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April 20, 2005

NBA has lost touch: In Sterns drive to make the NBA a world wide dominating force bigger than anything he is coming up foul with his development league when he has one sitting right in his lap. NBDL is nothing compared to NCAA basketball and will never reach the lofty heights of the crowds or development made at this level by coaches, yet this article rings true the NBA is trying so hard to flush out all the good players.

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April 19, 2005

Who would you take?: I can't see it happening, yet the Cavs have surprised me in the past with stupidity in the boardroom. What do they do in that room look at the roster and say 'how can I make a mess of this today' flip a coin and trade, cut or fire some player and bring in a dud.

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They should feed this to the opposition: Southampton my beloved club is in trouble close to going down the tube, yet it seems like the nutrition department have come up with a winner.....feed the opposition whatever they ate.

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April 18, 2005

NBA Play-offs: This is really starting heat up at the moment Cavs have screwed King James by playing soft on court and in the boardroom. The T-wolves are a joke, and thank god for G.K in Nuggetville , so are the Nets and 76ers the real deal or are they just making up the numbers? and how about this question that was posed in the Chicago Times ? I think basketball is the winner here the NBA had become boring watching the top 4 teams dominate this years play-offs are open for a lot of teams to make an impact.

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FA Cup: As a crazy southampton supporter who has not tasted success for a long time, 1976 to be exact this little quiz made me a happy man. My money is on the Gunners because I can't stand Manchester.

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Local match a riot: After watching the event take place on ESPN the other morning with Milan, and then to see this on my TV yesterday. It just blows me away this league is not even a professional link this local idoits who 'fly the flag' for the nation they come from.

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April 11, 2005

Bogut Brillant: Look at this list of awards in 2 years of college this from a kid here in Aussieland who struggled to make a state team in u18's. Come on yankees be honest he kicked your asses. Well on the note that Bigut should be No. 1 pick in my bias eyes whats everyones top 5. 1. Bogut - Utah 2. McCants - UNC (could be Sean May instead) 3. Chris Paul - Wake Forest, good size for NBA in my eyes 4.Villanueva - Uconn this guy may 3rd pick I like his moves 5. Chris Taft- Pitt, this guy is my smokey pick he got skills but maybe a little raw could see Felton here instead. other notiable picks/draft steals: JJ Reddick with Duke going out a touch early and having a good season his shooting I think is missed in the NBA and has more to his game that past college shooters i.e Kylie Korver. I think there are a lot of undersized guards in this draft class with Nate Robinson and the 'Ant Squad' from Illi you know those 5'11 - 6'1 guards that don't have great wing span I just think with all this mobile 6'10, 6'6 guys will become guards now so you could see Garcia as a popular choice and may see him play more guard than wing, saying that i see him as a Rip Hamilton type of player it will take a little time to get NBA ready put a great player to come off a screen but does his range hold up.

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College KIDS: This is a great article I think we forget that college players don't all play NBA even in Div 1 schools and that these boys no matter how talented would have spent over half their teenage life shooting jumpshots to maybe never shoot them again. I know its golf time and NFL draft, but damn it I'm a hoops junkie i need a fix and the NHL ain't on and the NBA bores me, bring on the WNBA please something ..... damn or i will have to watch arena football.

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April 04, 2005

NIT Alive: The NIT the losers tournament, the 2nd rate event. This game could go down as a classic if it had NCAA attached to it. USC played hard and St Joes with all the GOON talk prior to the NIT showed great heart what a sub-plot Bryant playing as a senior when it looked like he wouldn't, St Joes shaking the Jameer Nelsons tag line, USC shocking everyone with a quite run towards the final.....

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