November 10, 2005

Am I the only one still fascinated by Tyson?: I hereby suggest that he gets his own reality TV show. Soon. Everything this guys does gets in the news -

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Hey...I got the title for that about "Lifestyles of the Sick and Brainless"???

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I was thinking a reality show in which you send your unruly children to Tyson's house, where he acts as a drill seargent, and if they don't take to the discipline, he eats them.

posted by The Gangstinator at 03:30 PM on November 10

I feel bad for him. I challenge you to name someone who has consistently gotten worse advice over the course of his entire career, in any sport, or even any public discipline, than Mike Tyson. He may have been a bad kid, but bad kids do sometimes grow up to be less bad adults. He was never given that chance. After Cus died, everyone left was happy to squeeze money out of his badass thug demeanor, and so he never needed to change. He even knew it was happening. Listen to his interviews. He was crazy, but not stupid. He always knew he was being exploited and that he wasn't in control of his life. I hope he can find some peace somewhere, even if it's just raising pigeons on his roof in Bolivion. I hope he still has enough money to not have to talk to people anymore, and the strength to tell his entourage to get out. The outside world hasn't done very well by Mike Tyson, and if he stays in the public eye, I fear he wouldn't live long enough to change anyone's mind.

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Did you see he and Bobby Brown singing the Monster Mash on Kimmel on Halloween ?!?! Yeah, me neither. But I caught the highlights (lowlights really) and Tyson looked hilarious as Dracula - didn't seem to do much except he sure as shit 'danced like no one was watching' (really a bad piece of advice). I too have had some pity for Tyson - he seems a beaten, beaten man - not physically, but beaten just the same.

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I don't feel sorry for Tyson in the least. I think he has been more of a predator than a victim.

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I was 13 when I got a subscription to SI for Christmas. First issue I received was Tyson's first cover. The story inside detailed how Tyson and a friend were messing around with a neighbor's pigeons on a rooftop when the neighbor caught them. He hung both of them. From a fire escape. Tyson's friend died (IIRC). I always think of that when people say they have no sympathy for him. That's fine. But have some empathy for him.

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Who in the hell would feel sorry for this animal? Better yet, why does anyone even think about or care about this a$$hole? Tyson is a waste of clean air to breathe. He is nothing but an idiot, literally, his I.Q. is 72! OK, I'm sorry, idiot level is 60. I cant say human being, because he isnt even close to being a human, so, this beast needs to be locked up, for good! Better yet, someone give him a loaded .38 and tell him its a lolly pop!

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CountDracula, what a well-reasoned comment! Way to add to the discussion!

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We should all just let Tyson go. Yes, he did have a horrible childhood and everything he does is put under a microscope. That still doesn't excuse the things he does. Weedy is right, he does seem a beaten man. While I do empathize with him, I do NOT feel sorry for him.

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Tyson at one point had the world in the palm of his hands, it really is sad to see that a 39 year old man STILL can't have any control of his own life. I think now, however, the fault is all his own. It should come as no surprise to him when reporters or cameramen follow him around. He is now it seems, his own worst enemy. What a waste of a great boxer. I really do feel sorry for him.

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I agree with the votes of empathy. I doubt many of us have any idea how our lives would turn out if we went through everything Mike Tyson has, including his childhood. This is another in a string of events of Mike Tyson losing control. Sadly, it won't be the last.

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Tyson has served time for rape, bitten Evander Holyfield's ear, tried to break another fighter's arm and threatened to eat the children of former champion Lennox Lewis. Is this really a "threat?" Doesn't something have to be plausible to be a threat?

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Some people are just as sick as the people they comment about. These people dont have, and probably will never have, any compassion for anyone. I hate to call you out countdracula58 but i can only imagine you sitting there waiting and hoping during some of tysons early fights.You pulled for every person he faced in the ring,only to have your feelings hurt when tyson literally destroyed them. You knew One day you'd have the chance to dump on him. Well here is your chance. 20 years later your dream has come true.i dont blame you. you had to sit through all those fights when Mike would smash the guy in the mouth that you were rooting for. I guess i can tell where your hatred comes from. One can only ask what kind of human being are you? Give him a loaded .38?. I guess the only thing to hope for is, one day one of your children will be good at a sport. Like say ping pong(they wont have the genetics for a contact sport.) and your child can become the champ at ping pong. Then maybe some stranger wont like your kid being the champ. So instead of "hoping" your child gets a .38. Someone will snipe them from the roof top at the world ping pong championships. And we wont have to worry about your gene pool contaminating the rest of the world. Some people in life suffer through things as a result of the life they lived and how (as a innocent child) they were forced to grow up. Mike Tyson is one of them. He was one of the greatest heavyweights in boxing history. His skill and mechanics in the ring were unmatched. His foot work and power were down right scary. He was so fast that he often hit his opponets 2 or 3 times before they had a chance to fall. He reminds me alot of terrell owens. these 2 are a prime examples of gen y(or whats known as the fatherless generation). Its only a shame that some of us tend to exploit these types of people.We would rather see what crazy thing the person will do next instead of hoping that someone with such talent could get it together and go on to be a great contributer to the society of sports. Look what Michael Jordan/larry bird did for basketball. Look what walter payton/jerry rice/joe montana did for football. I can only imagine How great Tyson could have been if was raised in the same house as michael jordan. I can only imagine the records that TO could break if he was jerry rices' little brother. With the media the way it is and people like countdracula58 I cant help but wonder what greatness we are missing in the world of sports today. Sorry about the long post.

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Mike Tyson's best quote ever “[He] called me a ‘rapist’ and a ‘recluse.’ I’m not a recluse.”

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probably will never have, any compassion for anyone Compassion dissolves upon conviction of rape.

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Man he was awesome though.Something to see.While it lasted.

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holy shit !!R.Z A. you didnt go on long enough! that waqs well said

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Some people are blind! Tyson is a convicted criminal...a RAPIST! A rapist is the biggest scumbag on earth next to a child molester. Tyson made his own choices growing up....robbing and beating the shit out of elderly women when he was 9 years old, was HIS choice. Torturing animals, robbing and assaulting people, rape...ALL HIS CHOICE! Thats right, Tysons choice, not from the bad advice of others, all from his sick, twisted and demented mind! I dont want to hear this "upbringing" crap. Unless you are mentally disabled, you know right from wrong. No matter where you grew up, what materials your grew up with or who you grew up with...ITS A MATTER OF RIGHT AND WRONG...PERIOD! Tyson isnt a victim, the people whos life he chose to alter in many ways are the victims. MANY, MANY people have had alot worse upbringings and turned out to be fine people, simply because they knew right from wrong, had a heart and wanted to be good people. Iron Mike will fess up to all he has done when he leaves this earth, I just hope coal shoveling was part of his training, because he will help keep the fire burning down there for a long time! AND HEY RZA, WHAT IF YOU'RE DAUGHTER WAS RAPED, OR YOUR MOTHER GOT THE SHIT BEATEN OUT OF HER AND HER GROCERIES STOLEN, OR LIKE A DOG, MIKE BROKE YOUR ARMS AND LEGS AND LIT YOUR ASS ON FIRE? WILL YOU STILL HAVE THAT COMPASSION? I DOUBT IT DH!

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Take your meds, Count. I can feel the blood pressure from here.

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He's just pitiful, and I don't think he ever really wanted to fight. I saw him on Kimmel as dracula. He's really just a big kid. A not so bright guy who got used by sharks who made a ton of money off him. He is nothing but an idiot, literally, his I.Q. is 72! OK, I'm sorry, idiot level is 60. posted by CountDracula58 Unless you are mentally disabled, you know right from wrong. posted by CountDracula58 Well, you called him an idiot, so I guess he didn't know right from wrong. Make up your mind.

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Maybe Tyson still hasn't found himself?

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OH hey count you can take it to the bank that Tyson wanted to fight. He is a born pugalist. The sharks ruined him!

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Actually CountDracula, yeah! And what if puppies were made of pure silk, and what if unicorns that smelled like fried chicken and lollipops roamed the countryside and spit silver dollars at all the nice children, and what if Elvis was still alive and was next in line for the British throne, and what if Sportsfilter was populated exclusively by people who could take a step back from mindless inflammatory bullshit rhetoric and have a look at actual human beings instead of needlessly demonizing everybody into one-dimensional archetypes of good and evil? Nah. Also, I think you spelled "DUH" wrong.

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He's always been a bum anyway. I mean who did he beat in their prime? Everyone that was any good was on their way to retirement when he beat them.

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Desiree is that you??? Give me a break, Tyson was defended by Don Kings TAX attorney at a rape trial. Any one of us would have been screaming. He was just listening to who he thought was helping him. Count I'm hoping that really was a DUH and not what I think.

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"When I'm ready I'm going to rip out his heart and feed it to him," Tyson said of Lewis after the fight Saturday. "My style is impetuous, my defense is impregnable and I'm just ferocious. I want your heart. I want to eat your children. Praise be to Allah."

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Just something that popped up in a search, but I thought it was interesting.

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I am not saying I believe it, but it is interesting. If you watched the 2 part beyond the glory special on Tyson, he was really railroaded by Don King and his men during and after that trial.

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Ok, whew, I don't mean to interject a little humor into this rant, but... I have to. Did anyone notice that Tyson asked the Brazilian media not to approach him at night. He called a press conference to say this. Is he a vampire or does he need to switch to an extended release med?

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Another classic post by chicobangs. Count, i certainly wont sit here and try to convince you the tyson was an angel. But answer me this. Since you say mike will be shoveling coal in hell, you obviously have passed judgment on him. Alot like the people in a small town who brought a whore to Jesus and said she should be stoned. He then said, "let he who is without sin cast the first stone." My qeustion is, how perfect are you? Will you reqiure forgivness when your time comes? Or will you point out all the things mike tyson did wrong when God is running down your long list assholishness. And do you honestly think that people pay closer attention to the things you type in CAPS? I feel the sorriest for people like you who were obviously picked on growing up. the sad thing is, Mike tyson did nothing to you personally. I think he just reminds you of people who intimidated you in high school. Just know that people like you will have absolutely no say as to who "goes down there" and who doesnt you blithering corinthian. you have no idea that judgmental,overbearing,unforgiving people will be sitting right beside "rapists,thiefs,adulterors,backbighters,haters of God,and people who call people "DH" on spofi. Just one last thing. thinking that a 9 year old kid makes mature decisions only leeds me to actually qeustion your IQ. Dont forget to tell your kid good luck in the ping pong tournement.And when you meet up with mike tyson "down there", just think of it as a pitchfork he's poking you in the ass with. It might help eternity go by faster.

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Just one last thing. thinking that a 9 year old kid makes mature decisions only leeds me to actually qeustion your IQ. Tyson still doesn't make mature decisions. Is he accountable yet? Poor Mike, the victim of a bad childhood. You can't really blame him for rape, can you? He's just like everybody else who has made a mistake.

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Quite obviously, for some of you Tyson can never repay the damage he has caused to society, and in the case of the Count - personally. Except that he hasn't done any of that. Good lord people, it's one man. And everything else chico said. Get a fucking grip you maniacs.

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Also, I think you spelled "DUH" wrong. Heh. I think I have coffee coming out my nose...the burn that keeps on burning.

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Quite obviously, for some of you Tyson can never repay the damage he has caused to society It's not so much about repayment, it's that, in my opinion, he's equally likely to cause more damamge to society in the future. He's dangerous. A bad seed. He doesn't appear to be stable or rehabilitated. It's time to call a spade a spade. I don't have any touble classifying Tyson as a one-dimensional archetype.

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hey Gangstinator! Nope.

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Mike Tyson isn't the only one in the world (or not even in SpoFi) who has had a bad childhood. Sure, he has been surrounded by lots of opportunistic people. There were also people in his life who tried to help him. But, he has yet to exhibit much self-control and has hurt many people throughout the years. Will he ever reach a point where his behavior can be squarely blamed on him and not those people around him?

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Well, Bill, I can appreciate the impression Tyson gives you. However, I try to restrain my judgements of character especially when the sports media is involved. Basically, I don't trust the accuracy of modern jounalism. Having said that though, Tyson always kind of reminded me of a man way out of his depth for a long time - manipulated and abused. That's not to suggest that he deserves anything less for his crimes, but I don't think of anyone as a one dimensional archetype - I think that's foolhardy and simple minded. A spade is never a spade when talking about people.

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He was paid gross sums of money and applauded for kicking the shit out of people, he had a hellish upbringing, and Don King was his sole confidant for years. Is anyone suprised Mike is so messed up? This is not an excuse for his actions (especially the rape) but maybe an explination.

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It has been mentioned a few times how Tyson is a rapist and an idiot.What does an idiot think a beautiful woman shows up alone to his room in the middle of the night for?I doubt he was thinking she was there to play cards.So,before you try to judge someone else,try living their life first since you think it's so easy to make the right decisions all the time when you're rich,famous and an idiot.I'm afraid Tyson will burn in hell along with a few others.Not because of the things The Count says,but because he's not a christian.Hopefully he changes his life and beliefs soon and can try to have a normal life before his time is up.I don't feel sorry for him,I pray for him.We all should.

posted by The Spectator at 11:23 AM on November 11

Statement #1 So,before you try to judge someone else try living their life first Statement #2 I'm afraid Tyson will burn in hell hahahahahahah

posted by Bill Lumbergh at 11:27 AM on November 11

By the way,I don't believe Count was trying to say DUH.I think he was calling you the tip of the male anatomy,DH.

posted by The Spectator at 11:33 AM on November 11

Bill,do you believe that praising Alah will get you into heaven?

posted by The Spectator at 11:35 AM on November 11

No. It was a quote. Hence, the quotation marks.

posted by Bill Lumbergh at 11:40 AM on November 11

You quoted 2 of my statements.I was trying to figure out why.I wasn't being a hypocrite and judging him.I was stating my belief that he will not go to heaven if he isn't a christian.I probably should've seperated the statement so it didn't run together and make it sound like i was judging him.

posted by The Spectator at 11:47 AM on November 11

And,I still don't see quotation marks,but I understand what you mean.

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I was stating my belief that he will not go to heaven if he isn't a christian. I probably should've seperated the statement so it didn't run together and make it sound like i was judging him. Nice to know you're judging him or anything. Oh we go...

posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 11:54 AM on November 11

Oh my, Stating that you believe that someone's lifestyle will result in eternal damnation is judging them. And how can you not see quotation marks in the only post I made that refered to Allah? They look like this: "..."

posted by Bill Lumbergh at 11:57 AM on November 11

I hope Mike Tyson becomes Christian so he can go to Heaven and beat the crap out of you.

posted by cl at 11:59 AM on November 11

Now that's a Heaven that appeals to the Irish-Catholic in me. If I could reach around that far, I'd remove him.

posted by yerfatma at 12:20 PM on November 11

Does anyone else think the spectator should remain just that? (sorry man with the name is just so easy)

posted by HATER 187 at 12:27 PM on November 11

The thought had occurred to me.

posted by Bill Lumbergh at 12:45 PM on November 11

If you're going to eat someone's children, remember: eight minutes a pound at 325 degrees, flip them at the halfway point, and baste, baste, baste!

posted by chicobangs at 01:48 PM on November 11

Does anyone else think the spectator should remain just that? What if Spectator were to become The Spectre? It would be terrifying and random, and he could beat the shit out of deserving criminals.

posted by cobra! at 01:52 PM on November 11

Cobra! What if GI Joe came and kicked your ass. Say hi to Destro for me.

posted by HATER 187 at 01:59 PM on November 11

I'm naming my first two cats Cobra Commander and Destro. Conversely, I'm naming my first two children Optimus Prime and Megatron (well, if they're boys - if a girl: Mittens). The doctors kept suggesting that I'd grow oout of these tendencies. That's why you can't trust doctors. Just guess-work in a white coat.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 02:21 PM on November 11

eight minutes a pound at 325 degrees, flip them at the halfway point, and baste, baste, baste! I prefer to use the Foreman.

posted by Bill Lumbergh at 02:24 PM on November 11

You guys cook them first?

posted by cl at 02:28 PM on November 11

So Tyson's going to wind up an apologetic Green Lantern? Well, I already like him better than Guy Gardner.

posted by yerfatma at 02:35 PM on November 11

You guys cook them first? Well, of course! What are you, some kind of barbarian?!

posted by The_Black_Hand at 02:57 PM on November 11

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