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Finally a "2ND" Scorer to Go With Allen Iverson?: How Long does anyone think this will last? I think if Webber stays healthy and AI's confidence stays up. The division is in trouble. Keep in mind their starting center (Sam Dalembert) is still out.

posted by RZA to basketball at 11:35 PM on November 15, 2005 - 18 comments

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Taylor spits on player

Not the twilight zone(funny), sometimes things need to be said. But not all the time, so dont get happy.

posted by RZA at 08:52 PM on January 09, 2006

Steelers Rob Bengals

Philly has a long way to go to get back into it. Sorry, this may not be the place but, i must address this ridiculous statement. The Eagles have i think the most cap room of all the teams, something like 12 million under (5mil alone for letting simon go to the colts). They had the most picks of this years draft. Practically all their subs played this year due to injury and they won 6 games. They get 10 starters and 5 probowlers back from injury next yr. It wont be that long before the road to the superbowl for the NFC goes back thru philly just like the last 4 yrs.

posted by RZA at 06:58 PM on January 09, 2006

Taylor spits on player

Im disgusted. Black fathers where the hell are you. Uncles, Godfathers, Big Brothers, Pastors, why are you missing in action? Why are you living up to the stereotypes that are out there. These Young men need discipline. Its no 1's fault but yours. These young men are being treated like kings by their so called "boys". Its going straight to their head. They live with the belief that they are above what is right, and just. They have this delusion that there is no consequence for their behavior. Black fathers, big brothers, uncles, stop living behind the weak excuse "hey they're grown, there is nothing we can do". Your absence and lack of caring is costing our younger generation their careers and livelihoods. We sit and argue that the "whiteman" is holding us back, while in actuality, we are doing it ourselves. Stop thinking paying child support makes you a father. Look at what some of our young men are doing. They are making fools of themselves and all of us. Their conduct is pathetic on and off the field. Step away from whatever the hell you think is so important, and go spend some fucking time with our next generation. They believe that a promising athletic career is a free pass to conduct themselves how ever the hell they want to. Stop saying "hey they're grown, there is nothing i can do". You can step the fuck up and spend some time with your children, nephews, God-children, and even neighborhood kids before its to late. Mike Vick, go get your fucking brother before you have to sign a piece of paper on a clipboard and talk to him behind safety glass. These young men are listening to the fools around them who dont have shit, and trying to live up to some bullshit rep that its cool to disrespect people and live like a thug and a hard ass. Disrespecting people doesnt make you hard young black man. Being a respectable man in your community and controlling your emotions and your actions does. You're going to feel so damn stupid sitting in that fucking cell saying "what was i thinking"? Its not to late, start right now. Men, talk to your kids. Young blackmen in college, rolling with a fucking posse and disrespecting people is not the answer. Cut those ties you have to whatever could possibly get you in trouble. You're throwing your life away. People can lecture you until they are blue in the face, but its up to you. Stand up and be a man. Work hard. Respect yourself and others. Cut the bullshit "hard" rep loose. Its not going to get you anywhere except prison or the grave-yard. I dont care how cool tupac and biggie made dying, its not something you want to do. Get your fucking shit together, before the warden does it for you.

posted by RZA at 06:40 PM on January 09, 2006

Carolina Skunks New York

Just offering you some more work grum. Obviously adding Doug williams name there was a mistake by me. He indeed wasnt a running QB. I only meant to add his name when it came to the "pressure of making the right decisions" portion of that comment. I noticed that was your 1st post here. Any thoughts on the topic? Or just disecting me again? And i wont mention that you didnt offer the stats of the other QB's i mentioned. Just an oversight on your part right? You should have offered Williams passing stats from the superbowl that year. Then we could refer to this thread and compare Mannings stats from this years superbowl, provided he makes it. You had an opinion on the thread itself too, right? God knows we dont need to ruin another thread by pointing out other posters errors. Your post would have been fine had you just made mention of the link or the topic. I only offered Williams awsome performance in comparrison to mannings big game performances. He certainly isnt the topic here.

posted by RZA at 03:48 AM on January 09, 2006

Steelers Rob Bengals

tselson, i feel for you man, i really do. Nothing is worse than having your team defeated when you lose what is considered your best player. He his without a doubt a topnotch player. Then to come here and read things like "the best team won" and so on, hurts even worse. Its never the same when the shoe is on the other foot. Atleast the majority here are saying the bengals are good, and showing the team itself respect. You know your team was not at its best but it is being judged as if it was, i really know what you mean. The next thing i offer you is not with bad intent, its just to let you know how it feels to see your team judged poorly here at spofi when they are not at their best. For instance when there is an entire thread about them being quitters or saying they are pitiful when they have lost not 1 but 10 starters, and count them 5 probowlers. Good luck next year, the bengals have a hell of a team.

posted by RZA at 02:22 AM on January 09, 2006

Carolina Skunks New York

Lets face it, neither manning is a big game QB. You can say payton has passing td records but thats it. So the truth is, neither is a true QB and never will be. You could say mike Vick has rushing records, that doesnt make him a good QB as some of you have pointed out. I wouldnt want none of the mannings QB'ing my team in the big game, all they do is show off for a few plays, get to the line of scrimmage do a bunch of BS fancy dancing around like they are planning an attack on Iraq, or directing a Baptist Church choir, then hand the ball off or go deep. Give me a healthy D. Mcnabb over P manning anyday in a big playoff game. You put Mcnabb on the colts with those receivers and you have a superbowl dynasty in the making. I think they are over rated because they dont run the ball well or make good decisions when the big game is on the line. Elway, Young, Fran Tarkenton*, Doug Williams all ran the ball well in big games. When the pressure was on they made the right decisions. Some of you may argue that P.Manning has this record or that record, but that doesnt make him a Champion. As a matter of fact, in a big game, P. Manning folds faster then a poker player holding 7/2 off suit. If he wants to impress people, he should set some records in the superbowl like Doug Williams did. Until then, he's average at best. Both of them.

posted by RZA at 07:56 PM on January 08, 2006

So long, Blacksburg.

Cry Cry Cry, How dare he. I wasnt the one mentioning prison. And i wasnt the first to pull the card of some of these idiots mentioning he belongs in prison. Oh, come off it. He doesn't belong behind bars. He just needs to learn sportsmanship before he gets to play big-time football again. posted by chicobangs at 11:52 PM CST on January 6 If some of you fell that he does belong in prison maybe you should debate it with chicobangs. Texan, are you the grand dragon, the skinhead or the nazi? Never tell me how to respond. Its only going to get you exactly what you dont want. You're posting without a damn clue as to what happened: What did he do to get the unsportsmanlike call in the Gator Bowl? I have to admit the big VT-Louisville match-up had me reaching for the remote and searching for Seinfeld re-runs. posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 5:18 PM CST on January 6 wfrazerjr offers his opinion and view point: Texan, he basically stomped on the leg of a Louisville defender at the end of a play. It was complete horseshit and should have gotten him thrown out of the game at the time. It was so blatant, Vick didn't even try to act like it was an accident. posted by wfrazerjr at 5:22 PM CST on January 6 then you post again: Dirty bastard. Thanks for the info wfrazierjr and sad otter. posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 5:29 PM CST on January 6 So you form some "yea lets get him" opinion. Then you tell me what "not" to come back with? Are you fucking serious? You obviously didnt even read the link. If you have no thoughts of your own, why the fuck are posting? Just to be in agreement with someone? Atleast my thoughts are my own. Dont fucking post based on someone elses view point. That adds nothing to this place. Then actually have the fucking nerve to tell someone what and what not to "come back with". Next you'll get someone elses quips, act like its your own, and hope someone says your a funny guy. Not enough attention at home i see. Im not implying he did nothing wrong, im implying that as usual there is the over reaction when it comes to a black athlete, like mentioning prison, welfare, or other black men, mike tyson, dennis rodman etc. If you dont think it has racial overtones you are either a racist yourself or your an idiot. LBB, your comment is basically the same as mine. Give me a fucking break. Mentioning prison? What the hell is wrong with some of you? I make my comment in sarcasm because someone mentions prison. And you say im bitching? The bitching is all the people before me making comments as if the guy that got stomped on is their uncle or something. They want to retaliate on Vick almost like he started a family feud in a trailer park. Some of you take my comments so personal. It shows that you indeed view this as some sort of "oneside vs. the other" type setting. i.e. a "white vs. black" thing maybe. I point out that some people are over reacting, i also point out that people are mentioning other black athletes (T.O. , Terry Glenn, Tyson, Rodman) And i point out that people are calling Detroit and citys like it "shitholes". Marcus Vick is the same caliber idiot as Mike Tyson and Dennis Rodman. Hell, in 5 years or so it wouldn't surprise me a bit to hear that they were all living in the same refrigerator packing crate under an overpass in Detroit or some other shithole. posted by jm_mosier at 7:11 AM CST on January 7 You read a comment like this, and then claim im playing the race card. What the fuck does the above comment mean to you? we're not the judge or the jury or the parole board, and we aren't the ones dealing with any of the above alleged criminal matters posted by lil_brown_bat at 1:45 PM CST on January 7 Then why do some of you act like the previous mentioned court authorities everytime you comment? This kid did something stupid and hes off the team for it. But thats not enough. Some want prison, others want no chance at a career. Some want him to try this in the NFL so he can have his bones broken. You're hate is for naught. Stop complaining. I cant wait to see who reads all this. Haters.

posted by RZA at 05:39 PM on January 07, 2006

Ex-Ohio State Star Runner Wanted for Armed Robbery

Grabofsky74, you would actually be surprised how angry im not. I've been reading spofi for about 6 months now. I've actually liked alot of the threads here. Then i began to notice a little discrepancy in the threads. I wanted to see what kind of flack i would catch if i joined and started addressing it. If you want to see real anger to the point of hatred. Go read the thread about M. Vick. Or take another stroll through this one. Or the Vikings players and the boat party. Or any T.O. thread. Some of the folks here at spofi have such a "how dare they" attitude is ridiculous. Now thats real anger. So angry it becomes hatred. I dont hate anyone here, we disagree on things. What kind of place would this be if we all had the same opinion. I dont think anyone should lose their membership. Some things may be offensive to me, but that doesnt mean a person should lose their right to say it. What if someone wanted to stop me from saying what i wanted to say?? Where would it start or stop? Wfrazerjr makes an interesting point. And if the level of discourse from someone falls to the level of physical threats, why allow it to go on? You have come to ask the question that i have asked in the past wfrazerjr. Why should we hold the members here at a higher level above the people we comment about? Is it ok to say, "i would like to whip the shit out of T.O. or to insinuate that a man should be sodomized in jail by his cellmate bubba for stealing a phone because they are not members of spofi? But if you say a member here should be dealt with the same way you have crossed the line? Just another example of the "some of us here are above these lowly men we comment about" mentality. People are people. This isnt the Klan here wfrazerjr. You dont simply get rid of one of the members because they may be collaborators with what you obviously deem to be the enemy. Thats the good thing about the 1st amendment. People like you dont get to choose who should shut up, "take their ball and go home". Thats actually kind of funny. "We'll never convince him to hold our opinions, so just cancel his membership". But in all honesty, you know i would take that tire iron, turn that sumbitch sideways,..and stick it straight up your candy ass. If ya smell... what the ro.... "RZA" ...is cookin. Dont hate me cause ya aint me. Now sit there and think of some dumb shit to say and get to typin. http://www.boingboing.net/2005/12/16/dna_mutation_account.html

posted by RZA at 03:34 AM on January 07, 2006

So long, Blacksburg.

Punk? PrisonQB movies? Behind bars? I should say it was an accident just to piss some of you over reacting scared shitless sissies off. He got caught driving with a suspended license? Oh shit, give his black ass the chair. I also see that this leg stomp gets T.O. an honorable mention on this thread. Did the victim lose his leg or something? Is his career over? Some of you are acting like they had to sew this guys leg back on. Vick is going to play in the league. You dont even get fired from walmart if you get a ticket for driving on a suspended license. Bertuzzi crippled a guy and some of you would argue that his suspension was to long. Stop hating, you look foolish. think the "behind bars" mention was a reference to some of Mr. Vick's off-the-field transgressions... YOU DONT GO TO JAIL FOR DRIVING WITH A SUSPENDED LICENSE M. Clarett steal cellphone-20yrs to life M.Vick suspended license/leg stomp-20yrs to life T.bertuzzi cripple man with blind side attack/end his career- 1 yr suspension from playing a game. Hmm??

posted by RZA at 02:31 AM on January 07, 2006

Urlacher named AP Defensive Player of the Year

He is better than Butkus or Singletary ever were He's good. but you must have fell and hit your head on something hard. Better than D. Butkus? There are no words to describe how far off you are on this one. I would only assume that you're a new fan of football, or you're a teenager. Those would be the only 2 legitimate excuses for making a statement like that. Oh yea, maybe you're related to him. Ok, 3 reasons for making that statement. Imagine top college linebakers winning the "brian bosworth" i mean, the "brian urlacher" award.

posted by RZA at 01:52 AM on January 07, 2006

Ex-Ohio State Star Runner Wanted for Armed Robbery

You're sissy ass is somewhat excused because you're a perfect example of a 15 yr old kid whos had or going to have everything handed to him and you've been taught nothing more than to disrespect adults. Your father should have whipped your ass for the mouth you have on you. You have no idea what context that was written in because your reading only bits and pieces of whats being written. But you being a little punk is not going to be a good enough excuse for long. And you are one of the white kids im talking about, i mean "ying yang mafia"? Please. This time you've stuck your nose in a little to far punk. Dont type things you wouldnt say face to face. I think its best for you to stay in a childs place. I have never talked about what i've been through until now in a context to which you do not understand. But you were looking to share your true feelings anyway. I'd love to teach you the things your father has failed to, starting with slapping you right in your mouth. Stop looking for a "way to go kid", or a "you told him dude" when it comes to things that are above your understanding. This is no time for you to try to get "some love from the homies" because your father is failing to show you any. I should slap your father for letting you think your ass is grown, ya damn wannabe yingyang fake eminem. But he's only to blame for letting you be raised by cable TV. Thats why your sideways hat wearing punk ass thinks hes down. Continue watching cribs, while you run up daddys credit card bill loading your ipod with eminem and offspring music. You're pretty fly for a white guy, right? Now lets watch and see which dumbass positively reinforces your ignorantly learned behavior.

posted by RZA at 02:08 AM on January 06, 2006

Ex-Ohio State Star Runner Wanted for Armed Robbery

Could you whine about how tough your life's been a little more? I can almost hear the violins playing in the background A more accurate statement: Who gives a shit nigger, screw you and whatever you've been through. People like you are not important to the make-up here. And no-1 cares. The _black_hand, i certainly wasnt looking for compassion from the likes of you. Something offends you and it should be addressed with all manner of seriousness. You have no idea who i am or what i've seen or been through, and yet you basically say "screw you, get over it". Thats cool, i wasnt really looking for a pat on the back. I merely felt maybe an explanation was in order. The sad thing about people like you is, one day you will try to get someone to understand why you are the way you are, or why you express yourself the way you do. Unfortunately, when that time comes, you will receive the same lack of acceptance and or understanding as you have chosen to display here to me. Then you will sit and wonder, in that small mind of yours, why someone like you never ends up happy. When you sew the wind, you WILL reap the whirlwind. Its just a matter of time. Reap it. you're arguing on the basis that it's because they're black that we point it out dfleming, i dont expect the majority of your little group of "WE" to understand anything. Again i was responding to 1 person asking what my point was. All i offered to that one person was the thought of atleast trying to understand why i make my points the way i do. It's a lot easier to understand if you act in a way that's understandable. A more accurate statement: Its alot easier to accept if you act in a way thats acceptable to "US". Lets not fool anyone, you understand exactly how i act, and you dont like it at all. What you dont understand is why. You dont want to understand, and you never will. Will your refusal of understanding why force me to "act" in a way thats acceptable to you. Never. How is you coming in here being narrow-minded and self righteous with this "act how we think you should act" going to solve anything? http://www.boingboing.net/2005/12/16/dna_mutation_account.html

posted by RZA at 04:46 PM on January 05, 2006

Super Bowl Wants Only Young Dancers

wfrazerjr, you may find this odd but, i swear to you that my comment to my brother the day before yesterday was.... "if alot of these new rock groups are the "jackass's of mtv, then the whitestripes are the tom green show". they say great minds think alike, no matter the cultural background. Damn, 3 posts in a row and no racialphobia comments. i'm going to lose my rep.

posted by RZA at 02:47 PM on January 05, 2006

Ex-Ohio State Star Runner Wanted for Armed Robbery

LBB, im not trying to be sarcastic or anything. But if you've never been placed in a jail cell by 2 white policeman for something you didnt do, got your ass beat unconscious, sat there for 2 days not knowing what was going to happen to you. No phone call, no food, no water, clogged toilet, roaches and ants, no where to sit or laydown. Then police find out you're not black/spanish, you're italian , 10 minutes after they discover this, you get your phone call, medical attention, you get a warm meal and something to drink and you get released on your own recognizances only to have the charges dropped after you're proved innocent. You will never ever ever understand what my point is. And believe me when i say this, lucky you. If you've never had your own father, the man you respect and love and honor the most tell you to "de-nigger" before you come into my house from the time you were 8 yrs old until he passed away when you were 20, you will never understand or know my point. lucky you If you've never loved a woman/man so much that you would give your life just to spend 1 more day with them and for that you get called nigger lover over and over and over by the people who are suppose to be your family, you will never know or understand my point. Lucky you I dont fault you for not knowing or understanding my point but i do ask that you just maybe try alittle to understand why some people in this world may be a little angry. I'm not asking you to like it or accept it. Im just asking that you try to understand.

posted by RZA at 11:49 PM on January 04, 2006

Super Bowl Wants Only Young Dancers

Jack White= the new Prince/Hendrix, and i dont say that lightly. Im a huge Prince fan, and Jack White displays that kind of genius.

posted by RZA at 11:12 PM on January 04, 2006