February 06, 2006

Slip Sliding Away: A quick and dirty preview of Olympic luge: It's the only Winter Olympic event timed to the thousandth of a second. G-Forces like a roller coaster. No brakes. Blink and you’ll miss it. You won’t want to. A column by sportsfilter member rainbaby.

posted by justgary to other at 05:38 PM - 8 comments

rainbaby Thanks for the heads up info on Olympic Luge. Well written piece. Speed, I love Speed, fast is good.....

posted by skydivedad at 06:16 PM on February 06, 2006

Luge is huge !!!!

posted by Yankeetogo at 07:15 PM on February 06, 2006

I guess I'm immature, but I can't help but crack up when I see a two man luge go down the track.

posted by gyc at 09:11 PM on February 06, 2006

It looks like sex on a sled, yup.

posted by rainbaby at 09:16 AM on February 07, 2006

Well written article, rainbaby. BTW, caught some of the luge World Cup on Sunday during commercial breaks of the Georgetown game. Coupled with your article I'm now very excited to watch some Olympic events.

posted by redsnare at 10:19 AM on February 07, 2006

I like the concept of luge but can't actually stand to watch it on TV.

posted by Smackfu at 12:47 PM on February 07, 2006

Thanks for breaking it down rainbaby. I'm actually excited about the olympics now.

posted by justgary at 01:24 AM on February 08, 2006

did anyone see the Nascar guys take a whack at the Bob Sled runs? Thats a crack up listening to the good ole boys complaining other competitors of nascar had better house sleds. I am suprised there was no banging or as we say Rubbin Is Racing. It looked fun and was for charity for our own Olympic teams to not have to foot the bill themselvews so good job Jeff Bodine and Company. Wolf Cincotta GO U.S.A kick some ASS

posted by TEAMCINCOTTA at 09:34 AM on February 09, 2006

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