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Slip Sliding Away: A quick and dirty preview of Olympic luge

did anyone see the Nascar guys take a whack at the Bob Sled runs? Thats a crack up listening to the good ole boys complaining other competitors of nascar had better house sleds. I am suprised there was no banging or as we say Rubbin Is Racing. It looked fun and was for charity for our own Olympic teams to not have to foot the bill themselvews so good job Jeff Bodine and Company. Wolf Cincotta GO U.S.A kick some ASS

posted by TEAMCINCOTTA at 09:34 AM on February 09, 2006

Reardon arrested

The above comments are all nice and cute and blah blah blah ! where is the sympothy for the poor bastard that was just doing his job earning a living and ending up on the end of a gun!!! Put yourself in those shoes first and then comment. wolf

posted by TEAMCINCOTTA at 09:55 AM on December 28, 2005

Am I the only one still fascinated by Tyson?

holy shit !!R.Z A. you didnt go on long enough! that waqs well said

posted by TEAMCINCOTTA at 07:53 PM on November 10, 2005


There are two things that stand out in my mind that haunt me to this day,the first was hearing that my 6 month old sister had died in the hospital and second was seeing the end of the the race and hearing B France say we had lost Dale SR in that wreck. ITs like getting punched in the gut hearing those words. I miss the guy. I am glad his name will be honored because he absolutly earned it. THOMAS J CINCOTTA

posted by TEAMCINCOTTA at 10:17 AM on November 03, 2005