April 19, 2005

Hidden: Mavericks playing D? Believe it...: Everyone is hyping up the suns, or the spurs; Is anyone watching what's happening in Dallas, lately? 16-3 going into the finale in Memphis, 8-0 at home under the lil general. They have a 10 win April w/ one to go. Prediction: Mavs beat the bottle rockets in 5; Who got next?

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didn't see tonights game, but Dampier will manhandle Yao, and McGrady can't win it for them. Sura v. Terry. Ha! I don't know if Dallas will win it with D though. This could be a score fest.

posted by markovitch at 12:26 AM on April 20, 2005

Yeah - people are sleeping on the Mavs. Still think its the Spurs show to lose, but the Mavs are defientely contenders for the West final. Hard to tell if Phoenix is going to continue to run roughshod all over everyone, while playing without a true centre, or if the traditional defensive upswing will kill them. I can see Memphis making that tough.

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I thought I read or heard somewhere that Dampier is a little banged up and it may have an impact on his playoff performance. Or maybe I am just hearing voices again!

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i LIKE The Mavs , hope they can get over the hump with the new look. miss Nash but not much we will see how it all unfolds .I live in Austin TEX. BORN IN CHI Deng and Curry will be missed in their first trip back since Mike retired for the 2nd or 3rd time.B-BALL is back w/ Kobe at home Shaq in the East lets play and fuck the LAKERS and the YANKEES.OH YEAH wrong sport.

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Attention Spofi Customers. If you have misplaced a juvenile, please don't panic. The little runt can be found driectly above.

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Can't see the mavericks being a sleeper team in the play-offs but I think the West will like all the media on the 8th in the East as it has taken a little of the edge of teams like Houston, T-Wolves I mean there are few poor performances this year in the NBA by some teams and i think they are lucky that the coverage has been in the East. the rockets must play well or they are bust, Spurs can use the Duncan got hurt if they don't win, Kings thats my smokey look out for them they are impressive without C-Web. the East is the shit fight this year Detriot, Indiana, Heat, Nets warming up. Look out for sleepers like the Bulls even without curry,deng they I think could surprise, Nets are hot right now so too are Indiana/Boston these teams I think will sneak in under the radar a bit.

posted by bballcoachreid at 09:10 PM on April 20, 2005

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