May 01, 2005

Is the English Premiership the best in the world?: With two teams in the Champions League semi-finals, Oliver Holt thinks so. The EuroFootsie rankings seem to tell a different story. With 12 Spanish teams in their top 22, their model shows Spain to be the best.

Does England deserve a fifth Champions League place if Liverpool can't finish fourth in the EPL, but win the European Cup?

posted by Steve-o to soccer at 09:57 PM - 16 comments

The EPL is the best league in the world, from top to bottom better standard of players, doesn't have the 2 team comp. like Spain or Italy. And the comp even with Chelsea knowing they could wrap up the league still were in a position to lose it as well from the gunners. The comp is close even look at not just the top of the table but the figh for Euro spots, even the fight to stay in the EPL is close. From top to bottom the EPL is a far better league to watch, better standard, no diving wogs every 2 seconds like Italy/Spain can't stand them diving on the ground all the time slowing the game down.

posted by bballcoachreid at 10:41 PM on May 01, 2005

I'm not sure if we're the best in the world, but it's difficult to watch the Italian and Spanish leagues after the frenetic pace of the premiership. England has its fair share of divers, including someone who's elevated it to a world-cup art form, currently at Real. Regardless of their sense of balance, though, calling people "wogs" isn't on.

posted by Mr Bismarck at 03:22 AM on May 02, 2005

I disagree. I think La Liga has a better quality of football than the Premier League. Far more skillful and, I think, competitive. You say the PL doesn't have a two-team competition. Well until last year it did. Now it has 3. Big difference there. Italian football, whilst very tactical and skillful, is so slow-paced, I find it hard to watch. But there is no denying that AC Milan are the best in Europe right now and will probably win the Champions League. English football is good, yes, but I'd rather watch Barcelona play than watch Arsenal or Chelsea. I don't think England should get 5 places in the CL. Sorry Evertonians, but I think Liverpool should get in if they win the CL. Being champions of Europe should be more greatly rewarded than finishing 4th in the league. A competition without the reigning champions would be lessened in terms of prestige. It would be like the world cup without Brazil. Oh, and using an ultra-offensive racist term to demean the quality of another country's football league is an idiotic thing to do.

posted by afx237vi at 08:25 AM on May 02, 2005


posted by garfield at 09:09 AM on May 02, 2005

For me, best and best to watch are 2 different issues. I enjoy the pace and physical nature of the EPL much more than I do any league in the world. That being said, I've seen several mid-table games this season that would cure god...just shoot me! I do think Spain has the best players top to bottom and they play "the beautiful game", but sometimes the pretty passing for the sole purpose of possession is even more sleep evoking. And when you throw in the diving, rolling around, stretchered off players only to get back to their feet immediately upon crossing the touchline...well...I think it's disgraceful and disrecpectful to the sport and the ideal of sportsmanship. Yes, I know cheating happens everywhere, but there are obviously leagues where it happens more. Call me ignorant, but what does the offensive word mean that Mr Bismark and afx237vi take issue with? I've never heard or seen the word used before.

posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 09:20 AM on May 02, 2005

I believe garfield read my mind. Thanks for the link.

posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 09:23 AM on May 02, 2005

Well, I live in neighbouring Scotland, where our football is pretty damn crap. Of all the leagues in Europe, The FA Premiership is the one I'd most want to watch. Put it this way, if I had to choose between watching live coverage of Real v Barca, Man Utd v Arsenal or Juve v Milan, I'd probably want to watch Man Utd v Arsenal. It'd be close, I can tell you......the recent Real v Barca match was a treat, but I do prefer the Prem. There are top notch teams and players in each of the 3 leagues I've mentioned, but when it comes down to it, and you take the top 2 teams from each league away so that you're left with a choice of.......well, let's say Liverpool v Newcastle, Chievo v Parma or Valencia v Getafe, what are you going to watch? I'm going with the English game. I think the standard is just a little bit higher, the coverage will likely be better, the incident will likely be more compelling. I can't argue about players being better etc because there are players in each league at the absolute peak of their abilities. As far as the Premiership goes, I just think it's a better product all round. Sure, Real had the Galacticos and Milan has an awesome team too, but I just find the Premiership is more exciting all round.

posted by Duncan Mathers at 10:59 AM on May 02, 2005

This is probably a reflection of what's been available to me here in the States, put me down for EPL, but I enjoy watching Brazilian clubs too. Sure the best players go to Europe but the ones left behind do have that little bit more rythym and style. I watched all or parts of some MLS this weekend, just to throw them in, and after watching EPL our guys seem to be high school level; MLS is getting better and I'm happy to see the clubs develop but it puts Landon's failure to stick with Leverkusen in a different light.

posted by billsaysthis at 02:49 PM on May 02, 2005

Wow. It turns out that I'm a wog and I didn't even know it. I guess you learn something new every day. Thanks for the ignorant rant, bballcoachreid.

posted by aupa_athletic at 02:51 PM on May 02, 2005

Spanish or Italian leagues for me...

posted by StarFucker at 09:08 PM on May 02, 2005

I suspect that what has already been said is true - the English league is the best to watch but not technically the best. The Spanish Liga is the best in my opinion, followed by the EPL and then Serie A. I must say I never expected to see that term used on SpoFi bbcoachreid. I hope you get banned for it. You certainly deserve to.

posted by squealy at 07:23 AM on May 03, 2005

What no-one thinks MLS is the best league in the world? America, Fuck Yeah! (Ducks... saw Team America last night)

posted by trox at 08:32 AM on May 03, 2005

soccer isn't a sport! 'nuff said!

posted by bluekarma at 11:03 AM on May 03, 2005

Eat shit and die, blueassma...

posted by StarFucker at 11:46 AM on May 03, 2005

What StarFucker said.

posted by squealy at 12:52 PM on May 03, 2005

Yeah blue, you said 'nuff. Now go back to being a cum-chin.

posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 04:19 PM on May 03, 2005

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