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Reyes Reminds Us Of Baseball's Greatness

alright hawkguy. please don't give us card fans an outlet for our frustration over the 85 series. We got a bad call, but show me a seven game series that hasn't had a bad call. We had the rest of that game and game seven to win it, we just got beat by a team that wanted it worse than us. I guess if we lose this we can use the whole Rodgers "what's on his thumb?" ordeal.

posted by dropzone at 05:12 PM on October 23, 2006

Rust belt blues

good point commander cody. The press was saying right up to the end of game six of the NLCS that the mets where going to send stl packing. I think it is kind of good that everyone doesn't think the Cards have a change. The last few years they have made the playoffs, they where favorites and wound up falling flat on their faces. I guess the leason to learn here is not to lift the trophy until you win it.

posted by dropzone at 08:23 PM on October 22, 2006

Rust belt blues

aman stlcards fan MMMM, all of these post and only one had something nice to say about the Cards? I guess everyone on here are mets fans who are still pissed off about being beat. I can't wait to see what kind of excuses I'll hear if the Cardinals win the whole thing. Face it Tiger fans, you got beat by the pitcher with the fewest wins to ever start a W.S. game. I guess you can also say you got beat because of the middle of the lineup finally decided to show up at the plate

posted by dropzone at 06:28 PM on October 22, 2006

Carpenter shuts down Padres

Being a Cardinal fan, I must say this has been a very wierd year. After having their hiting fall apart the last couple of post seasons, it is nice to see the bats finally show up. I was scared of them being swept instead of winning. As far as the picthing, thank goodness that Izzy is hurt. I would have bet against the Cards if he wasn't on the dl. Post season is nerve racking enough without having him pitching the ninth.

posted by dropzone at 07:26 PM on October 09, 2006

Sensitivity Training 101

I do see the point. I guess what the NFL is doing would be like the militairy giving the same talk to new soldiers.

posted by dropzone at 12:10 PM on July 03, 2006

Sensitivity Training 101

How do you find that line interesting Folkways?

posted by dropzone at 07:55 PM on July 02, 2006

Bonds says 2006 will be his last season.

This will be his last year if he stays healthy. I have always wandered about him and Big Mac. Steriods will finally take a toll on the body. Doesn't it seem kind of ironic that both of them couldn't play a whole season their last 3 or 4 years. Could it be that the 'roids caught up with both of them?

posted by dropzone at 06:28 PM on February 19, 2006

Richardson plays swan song for Phils

It is always nice to hear a story like this. Now days it seems like it is more about the money than anything else. I hope the Phillies replace him and let someone else have 30 years of memories like his. That sucks about Cleveland. Sounds like what happened to the towelboy at Savis Center. He throws out a Blues towel after each Blue's goal(not to many thrown this year). They was wanting him to stop doing it. After an uproar, the Blues relented and even gave him the seat. Yes, he was actually paying for his seat to do this when he started.

posted by dropzone at 02:09 PM on February 12, 2006

Super Bowl watched in second-most homes behind final episode of M*A*S*H,

Darn, I missed them both. The last episode of MASH I didn't really worry about missing because it went down hill once Alan Alda started directing on the show. The Super Bowl I could care less about. I don't want to have to watch and listen to 12 hours worth of the same old crap just to watch a football game that should take only three hours.

posted by dropzone at 09:34 PM on February 07, 2006

This is getting ridiculous

I think the WBC should go on, but without Pros. If they play their cards rights, it could turn into a showcase for the top amuater talent. Sort of like the compound for the NFL. I'm sure the scouts and teams would like it. Instead of having to travel all the time looking for talent, they could spend a few days at the WBC scouting players. This will also increase the quality of play. If I was a good player who hasn't been noticed by pro teams, I know I would be giving it my best if I was in a tournament with all the pro teams there checking out the talent.

posted by dropzone at 09:44 AM on February 04, 2006

AT&T: Yet another name for Giants ballpark: Delivered.

Busch may have been one of the first coporate names, but the brewery owned the Cards at the time and old man Busch did have a big say so in the operation of the team. He might have been one of the biggest fans around. I wonder if the high ups at AT&T even know where the stadium is or even name a current player with the Gaints.

posted by dropzone at 09:35 AM on February 04, 2006

AT&T: Yet another name for Giants ballpark: Delivered.

I have to vote for Busch stadium, the home of my beleived Cardinals. I like the fact that the new stadium is keeping the name.

posted by dropzone at 02:47 PM on February 03, 2006

How to put a price tag on friendship

This sounds like it is going to become ugly before it is over. Why don't they just try to trade him to an American league team. That way the Astros can free up the money and Bags can contunie playing ball with or without the shoulder being to bad to throw. If they go that route, I hope they trade him to a contender. I'm a big Cardinal fan, but I still would love to see him get a ring after all of these years

posted by dropzone at 05:43 AM on January 23, 2006