instant Major League prospect. The problem is that the muscles sometimes become too strong too fast and the punishment of throwing all the time will cause serious injuries to elbows and shoulders. I could talk at even more length but I think you get the point, and I didn't talk about HGH. As for my own personal experience, things did not end the way I would have hoped. In 2000 I took low dosages of Deca to help my arm recover faster and maintain my velocity throughout the season, I ended up tearing my Anterior & posterior rotator cuff along with partially tearing my bicept tendon on one pitch. I can't say the steriods were the reason because the doctor said I had previous tears on both muscles, but I am sure it did not help.

posted by target1 at 01:03 AM on January 14, 2006

MLB Cracks Down

Please, I am tired of hearing random fans talk about how steriods help or do not help. Coming as a former profesional baseball player for 9 years I can tell you they DO help. They can not make a bad player better, but they do make good players geat and great player even better. They can enhance everything about a player from power to velocity of thier fastball, even hand-eye coordination if worked on properly, and don't get me started on HGH. I have seen the effects with my own eyes with players and pitchers alike. Though I am happy they are testing for steriods and now "greenies"(which are a much wider problem), stop comparing your jobs to the players. When your job is a physical talent, and you can enhance that to make millions, you will think about doing it. If you had a drug right now that would almost guarantee a promotion and raise at your job, would you do it right now? I bet you would think about it, especially when you see other co-workers take it and move up! So get off your high horses, and take that chesseburger out of your mouth!

posted by target1 at 11:57 PM on January 12, 2006