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Hi! I'm 29 years old from Motherwell, just south of Glasgow in Scotland. I'm a big Ice Hockey fan, and I love soccer. I also like boxing. I like sports that are fast and physical. Baseball and cricket are the two most boring sports on earth - no, wait.....bowls is even worse. The best sporting event I ever attended was the 1991 Scottish Cup Final between Motherwell and Dundee United - Motherwell won 4-3 after extra time and it took a team of 100 workers 6 weeks to clean up all the chewed fingernails on the Hampden terraces after that match. Ice Hockey is my new love, Whisper it, but I'm a Colorado Avalanche fan. My dream in life is to work for the franchise. Pretty unlikely given that I'm looking to become a writer but at 29 I guess I can forget about making it as a hockey player, given that my first stick only came in the mail this morning.

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Rangers win SPL championship: It looked almost impossible, but amazingly Rangers clinched their 51st Scottish Premier League title on Sunday after rivals Celtic blew a 1-goal lead in the last 3 minutes to lose 2-1 away to Motherwell. Celtic had led the race in the last few months, but just as they started their celebratory singing, they were drowned out by the mocking tones of The Fat Lady. Rangers' one goal victory was enough for them to secure 3 points and leap-frog their bitter rivals to snatch the trophy at the death. Nacho Novo struck for Rangers against Hibs, and Aussie hitman Scott MacDonald killed Celtic's challenge with two superb late goals.

posted by Duncan Mathers to soccer at 08:34 PM on May 22, 2005 - 7 comments

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Rangers win SPL championship

I believe the trophy was somewhere in between Motherwell and Edinburgh and was being choppered to the winners. Be funny if, with 5 minutes to go, they'd set off for Motherwell and then heard the scores and said "Awww dammit..." and had to turn around!

posted by Duncan Mathers at 07:05 PM on May 23, 2005

Rangers win SPL championship

There's so little revenue in Scottish football - the country has a population about the size of a city, and the lion's share of soccer fans either follow Rangers or Celtic, usually for sinister religious reasons or simply because they know it's the only two teams with a chance of winning a trophy. Many want to see the Old Firm banished to another league to make it more exciting in the SPL but the truth is the game would be on its knees in a matter of months without the revenue the OF generate. No win situation, never gonna change.

posted by Duncan Mathers at 08:52 AM on May 23, 2005

Mal Glazer 1 Man Utd 0

He doesn't want Man Utd for any reason than to make money. He's not a fan of the team or the sport. He's a dick. And I don't like Man Utd either, but I wouldn't like to see them shafted by some greedy fat foreigner. Wait a minute though....how much are they paying Roy Keane?

posted by Duncan Mathers at 08:28 PM on May 12, 2005

One shot on goal in two games? Chelsea never deserved to win

Neither Liverpool or Milan deserve to be in the final. Neither do Chelsea mind you......

posted by Duncan Mathers at 01:28 PM on May 05, 2005

Mike Modano named Captain of Team USA

Modano the obvious choice there.....

posted by Duncan Mathers at 11:21 AM on May 02, 2005

Chelsea end it two weeks early.

I'd personally love to see the back of Norwich, West Brom and Southampton. Delia Smith's a nutcase, and her team are rotten. West Brom are just dire, and Southampton's chairman deserves ruination for the way he treats people. I hope Everton get the CL spot, and Arsenal take second.

posted by Duncan Mathers at 11:06 AM on May 02, 2005

Is the English Premiership the best in the world?

Well, I live in neighbouring Scotland, where our football is pretty damn crap. Of all the leagues in Europe, The FA Premiership is the one I'd most want to watch. Put it this way, if I had to choose between watching live coverage of Real v Barca, Man Utd v Arsenal or Juve v Milan, I'd probably want to watch Man Utd v Arsenal. It'd be close, I can tell you......the recent Real v Barca match was a treat, but I do prefer the Prem. There are top notch teams and players in each of the 3 leagues I've mentioned, but when it comes down to it, and you take the top 2 teams from each league away so that you're left with a choice of.......well, let's say Liverpool v Newcastle, Chievo v Parma or Valencia v Getafe, what are you going to watch? I'm going with the English game. I think the standard is just a little bit higher, the coverage will likely be better, the incident will likely be more compelling. I can't argue about players being better etc because there are players in each league at the absolute peak of their abilities. As far as the Premiership goes, I just think it's a better product all round. Sure, Real had the Galacticos and Milan has an awesome team too, but I just find the Premiership is more exciting all round.

posted by Duncan Mathers at 10:59 AM on May 02, 2005

Bertuzzi argues for reinstatement.

Putting the fact that I'm a massive Avs fan aside here, I think the whole thing is just a sorry situation. A pre-meditated assault (Bertuzzi was quoted soon after Moore had caused 'Nucks captain Markus Naslund a concussion as saying "That punk won't be playing past March") on another player is both despicable and unacceptable. Yes, I'm sickened by Todd Bertuzzi's words and actions, and it'd be a shame if such a talented power forward was lost to the game. That said though, much as I admire his abilities, I think the only punishment fitting the crime is a lifetime ban. If I broke some guy's neck at my work, they would sack me on the spot. Tell me why The Canucks didn't fire his sorry ass on the spot? Because they put him up to it? Maybe. Maybe not. I don't know. There is no way in hell The Nucks will sack him, so the NHL should do the decent thing and send him packing. I'm sorry, but a ban and a fine is not sufficient punishment for breaking someone's neck and possibly ending his career. Todd's a great player, one I would have loved to see in an Avs shirt before this incident, but I think the only reasonable retribution is to ban this guy from hockey for good. If someone is so badly wired that they'll carry out a pre-meditated attack with the intent to cause grievous harm, there is no place for him in professional sport. Sorry Toddski, but I think your time is up.

posted by Duncan Mathers at 12:24 PM on April 26, 2005

Two EPL players sent off for fighting this weekend.

I was reading Bowyer's disciplinary history in a newspaper the other day........this guy would be locked up if he did any other job. He's a complete and utter waste of space. I wish Dyer had flattened him (not that I'm a big admirer of Kieron Dyer mind you)

posted by Duncan Mathers at 06:57 AM on April 08, 2005

Holy Goals

The Pope rocked, actually. I mean come on, football and hockey? The old chap was a dude! Stories suggesting he used his papal staff to hit slap shots across St Peter's square should not be taken lightly.

posted by Duncan Mathers at 06:52 AM on April 08, 2005

"The basic idea is that I have a desire to be world champion at something in a way I dreamed about as a kid."

Darts is a game of skill, but a sport? Nah, sorry, darts players ain't sportsmen. You can call it a sport by all means, but imo sports aren't played by beer swilling 40-somethings with no neck. Wait a minute.....how old was Neil Ruddock when he retired?

posted by Duncan Mathers at 06:46 AM on April 08, 2005

Donovan's coming home again

Just read further up the page - agreed, the most successful imports from Stateside have been keepers. Brad Friedel is very highly regarded in England and has been for the past few seasons. He's been linked with Man Utd too. Keller is much travelled and has been solid until a few bad blunders in the last year or so; I think his time is perhaps running out which is a shame because he's a likeable guy and was a decent keeper.

posted by Duncan Mathers at 11:46 AM on April 04, 2005

Donovan's coming home again

I'm surprised to see Landon back so soon, he's always looked like a very talented and capable player whenever I've seen him. Often head and shoudler above the other players on the pitch in MLS, but it's a different game in Europe - a lot tighter, faster and more physical. Reyna did well at Wolfsburg, did well at Rangers, but has found the English Premiership something of a step too far perhaps. Hard to say given he spends most of his time with an ice pack on his leg. He is doing a very different job at Man City from his job at Rangers. DaMarcus Beasley, though, should be given some credit alright. He's been doing tremendously well in Holland. So far American players have done little to impress in Europe. Joe Max-Moore, Carlos Bocanegra and Bobby Convey haven't really stamped any real authority on the game yet. That'll change when Freddy Adu signs for Man Utd in 2007. (That last part was a joke, btw. He'll sign for Real Madrid)

posted by Duncan Mathers at 11:43 AM on April 04, 2005

Jaromir Jagrís lucky hockey stick stolen in Moscow

*Sigh* Lucky stick? It hasn't been so lucky over the last coupla seasons, now has it? Maybe someone was trying to do him a favour? Ok, I confess - Jaro! I have your stick.

posted by Duncan Mathers at 11:35 AM on April 04, 2005

Are You Ready for Some Football?

The game is definitely gathering serious momentum in the States now, at long last. After years of being treated like a red-headed stepchild, America is becoming the last country in the world - civilised or uncivilised - to embrace the world's most popular sport. Course, had they invented it themselves, it'd be hyped out of the park, right? Games don't end in farcial 46-38 socrelines - scoring becomes a lot less fun when it happens every two minutes. Soccer is cool, and you know it. And to all those people who say it's for pussies - if it's for pussies, where's the padding? Arf! You don't see soccer players wearing helmets and shoulder pads, they take their lumps and get on with it! I'm not always this obnoxious btw.......

posted by Duncan Mathers at 11:30 AM on April 04, 2005