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Name: Oliver Reid
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I am the biggest hoops junkie EVER point blank period not only DID i play but I coach and work for a sports stadium in Australia. I know everything about the NA even if I don't like it that much, College ball men and women, Euro Leagues, Semi-Pro comps you name it I'm just the KNOWLEDGE when it comes to hoops.

I follow my boys playing college ball all the time and I knwo all thehot recruits even those euro ones that nobody knows of.

I'm a huge Chitown Cubs fan and can't say i really have a particular team i follow in bball as I was a huge Grizzle fan and i hate it when teams move around and players change tops more than underware.

Greatest sporting event ever been to see was the one i was in winning a National Title with Box Hill High School champions baby no one could touch us.

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NBA has lost touch: In Sterns drive to make the NBA a world wide dominating force bigger than anything he is coming up foul with his development league when he has one sitting right in his lap. NBDL is nothing compared to NCAA basketball and will never reach the lofty heights of the crowds or development made at this level by coaches, yet this article rings true the NBA is trying so hard to flush out all the good players.

posted by bballcoachreid to basketball at 08:39 PM on April 20, 2005 - 14 comments

Who would you take?: I can't see it happening, yet the Cavs have surprised me in the past with stupidity in the boardroom. What do they do in that room look at the roster and say 'how can I make a mess of this today' flip a coin and trade, cut or fire some player and bring in a dud.

posted by bballcoachreid to basketball at 08:35 PM on April 19, 2005 - 2 comments

They should feed this to the opposition: Southampton my beloved club is in trouble close to going down the tube, yet it seems like the nutrition department have come up with a winner.....feed the opposition whatever they ate.

posted by bballcoachreid to culture at 08:29 PM on April 19, 2005 - 1 comment

NBA Play-offs: This is really starting heat up at the moment Cavs have screwed King James by playing soft on court and in the boardroom. The T-wolves are a joke, and thank god for G.K in Nuggetville , so are the Nets and 76ers the real deal or are they just making up the numbers? and how about this question that was posed in the Chicago Times ? I think basketball is the winner here the NBA had become boring watching the top 4 teams dominate this years play-offs are open for a lot of teams to make an impact.

posted by bballcoachreid to basketball at 10:09 PM on April 18, 2005 - 23 comments

FA Cup: As a crazy southampton supporter who has not tasted success for a long time, 1976 to be exact this little quiz made me a happy man. My money is on the Gunners because I can't stand Manchester.

posted by bballcoachreid to soccer at 09:20 PM on April 18, 2005 - 13 comments

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USA better than England.

Ok ok right then move along now lads nothing to see here nothing to see....... This must either be a very good hoax or or I don't really know, the only thing England is better than US at is allowing Terrorist to bomb us more and thats about it.

posted by bballcoachreid at 07:12 PM on July 21, 2005

USA better than England.

Ok ok right then move along now lads nothing to see here nothing to see....... This must either be a very good hoax or or I don't really know, the only thing England is better than US at is allowing Terrorist to bomb us more and thats about it.

posted by bballcoachreid at 07:11 PM on July 21, 2005

You always hurt the one you love

Smoltz please this guy is a goose ..... hahaha I can't stop laughing the fact that he has done is times before and never gotten hurt just proves my point. I once had teased some girl in high school and she wacked me with her chair as i walked past ment i had to sit out that game because my knee was swollen from it.

posted by bballcoachreid at 09:57 PM on June 26, 2005

Ginobili Metio 27 Puntos y Los Spurs Aplastaron a Los Pistons

I think we should let them play seven games just so coaches like me can watch the CLINIC that is the spurs. They moved the ball, shifted the defence, Detriot just played pick roll, iso basketball BORING I'm sorry how good are they on defence we are talking abotu a team that just drives and dishes for the most part of the game. Who was guarding Bowen and why if the guy is hot are you stepping off to help, this just seemed fundamentally wrong his man should have played straight up to help def. and let the rest help out on the drive. I'm a high school coach but seemed pretty clear to me.

posted by bballcoachreid at 09:22 PM on June 13, 2005

Texas Cheerleaders not to Shake It anymore

Damn now i'll have to watch MTV to see those sexy cheerleaders, lets face it most cheerleaders when I played love to give up the T & A anyway so who cares if they don't shake it at the games. Cos you know they be shakin it afterwards

posted by bballcoachreid at 01:48 AM on May 06, 2005

Sidebar ad - L.A. Quitters

Bravo Bravo this is the best T-Shirt going around good love the internet shameful selling of ones own wears. Lakers Gotta Love this Game

posted by bballcoachreid at 05:41 PM on May 04, 2005

Student sues, left off volleyball team

You got cut. So sad so instead of taking it on the chin you take your school and coaches to court. Jnr./High School/College/Pro sport is just stupid at the moment what happended to 'bad luck, so sad' 'try again next' 'when served lemons, make lemonade'

posted by bballcoachreid at 09:04 PM on May 03, 2005

The pitcher has two mommies

Good on him. I mean who cares does being from a 'gay' household make you weaker NO, it makes you just the same as everyone else a HUMAN. I'm not a fighter for gay rights, I just think this guy is like every other player in baseball, he's a baseballer.

posted by bballcoachreid at 09:01 PM on May 03, 2005

Liverpool Put the lid down on Chelsea.

As mch as this is a distrubance to the group of many sports nuts on here its is a bit more creative than that guy a few weeks ago writing poo poo everywhere. At least this guy got our attention with a recent possible headline, I don't recommend this it did make me giggle as to the people it would have I support Southampton so I know my season is down the toilet.

posted by bballcoachreid at 07:04 PM on May 03, 2005

Kwame Brown suspended for remainder of playoffs.

This is a guy I think must of struggled in High School I mean what a bust he should have just gone to college, yet from what I've seen I reckon he never had the grades. There is a reason why kids play college ball: 1) to get an education 2) to learn how to become an adult 3) for some to get some pro ball game It is sad to say that these 3 things will escape Kwame Brown

posted by bballcoachreid at 07:00 PM on May 03, 2005

Is the English Premiership the best in the world?

The EPL is the best league in the world, from top to bottom better standard of players, doesn't have the 2 team comp. like Spain or Italy. And the comp even with Chelsea knowing they could wrap up the league still were in a position to lose it as well from the gunners. The comp is close even look at not just the top of the table but the figh for Euro spots, even the fight to stay in the EPL is close. From top to bottom the EPL is a far better league to watch, better standard, no diving wogs every 2 seconds like Italy/Spain can't stand them diving on the ground all the time slowing the game down.

posted by bballcoachreid at 10:41 PM on May 01, 2005

EPL season almost over - three weeks early.

Chelsea what a joke they are going to win the EPL buy having a bigger check book than the others.... thats just stupid i was upset when the Gunners won with about 8 internationals and no youth league players of thier own. As much as I hate to say it, it was good to see the Devils win it a few years ago with players like Becks, Giggs, Neville's and Scholes cos these players came in at the bottom level Manchester worked with them to make them a strong team, yes they added in other players but the strength of the core were Manchester Youth boys. Chelsea got a fat wallet and went out and got whoevet they needed to win any club could that...even my saints if they had 100 billion dollars could by a team that could win thats easy..... joke the EPL needs to do something about this the good get better and bad get shat on.

posted by bballcoachreid at 08:58 PM on April 21, 2005

Mavericks playing D? Believe it...

Can't see the mavericks being a sleeper team in the play-offs but I think the West will like all the media on the 8th in the East as it has taken a little of the edge of teams like Houston, T-Wolves I mean there are few poor performances this year in the NBA by some teams and i think they are lucky that the coverage has been in the East. the rockets must play well or they are bust, Spurs can use the Duncan got hurt if they don't win, Kings thats my smokey look out for them they are impressive without C-Web. the East is the shit fight this year Detriot, Indiana, Heat, Nets warming up. Look out for sleepers like the Bulls even without curry,deng they I think could surprise, Nets are hot right now so too are Indiana/Boston these teams I think will sneak in under the radar a bit.

posted by bballcoachreid at 09:10 PM on April 20, 2005

Kostya Tszyu Worried About Drunk Fans in Manchester

I heard fo this fight it is at 4am, and he is training at funny hours ina gym with closed up windows. All for TV, american TV in fact you lucky people the world must truley love you all. Yeah America Go America

posted by bballcoachreid at 08:31 PM on April 20, 2005

rcade, "a winner is you!"

Its not the squatting that amuses me its the whole smoke coming out of the tower, imagine one of the guys just butts out his cigar he could have the whole of Rome going crazy.... The money thing there was some I think thats what it ws that you could lay a little cash on the winnner for this and they had odds on who was going to win.

posted by bballcoachreid at 09:43 PM on April 19, 2005