October 02, 2008

Spanish Soccer Player To Play For Free Next Season: Joseba Etxeberria of Athletic Bilbao has agreed to a one-year deal that will see him get paid exactly $0 for the 2009-10 season. The veteran has described the move as a gesture of good will towards the team and its fans. Team President Fernando Garca Macua has described the deal has unprecedented in Spain's Liga Primera.

posted by aupa_athletic to soccer at 02:52 PM - 3 comments

As my username suggests, I am ab Athletic Bilbao fan. Personal bias aside, I think this is a pretty classy move, one that's all too rare in the world of sports.

posted by aupa_athletic at 03:01 PM on October 02, 2008

What Aupa said above. VERY classy move. Stuff like this gives me hope that not all sport is fucked by greed.

May Joseba have his best season ever!

posted by Drood at 10:47 PM on October 02, 2008

I'd be willing to bet he will get a good severance/retirement package out of it, though.

Though, honestly, this guy is smart. He knows that he has made himself a lot of endorsement deals now, and plus, as mentioned, he gets to stay with his team. And a classy move, too, bravo to Joseba Etxebarria.

posted by Bonkers at 08:13 AM on October 03, 2008

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