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Athletic departments at State schools are not profitable

WOW! Please consider Temple University, which I attended. Poor temple Except for the Men's and ladies BBall teams, they just cannot compete.I am sure that the BBall team makes $$$, but their Football team must LOSE millions! They also had to give up their Baseball team, which had a rich winning tradition.

posted by Yankeetogo at 04:48 PM on April 01, 2006

Where's Waldo? err, make that Barry...

Actually, I really don't care whether Bonds does or doesn't break any records. To me, they are all the efforts of a steroid using, no class punk who's only claim to fame is his "only about me" attitude.

posted by Yankeetogo at 07:06 AM on March 30, 2006

There's no excuse for teams to pass on black coaches

It's exactly rhis type of thinking that gets me going ! Why in the world do we have to keep count? Is there some unwritten QUOTA system that i don't know about? Let's look at Talent and not quotas!

posted by Yankeetogo at 07:25 PM on February 06, 2006

Slip Sliding Away: A quick and dirty preview of Olympic luge

Luge is huge !!!!

posted by Yankeetogo at 07:15 PM on February 06, 2006