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Spanish Soccer Player To Play For Free Next Season: Joseba Etxeberria of Athletic Bilbao has agreed to a one-year deal that will see him get paid exactly $0 for the 2009-10 season. The veteran has described the move as a gesture of good will towards the team and its fans. Team President Fernando Garca Macua has described the deal has unprecedented in Spain's Liga Primera.

posted by aupa_athletic to soccer at 02:52 PM on October 02, 2008 - 3 comments

The Rockets Imitate Deke: When the Houston Rockets aren't busy working on their 19-game winning streak, they're working on their impersonations of teammate Dikembe Mutombo. Of course, nothing beats the real thing.

posted by aupa_athletic to basketball at 11:38 PM on March 11, 2008 - 4 comments

Auto Erotic: Minnesota Timberwolves big man Eddie Griffiin recently had a tough time keeping his eyes on the road and both hands on the steering wheel.

posted by aupa_athletic to basketball at 03:21 PM on July 01, 2006 - 20 comments

How to win your playoff hockey pool: Here comes the science.

posted by aupa_athletic to hockey at 11:59 AM on April 19, 2006 - 26 comments

What?: Lil' Jon meets Lord Stanley.

posted by aupa_athletic to hockey at 12:49 PM on April 18, 2006 - 31 comments

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Spanish Soccer Player To Play For Free Next Season

As my username suggests, I am ab Athletic Bilbao fan. Personal bias aside, I think this is a pretty classy move, one that's all too rare in the world of sports.

posted by aupa_athletic at 03:01 PM on October 02, 2008

Christian News Site Turns Athlete Homosexual

I'm not a big homosexual guy.

posted by aupa_athletic at 10:54 AM on July 01, 2008

Basqueing in Glory:

The tradition of excluding people based on race, religion or nationality does not seem like a good tradition to me. Athletic's decision not to employ non-Basques, smells more than a little suspiciously of xenophobia. Of course, this begs the question what is a Basque? It's far too complicated to get into here, but what seems to be happening now is that Basques are trying to re-define what a Basque is. As the article mentions, there is a player born in Mali who is coming up through the Athletic farm system. He has lived in the Basque Country and plans on learning the language. He is, essentially, a Basque. I have a friend who was born in Seville--one of those Spaniards that Basques allegedly detest so much--who grew up in Bilbao, is a devout Athletic fan, and considers himself Basque. I'm not sure of the details, but I remember him telling me something that if you live in the Basque Country long enough, you have the right to self-identify as Basque regardless of where you were born. Equally, someone who was born elsewhere, say Latin America, but had Basque ancestors can also be considered Basque, which is why the team is searching throughout the world for players. Essentially, Basques are expanding the definition of what being a Basque is and the team is trying to reflect that. You mention that Barca has moved forward. Well, Athletic is trying to do that, but in a different way, one that ensures that players are closely tied to their community. As the article mentions, Athletic is forced to invest a tremendous amount of resources to develop local players, something that has benefited the region, including people who have emigrated there from other parts of the world. This may seem a bit silly or xenophobic, but it's just a different way of going about constructing a team and a culture.

posted by aupa_athletic at 03:27 PM on April 14, 2008

Basqueing in Glory:

Thanks for this rumple. As my user name suggests, I grew up an Athletic fan. Having been to a game at San Mames, I can tell you that there really is nothing like it in sports. It's about as non-corporate an atmosphere you can have in major sports. There are very few billboards, not even many snack bars. People bring their own sandwiches and wine. If you don't bring you own wine, the guy sitting next to you will give you some of his. As mentioned in the article, Athletic are known to be some of the most polite and respectful in the game. They're just about the only fans in Spain that will applaud an opposing player for a nice bit of play. Racist taunts against foreign players that have plagued other Spanish clubs are virtually non-existent at Bilbao. Talking to fans, they'll simply tell you that they'd rather lose with Basque players than win with non-Basques. It's got nothing to do with xenophobia and more to do with believing that a sports team should truly represent the region that supports it.

posted by aupa_athletic at 01:18 PM on April 14, 2008

Hot dogs at halftime, and other bizarre athlete food and drink tales.

In Terry Pluto's book Tall Tales, there are some stories about Wilt Chamberlain's prodigious appetite (for food, that is). Apparently, he would eat half an apple pie and a half-gallon of milk or 7-Up during halftime. Chick Hearn said that he would an entire chicken before games. When his coach told him not to eat that much chicken before the game, Wilt showed up with a dozen hot dogs.

posted by aupa_athletic at 01:41 PM on March 03, 2008

Journalist: The NFL's No Game for a Family

This article is more entertaining if you imagine it being read aloud by Stewie from the Family Guy.

posted by aupa_athletic at 01:40 PM on December 22, 2007

Chris Simon cheap shot

Coincidentally, Simon's cheap shot took place exactly three years to the day after this ugly incident.

posted by aupa_athletic at 12:07 PM on March 09, 2007

First of all, I don't like you.

That's a lovely sweater you're wearing, Howard_T.

posted by aupa_athletic at 01:15 PM on February 23, 2007

Bears beat the Lions and they're the worst team in the past five years.

I guess the The Millen Man March didn't have much of an impact.

posted by aupa_athletic at 12:26 PM on December 25, 2006

What does it take to save penalties?

Slate recently ran this article on game theory and penalty kicks.

posted by aupa_athletic at 11:08 AM on July 03, 2006

Ken Dryden for Prime Minister

This guy was believed to have been a prospect for the Washington Senators, but apparently it's not true

posted by aupa_athletic at 10:09 PM on June 29, 2006

How to win your playoff hockey pool

NoMich The Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup on June 7, 2004

posted by aupa_athletic at 12:31 PM on April 19, 2006

"I'm Taking My Ball and Going Home."

Whoops. Feel free to delete.

posted by aupa_athletic at 02:57 PM on January 01, 2006

Blues boss Bruce ends Butt nightmare

Personally I prefer this headline

posted by aupa_athletic at 11:54 AM on August 03, 2005

Is the English Premiership the best in the world?

Wow. It turns out that I'm a wog and I didn't even know it. I guess you learn something new every day. Thanks for the ignorant rant, bballcoachreid.

posted by aupa_athletic at 02:51 PM on May 02, 2005